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Follow Your Instincts is a board game that you'll play again and again. It's an incredibly fun game of strategy, luck and survival.

Follow Your Instincts is a board game that you'll play again and again. It's an incredibly fun game of strategy, luck and survival. Read More
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This game started as a project for my Typography 3 class at Kendall College of Art and Design and grew into quite a successful game. It has received copious amounts of positive feedback. I have quite a group of game-loving people that are eager to get their hands on a copy of "Follow Your Instincts".

Game contents 1 Die 1 Compass 1 Game Board 5 Muslin bags 80 Direction Cards 192 Terrain Cards 200 Food Pieces 1 Set of Instructions

PRE-GAME SETUP Within the game box, players will see 5 small muslin bags. Within 4 of the bags is a 1 game pawn and 15 randomly generated “food pieces”. The 5th bag contains the remaining food pieces. Each player begins by picking a bag. Players must not look at the food pieces within their bags until the end of the game. Players now remove the pawns from their bags and each player draws 4 Direction Cards. Each player may look at his/her own Direction Cards. All other cards are placed into 5 different stacks; Grass, Forest, Water, Sand, and Direction Cards. The youngest player must take the compass and decide which direction is North, and place the compass next to the board to determine all other corresponding directions. Now, all players roll the die and whoever rolls the highest number goes first and play continues clockwise.

OBJECT OF GAME & FOOD PIECES To reach one of the four rescue squares in the center of the board beneath the helicopter, while collecting as many food pieces as possible along the way. You will be losing, gaining, giving, and taking food pieces. Your goal is to have the most total points at the end of the game. The person with the most points is declared to be the most fit for survival. All the food pieces have varying point values on their back sides and are collected by players throughout the game. They must not be looked at until the end of the game. The point values range from 1 point to 25 points.

HOW TO PLAY THE GAME Each player places their pawn on the corresponding start spaces on the board. Each player’s pawn color corresponds to the terrain of one of the four different starting spaces; Grass, Forest, Water, and Sand. The first player begins by playing a Direction Card from their hand and discarding it. The player then rolls the die and moves that many spaces in the direction they just laid down. Next, the player draws a Terrain Card that corresponds with the terrain of the space that they landed on the board. The player must follow the instructions on the card. Finally, the player draws a new Direction Card and then play continues clockwise. If a player reaches the edge of the board and has more spaces to move, the player simply continues up the opposite side of the board. The small colored squares on the outer edges make it easier to jump across. If at any point during the game two players land on the same space, they must immediately combine their food pieces (without looking at their point values) and split them evenly, discarding the extra piece if their is an odd number. However, if a player is on their terrain color when they are on the same space as another player, the player whose terrain it is can decide if they want to split food pieces with the other player.

ENDING THE GAME The game ends when a player reaches one of the 4 squares beneath the rescue helicopter. The player who reaches the end first receives 25 bonus points and all players turn over their food pieces and add up their total points. The player with the most total points is declared “most fit for survival” and wins the game. Before packing the game up and putting it away, always place 15 random food pieces in 4 of the bags and a pawn in each one. The remaining food pieces go back in the 5th bag. Next time the game is played, players will simply pick a new bag.

Risks and challenges

The risks and challenges would include mass printing and the most eco-friendly way to do that. I am qualified to overcome this because of the resources I have and the extreme care that I have of the environment.

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