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About the play:

The play follows Camille Claudel on her journey into madness as she's paralleled and guided by the women of different artists throughout history, including Dora Maar, Lucrezia Buti, Gala Dali, Camille Doncieux, and Rose Selavy. The women all congregate in timeless Paris, France and share their stories of love, betrayal, fear, and envy as they live with their artists and battle the muse, who will always come first.

Who Are We?

YeuxVeuxBelle Collective is a Philadelphia-based company of three alumni from the Ira Brind School of Theater Arts at the University of the Arts. It is a collection of theater professionals comprised of playwright/actor Annie R. Such, director/actor Jeffrey Hyman, and producer/actor Jarrod Ian Markman. YeuxVeuxBelle Collective dedicates itself to new, original work that explores the understanding of aesthetics and art, pushing the envelope in exploring the realm of beauty. YeuxVeuxBelle Collective asks, “What is beauty?” and incorporates multiple medias with live performance to find beauty in not only the winsome, but also the grotesque, violent, and unsavory aspects of human nature. YeuxVeuxBelle seeks to challenge conventional aesthetics with the highest form of new, inventive theater.

The Importance and Creation of “The Artists’ Women” from the perspective of the Playwright: 

At a time of worldwide economic instability, the need for kinship has never been more greatly needed, specifically between artists. I speak not only of visual artists, thespians, musicians, choreographers, solely, but of artists and creators as a whole. There has also never been a more important time to grab hold of our artistic roots and remember who we are and where we came from. Currently, in the market place, there is artificial specialization which can inhibit the free flow of influences among artists in different genres. With this play, I hope to re-awaken our understanding of our tradition that artists
in different media work with each other and support each other. That is how movements in art are made. We, at YeuxVeuxBelle would like to re-create a “bohemian” event, where artistic creation is a cross-pollination in a shared-art environment. Were my mother not an artist herself, holding an MFA in painting from the University of Pennsylvania, I would most likely not know as much about art as I do, and I definitely would not have pursued a career in the theater.Visual Art is, as Ezra Pound would put it, the “building block” of all art. Pound refers to this in the literal sense, meaning he applies it to the base of all literature, but it applies to all art forms. All art forms, even music, which centers around rythmn, stem from a “single visual image”. It’s what we see when we listen to Max Richter’s “On the Nature of Daylight” or E.E. Cumming’s poem “My Sweet Old Etcetera,” or even when
we decipher Martha Graham’s most complicated choreography. The auditory and visual stimuli in Graham’s work sparks something in the human mind which recalls a memory, a feeling, or… a painting we once saw in a coffee table book which had no effect on us whatsoever… until we recall it, and finally understand what to make of it. All art relates to all art, and I have been a firm believer of that since I was a child.

The play deals with artistic hunger and need, abandonment, helplessness, creative battles, and maturation of the artistic soul. The Artists’ Women is a play about love and it’s different forms. It is a play about women, but more than that, it is a play about the human condition, about what makes us human. It marries paint with blood and shows us why art is so damn important. This play transcends flesh and exposes the soul of art and the pain of the artists reconciliation with the torment of that soul. This play must be produced in order to give voice to what every artist knows: they must create. This play shows how others are affected by art and artists, and why the culture needs them. The Artists’ Women hopes to invigorate a new generation of artists and inspire every audience member to pick up a paintbrush, a chisel, or a pen, and commit to supporting our tradition of making. We hope to encourage anyone who sees our play to continue to support art and the ones who make it.


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