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Supreme. Super Powered. Blockbuster Action. In a premier tabletop skirmish game. Pulp City: Supreme Edition coming to a table near you.
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You got a Valentine!

Posted by Pulp Monsters (Creator)

 Yes, because we love you!
The deal is simple- if you are a backer already at Supreme and above, just keep it up or up it.

If you aren't, place a Supreme (or above pledge) until this Monday 11.59 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) and keep it or up it to get your Guerilla.

How sweet is that?

Essentially, once the KS is over, we will check all Supreme and above pledges - if they were placed before the given date, one extra primate in your box!

If you miss the deadline, don't worry, Guerilla will be in the post-KS spreadsheet at the regular retail value of 15 USD.

Happy Valentines and make sure you spread our love!

Ron Purvis, DK for KD:M 1.5, and 6 more people like this update.


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    1. Tom Haswell

      Excellent. More Monkey Business. My girlfriend is very much looking forward to fielding A.R.C!

    2. Happy Seppuku Model Works on

      The old guerrilla is one of my favorite models of all time, I set him up with a blinking muzzle flash coming out of the mini-gun.

    3. wouter

      Nice update, let's hope this draws in some new backers.

    4. Pulp Monsters 2-time creator on

      (Devon) Yes Tom it certainly does.

    5. Tom Haswell

      Does this mean anyone going for the whole collection will receive both the original and the new sculpt?

    6. Happy Sunshine on

      Hey Beavis...he..heh,heh..huh,huh..said..heh,heh,heh..."keep it up"...he,he.huh!

    7. rollntider on

      Cant beat free!!!! Thank you

    8. Paul Grindrod on

      I was torn between A.R.C and Necroplane for my second value pack. I guess this just seals it for A.R.C. :)

    9. S Buntenbach

      happy (bloody) Valentin
      come on we Need more backer