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Pulp City: Supreme Edition's video poster

Supreme. Super Powered. Blockbuster Action. In a premier tabletop skirmish game. Pulp City: Supreme Edition coming to a table near you. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on March 1, 2014.

Supreme. Super Powered. Blockbuster Action. In a premier tabletop skirmish game. Pulp City: Supreme Edition coming to a table near you.

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Progress Update #50


Shipping Update

Collectors Pledges for EU  & ROW

Please don't worry about your Collector pledges yet. Because of the Stygian being received by us and added to every collector late last Thursday, I would expect them to start showing in a couple of days. We are unable to provide tracking numbers for some places in the world, but will be glad to answer your emails.

 PS: There will be no shipping confirmation emails from the courier. We use a courier service that outsources various delivery services around the world. As such, they have great prices (therefore we can choose them over snailmail) but don't have an aggregated online platform that handles communication with the backers to whom we ship. Thanks!

The Bunbun Fiasco

So in the spirit of chaos little Grimm Bunbun has managed to escape from most of the EU and ROW orders. So if you are thinking hey shouldn't I have gotten a Bunbun model; the answer is yes. Collectors don't have to worry about that as little BunBun did make it into those orders. We will be shipping out the missing model to you all very soon.

Missing Damaged Items

Please be sure to double check your items once you get them. If there is a problem contact us either through Kickstarter or email Kickstarter(at) We will be happy to work with you to replace missing or damaged items. If possible we would like to ship these items with the Grimm Bunbuns in a second wave. So please let us know ASAP if you have a problem.

North American Orders

Devon has received his models and is packing and preparing them for shipment. He has a work crew scheduled for this weekend and expects to have all Collectors Pledges in the mail on Monday. Also any smaller orders should go out at that time as well. Once he gets the missing Grimm Bunbuns those will be added to all remaining pledges that require them.

Collector's Pledge

For those that haven't seen a Collector's Pledge here it is. Weighing in at almost 10 Lbs. or 4.5 Kilograms this is a massive pile of metal and resin.

Collector's Pledge in all it's glory
Collector's Pledge in all it's glory
Just the cards
Just the cards

 Miniature Exchange

Final thought for this week is a fan run community project the Miniature Exchange. Fans on our Facebook and Forum pages are setting up a Miniature Exchange. Where you paint a model and send it to a fellow community member and in exchange some one else will send you a painted model.

These are a lot of fun and are a great way to share, inspire, and promote the game. If you are interested in getting involved sign up on our forums here:

If you are not a member of the forums this is a great time to join.

Progress Thursdays #49


Hello Citizens!

Some quick updates:

US & CANADA SHIPPING: Everything got shipped out to the snow-covered New England.

Given the EU experience, Devon should be able to clear all orders within a week or ten days.

EU & THE REST OF THE WORLD: 95% of the warehouse is cleared, we had to manually correct some of the shipping labels with our courier service as their database crashed on some Scandinavian & Slavic fonts but as of now they are out of the way. We will run a crosscheck with the courier service on both ends. Your goods will be delivered by their local partners - it could be DHL, UPS or any other local courier. 

If you are in EU or so called Rest of the World and haven't received your order within the next 2 weeks, please contact us. There is still a significant number of unconfirmed or not fully paid orders and we did contact the pledgers at least 3 times individually. Once we are back in touch, we will schedule your delivery in Phase 2, which should happen soon. We would really love to close this KS, do a financial report and move on to the great new things.

SOME PREVIEWS:  In the coming weeks, we will spice the shipping updates with new models, mostly Supreme Genesis ones. This week, take a look at the phenomenal Dr. Warlock by Drew Wood (concept by Liam C and sculpting by Jarek Smolka). Drew was a true gentleman and very passionate with his character, he provided us with three stories of Warlock throughout the times and asked us to surprise him with the version we choose!

Progress Thursdays #48


Queen of the Forgotten Causes Problems

The problem in dealing with ancient and evil beings like a Gorgon is they are not to be trusted. We believe this is the most likely excuse for our final delay. Using dark and unwholesome magic Stygian managed to convince our casters to not create enough copies of one of her forms. This delay has caused any order containing Stygian to be slightly delayed.

Good new is thanks to heroic efforts the Stygian's evil plan has been foiled. You brave backers will not be waiting any longer.

Shipping Update

Europe and Rest of the World backers all smaller packages (that is non-Collector and NOT containing Stygian) have left our warehouse. Stygian arrived yesterday and the reminder of the packages should clear our warehouse by Monday. Other great news is that collector pledges in EU are delivered by courier service. This should ensure fast and safe delivery of your pledges. All remaining North American product is on the way to Devon as of this Friday. This of course includes the troublesome Queen of the Forgotten. All in all, I think we will complete EU & ROW shipping by Mon. US shipping should begin Phase 1 next week. Starting with the smaller orders first and moving forward as quickly as possible. 

Missing Orders

If people don't get their order, they should check in with us. Potential problems include NOT turning in the pledge manager. Not having paid for shipping costs with your initial pledge. We will be happy to work with you to get things taken care of. For EU and ROW orders contact Kickstarter (at) For North American orders you can contact Devon (at)

Progress Thursdays #47



Pulp City made strong showing at TempleCon this year. I meet a TON of great people. Just goes to show that Pulp City has the best fans of any game. Thank you for stopping by and playing a game with us. It was great to see you all in the flesh. This game would be nothing without your excitement and support. 

We demoed the game to a ton of people and everyone had a great time. After having played nothing but Starter Boxes against each other for 4 straight days I can honestly say each game was unique and different. Those starters are really well designed and make for a great game, time and time again.  

Devon & Pete Abrams (Grimm BunBun himself) throw down
Devon & Pete Abrams (Grimm BunBun himself) throw down

 Those backers who were able to pick up their copy of the rules were all incredibly satisfied with the results. The book is amazing full color and jam packed with art and stories to really bring Pulp City to life. I had a number of people come back to the booth later during the Con to congratulate us on an amazing product that truly exceeded expectations. We hope your experiences will be the same.

Devon running more demos
Devon running more demos

Shipping Update

Most of the packages to Asia, Australia and Africa have shipped out. Most of the EU collectors will be picked up next Thursday by a courier service which should add speed and safety. The rest of EU will be slowly leaving the warehouse over the next next.

North American backers the remaining product will be leaving Poland next Thursday. This will include ALL remaining items. So expect to see shipping as soon as two weeks. Sadly we ran into a few missing items that we had to wait for to complete the NA orders. 

Did you complete the survey?

We have a number of backers who haven't yet completed our Survey or Pledge Manager. This means we don't know who you are, where you live, or what you might want to add to your initial pledge? If you are one of these people please contact us immediately. Because we could not confirm your order your stuff will be shipped out in wave two, along with folks that pledged after the KS ended. 

Please contact us at Kickstarter (at)

Thank You,

Devon & the Pulp Monsters Crew

Progress Thursdays #46


Howdy Citizens,

a week worth of work without any unplanned events, mishaps and trouble (as opposed to the last 45 weeks)? Oh yes.

We are putting address stickers on the first batch of EU & rest of the World orders,  trying to get out the smaller and less complicated orders asap. The rest should follow, as promised, within 1-2 weeks. Rest of the items needed for the completion of the US & Canada pledges should be out to Devon next week. As the speed is welcomed, we use fast shipping - last time the stuff we shipped to the US arrived in 3 days door to door. It is pretty expensive as you can imagine, but who want to wait for their shinies longer?

We will keep you informed as we progress.

In the meantime, we are very excited about the results of our co-operation with Impudent Mortal.

Soon, you will be able to buy a lot of handy accessories, but even sooner, IM will be running his Kickstarter. Pulp City is heavily featured in it! I've seen what's coming up and it is truly amazing. While we can't show the big items, here's some sneaks and a Facebook link with more details:

Take care,

Maciej & The Team

PS: We are demoing the game this weekend at TempleCon and at Polish Con ZjAva (this Saturday). If you will be attending any of them, please come and say hello!