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Supreme. Super Powered. Blockbuster Action. In a premier tabletop skirmish game. Pulp City: Supreme Edition coming to a table near you.
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Pulp Monsters

494 backers pledged $105,456 to help bring this project to life.

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Progress Update #53


Shipping Continues

Shipping is still in progress. On the EU and ROW front a number of orders were not shipped in the first wave and are being sent out now. Second wave is also soon to begin so if you don't know if you have filled out a Pledge Manager now is the time to contact us at Kickstarter (at)

US orders continue to go out at a good pace. A number of orders were not received in the US and those orders will be shipping out Monday from Poland. Once all US orders are out the door we will begin shipping to Canada. At this rate I anticipate most orders to be out the door in two weeks or so.  

Some Model Issues to Address

1) The Cyclops Monster head with multiple "moustache" tentacles or catfish whiskers will not be replaced due to damage. There is no way to cast it and ship it without a good chance of breakage. We just can't amend that error. The sculptor designed it more to be looked at than shipped. Fortunately repairs are easy to do for a mildly skilled hobbyist. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

2) Aurelius' smoke coming from the vial. It is a separate piece as of now. It simply does not work as a one-piece mold. Smoke is now optional, you can glue it on or leave it off at your discretion. Again this is a simple fix for any hobbyist.

Thanks Again

Just wanted to take another moment to thank you all for your patience and goodwill throughout this process. We have had more setbacks and bumps than we dreamed of. Murphy's Law has been applied to us with a vengeance. But for ever set back you guys have been supportive and positive and it has really kept this team going.

I have maintained for years the Pulp City has the best fans of any game out there. So thank you for your support. If you haven't yet joined our forums now is a great time to do so. Also don't forget to sign up for our fan run Miniature Exchange:

Devon & the Pulp Monsters Team  

Progress Update #52

3 of our SG backer creations!
3 of our SG backer creations!
We are sorry for the delay in the weekly update, but a lot of things have been happening with Pulp Monsters as we continue with Kickstarter fulfillment, and work on the new web-store. The new web-store will have a fresher appearance and will have all the necessary safeguards for transactions. Once fulfilment is complete, then we can look to stock the new items in-store which will be another exciting development for us.

We have been able to read some very positive things as backers have begun to receive their pledge rewards which is great; those positive stories help us and hopefully will help the Pulp City brand grow, which in turn will allow us to do more with the game – so feel free to share those good stories guys! It has been fantastic especially to see the first painted minis that are as a result of the Kickstarter. 

We are aware that some backers are still awaiting their rewards, and shipments continue to go out. If you have not yet received your reward(s) and want an update, please email us; it is better for us, and therefore you as we try and resolve any issues, than trying to round up messages via social media of Kickstarter message system. The contact email is: kickstarter (at) pulpmonsters dot com

Finally, we are pleased to show off Rath (picture above, along with Dr. Warlock and Bramble), another of our Supreme Genesis backer’s concepts, a pretty bad-ass Supreme to say the least! Card files will very soon to the Supreme Genesis backers before the shortly head off for printing. 

Thanks, Leon and the Pulp Monsters team.

Progress Update #51


 Supreme Genesis: Bramble

Welcome to another Thursday Update. This week we wanted to show off another amazing Supreme Genesis creation. This is Bramble, she is a hard hitting archer who will join Father Oak and Acorn as the third member of Settler's Green Faction.

Bramble WIP
Bramble WIP

Shipping Update

If you are waiting for your order and are concerned about it, please double check to see if you have completed your Pledge Manager and made any payments that were due. Only this week we have had a couple of cases of backer who didn't complete their Manager, or make Paypal payments, inquire about their orders. Thanks! This will make it much easier on everybody (also, if this is the case you most likely received at least 3 prompts from us in 2014)

US order are shipping out now. It will probably take a few weeks to get everything out the door properly.

 As always contacts about any missing or broken pieces and we will be happy to make sure you are taken care of.

Book Warping

Wanted to take a moment to explain that your copy of the rule book is probably going to warp. This is caused by being packed and shipped via airmail. The difference in humidity will cause the paper and cardboard cover to warp. Place your book under some heavy weight for a few days and you'll find it returns to it's proper shape. Again this is normal and unavoidable. So please don't panic. If your book is damaged in any other way please contact us and we will see that you are taken care of properly.

Progress Update #50


Shipping Update

Collectors Pledges for EU  & ROW

Please don't worry about your Collector pledges yet. Because of the Stygian being received by us and added to every collector late last Thursday, I would expect them to start showing in a couple of days. We are unable to provide tracking numbers for some places in the world, but will be glad to answer your emails.

 PS: There will be no shipping confirmation emails from the courier. We use a courier service that outsources various delivery services around the world. As such, they have great prices (therefore we can choose them over snailmail) but don't have an aggregated online platform that handles communication with the backers to whom we ship. Thanks!

The Bunbun Fiasco

So in the spirit of chaos little Grimm Bunbun has managed to escape from most of the EU and ROW orders. So if you are thinking hey shouldn't I have gotten a Bunbun model; the answer is yes. Collectors don't have to worry about that as little BunBun did make it into those orders. We will be shipping out the missing model to you all very soon.

Missing Damaged Items

Please be sure to double check your items once you get them. If there is a problem contact us either through Kickstarter or email Kickstarter(at) We will be happy to work with you to replace missing or damaged items. If possible we would like to ship these items with the Grimm Bunbuns in a second wave. So please let us know ASAP if you have a problem.

North American Orders

Devon has received his models and is packing and preparing them for shipment. He has a work crew scheduled for this weekend and expects to have all Collectors Pledges in the mail on Monday. Also any smaller orders should go out at that time as well. Once he gets the missing Grimm Bunbuns those will be added to all remaining pledges that require them.

Collector's Pledge

For those that haven't seen a Collector's Pledge here it is. Weighing in at almost 10 Lbs. or 4.5 Kilograms this is a massive pile of metal and resin.

Collector's Pledge in all it's glory
Collector's Pledge in all it's glory
Just the cards
Just the cards

 Miniature Exchange

Final thought for this week is a fan run community project the Miniature Exchange. Fans on our Facebook and Forum pages are setting up a Miniature Exchange. Where you paint a model and send it to a fellow community member and in exchange some one else will send you a painted model.

These are a lot of fun and are a great way to share, inspire, and promote the game. If you are interested in getting involved sign up on our forums here:

If you are not a member of the forums this is a great time to join.

Progress Thursdays #49


Hello Citizens!

Some quick updates:

US & CANADA SHIPPING: Everything got shipped out to the snow-covered New England.

Given the EU experience, Devon should be able to clear all orders within a week or ten days.

EU & THE REST OF THE WORLD: 95% of the warehouse is cleared, we had to manually correct some of the shipping labels with our courier service as their database crashed on some Scandinavian & Slavic fonts but as of now they are out of the way. We will run a crosscheck with the courier service on both ends. Your goods will be delivered by their local partners - it could be DHL, UPS or any other local courier. 

If you are in EU or so called Rest of the World and haven't received your order within the next 2 weeks, please contact us. There is still a significant number of unconfirmed or not fully paid orders and we did contact the pledgers at least 3 times individually. Once we are back in touch, we will schedule your delivery in Phase 2, which should happen soon. We would really love to close this KS, do a financial report and move on to the great new things.

SOME PREVIEWS:  In the coming weeks, we will spice the shipping updates with new models, mostly Supreme Genesis ones. This week, take a look at the phenomenal Dr. Warlock by Drew Wood (concept by Liam C and sculpting by Jarek Smolka). Drew was a true gentleman and very passionate with his character, he provided us with three stories of Warlock throughout the times and asked us to surprise him with the version we choose!