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The greatest Supremes of the Cold War have returned to Pulp City set to pick up the fight where they left off.
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Spotlight on Snieschinka

Publié par Pulp Monsters (créateur)
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A cold-manipulating shamaness from the icy north, Snieschinka has joined the Red Republik for her own reasons. While Professor Hammer admires her power and versatility, he also recognizes that he cannot fully control her.  

In Pulp City Encounters, Snieschinka offers useful options for a player, not least because she can adopt two forms each with a different roles and Powers and Actions: as Ice Witch she is a Tank, and as Snow Witch she is a Blaster. Her profile is therefore a mix of typical values for both roles with Blaster-grade AP Limit. Her Actions work around her ENERGY Trump with a mix of Damaging and debuff (Suppress and Fatigue Effects, as well as a Special that prevents the Target Activating in the following Turn). She also has a very unusual Action in Frostbite that starts as a self-Power Up as she absorbs life-force from a Target but also has Damage as an EFX; sneaky players will realize this can be used against Friendly models before any Enemies are in Range without risk of causing Damage! It is also notable that she has Flight which boosts her Combat Action Rolls, both when she Attacks or Defends.

Snieschinka is definitely a utility Supreme, with the luxury of filling two Roles and her mix of Attacks giving her versatility, therefore making other Supreme selections easier for her player. Her Trump 5 DEFENSE, Flight and Ice Witch/Tank form give her real durability, while she offers notable threat with her ranged Attacks.

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    1. rollntider le

      When is the lockdown date going to happen on the pledge manager?

    2. Brad Sh le

      Looks very nice.

    3. Charles le

      Another multi-purpose model. I love the sound of it, but I do wonder if these new figures run the risk of feeling too powerful or having too much utility over some of the older characters? I really hope not!