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The greatest Supremes of the Cold War have returned to Pulp City set to pick up the fight where they left off.
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You didn't see that coming?

Posted by Pulp Monsters (Creator)

As we are in the last 48 hours, we have one more surprise for you!

The Twins, Bulletta and Baroque, available for as an instant add-on!

 Ivan and Dina Lazarev, separated at birth, are two most unlikely twins you will ever meet! She was raised in the hardships of Siberia, he - in the coven of sorcerers. Their powers were awakened when Twins turned 18 and it was the first moment when they realized there is something amiss. Lazarevs have no loyalty save for the each other. This vicious duo is over-the-top and will be a blast to play!

In terms of the gameplay, there is a lot of synergies between the two - in fact, their miniatures will represent it - even though they are playable as stand-alones, you will have a way of combining them through the spell effect when in Base to Base. 

They both work for Supreme Alliance (redemption story!) and Red Republik and are Level 2s (Support and Speeder). Enjoy!

Look at where we are! All that stuff in the pledge. 

 But we can still get so much more! Invite your friends to unlock the FREE mascots and two more additions for the kennel are very close!

 Stay strong in the last two days and thanks for being with us!

Maciej & The Team

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    1. Vanvakaris on

      Nothin', only that your heroes are Marvelous!! of course, hehehehe
      Are there anymore last minute surprises?? Any teaser for tomorrow -> last day??

    2. Pulp Monsters 2-time creator on

      (Maciej): I don't know what you are talking about... what is this Marvel you are speaking of? :)

    3. Vanvakaris on

      @James. Probably we are out of time for this KS with your comment, but a not-Miss Marvel would be really great, one of the fan favorites female heroines of Marvel, and a great Avengers addition. And talking of female characters, I know we already have Bug-Out, but a not-Wasp (to acompany her masculine partner) would be coool also.

    4. James Reeder

      @Paul I agree! They have done a good job giving us a team line up that mirrors the classic Avengers. I know it is a long shot, but it would be cool to get a not-Miss Marvel and not-Black Knight, since they are the last two main not-Avengers that seem to be missing.

    5. Paul Grindrod on

      I love the gender-swap on this pair (compared to their inspiration!)

    6. James Reeder

      @Charles That is actually "her" head not his. The girl is the speedster and the guy is the sorcerer. :)

    7. Charles on

      Nice! I totally called the fin on his head...

    8. Will King on

      I'm slightly more interested in Bulletta's model, but they both look and sound brilliant! =D

    9. James Reeder

      I can't wait to see the model for Baroque.. the artwork looks fantastic.

    10. Pulp Monsters 2-time creator on

      (Leon) @Tom - dual Faction, having been allied to both SA and RR at various times.

      They work in synergy together and are more potent when used together. :)

    11. Tom Killingbeck on

      Are their powers different depending on which faction they work for? Or like a Hero/Villain combo specially for SA/RR?

    12. Vanvakaris on

      Wow, such a great concept for the characters, and I like a lot the redemption path of the origins for the Republik. Great addition!!