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The greatest Supremes of the Cold War have returned to Pulp City set to pick up the fight where they left off.
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Spotlight on E.C.T.O.

Posted by Pulp Monsters (Creator)

A retired hero who sacrificed himself to stop the nefarious plans of a fellow scientist, Dr. Alfred Thomas is now trapped in an artificial body and is known as E.C.T.O. - Engrammic Cybernetic Technological Organism.

E.C.T.O. is a Support Supreme with some unique features. Firstly, his abilities reflect his capability to control his body density – he can become Spectral or Hyper-dense (becoming Immune/Displacement Effects and adding +1 die to STRENGTH Action Rolls); his Powers also allow him to affect Spectral models. E.C.T.O. has the 2 AP Throw Action (identical to that on Silverager and many Powerhouses). His Phase Grip Action is a Dynamic Action (working on a T#), which means that it doesn’t matter how tough his enemies are when he rolls. As a Dynamic Action Phase Grip doesn’t benefit from Combat Bonuses, but can benefit from Power Up dice so he can scare even those models with the highest DEFENSE such as Dark Solar, Iron Train or Doom Train.

E.C.T.O.’s final Action is Improved Analysis (AP 2); like the Analysis on other models, this grants E.C.T.O. a Power Up die if successful, but also allows him to give a Power Up die to a Friendly Supreme (applies to FX and EFX). Unlike most equivalent Support Supremes, E.C.T.O. only has AP+ of 3, however his AP Limit is 4 and HP is 9 (both higher than usual for Level 2 Support Supremes).

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    1. Charles on

      He's like a super-powered, life sized voodoo doll. Really cool model.

    2. Paul Grindrod on

      E.C.T.O. is a fantastic model. A positive vision, even if I do say so myself!