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The greatest Supremes of the Cold War have returned to Pulp City set to pick up the fight where they left off.
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Spotlight on S.P.U.T.N.I.K.

Posted by Pulp Monsters (Creator)

Always in the shadow of the great Professor Hammer; Dr. Yuri Petrov used pharmacological research to unlock the full capacity of his own mind with instant success, exhibiting mild mind control and psychokinetic ability. Ignoring warnings, he subjected himself to more treatment. His body and mind mutated out of control, leaving him with a massively enlarged cranium. Only the technology of Professor Hammer stabilized his condition, and only Specialized Polycortex Unit to Neutralize Incapacitate Kill remains.

S.P.U.T.N.I.K. is a Support Supreme with Psychokinetic abilities similar to Doom Train’s Telekinetic abilities: S.P.U.T.N.I.K.’s Psychokinetic Throw is MIND based and offers ranged threat with FX of Damage 1. Like Doom Train, S.P.U.T.N.I.K. can use his Throw Action on Objects up to 6 inches away. S.P.U.T.N.I.K. also has a Psychokinetic Shove Action allowing him to Shift Friendly models. His final action is the one enemies will most want to avoid – allowing S.P.U.T.N.I.K. to use Mind Control.

S.P.U.T.N.I.K.’s Actions all work from his MIND 5; especially useful as one of his powers adds an extra die to his MIND (and SPIRIT) Action Rolls when he is opposed by models with a lower MIND value than his own (giving both offensive and defensive benefits). His biggest weakness is lack of Trump on his DEFENSE (5) and AGILITY (2), which coupled with his 9 HP means he needs to be used judiciously.

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    1. Kevin Jacobi on

      This character is worth the whole KS for me. I love the character it is inspired from and think that your take on the concept is unique and a lot of fun.

    2. Will King on

      Aha! So that's what his name stands for! Awesome! =D

      Does S.P.U.T.N.I.K. still retain his independence, or has Professor Hammer ensured S.P.U.T.N.I.K.'s loyalty by enslaving him with the technology that saved him?

      His model looks fantastic, by the way! I love that most of your miniatures look just like their artwork! ^-^

    3. Charles on

      Really dig the character design on this one!