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The greatest Supremes of the Cold War have returned to Pulp City set to pick up the fight where they left off.
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Spotlight on Universal Soldat

Posted by Pulp Monsters (Creator)
The finest soldier Professor Hammer had ever commanded, Sgt. Mikhail Zolnerowich volunteered to become the Supreme known as Universal Soldat, the superhuman symbol of Soviet military might. However, the very armour that makes him powerful is slowly killing this great warrior!

In games of Pulp City, Universal Soldat is an unusual proposition: this Brawler is the slowest model in the game (Sprint 3), yet is able to move further thanks to his Accelerator Action. That may not seem enticing at first glance, but that limitation is offset by some excellent advantages: Tank-like HP; high Strength (7; very few non-Powerhouses have such high Strength) for his 2 Attacks; a Damage 2 FX Action (Hammer) that has Follow Up as one its EFX; and he gains Power Up dice as he is Damaged. Your enemy is not going to want to take pot-shots at Soldat, as that just makes him more powerful – they have to focus on taking him down, reducing threat to Soldat’s allies. 

Get Universal Soldat into the right position and he can be very hard hitting. He starts the game with 2 Power Up dice, and if he gains more can be a threat to almost any model – even Powerhouses. His other Attack Action – Sickle – has Power Down 1 available as an EFX. The biggest challenge is to get him into battle, which can be done with Accelerator, but also Team-mate’s Actions (SPUTNIK is especially useful here).

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    1. Will King on

      Awesome! Universal Soldat is one of my favourite Red Republik Supremes! ^-^

    2. Charles on

      I really want to paint a bunch of these new figures! But of course I should paint the 100 or so I have from the last KS (plus those I'm still waiting on).