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The greatest Supremes of the Cold War have returned to Pulp City set to pick up the fight where they left off.
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Spotlight on Spybreaker

Posted by Pulp Monsters (Creator)
The indefatigable Leader of the Supreme Alliance is Spybreaker, the quintessential Hero Supreme. America's greatest hero, the man who became Spybreaker volunteered for an experimental process, to combat the emerging threat of enemy Supremes in war-time. He was the only survivor of the treatment.

In terms of game-play, Spybreaker is able to hit pretty hard with Shield Slam (an AP 2 Action inflicting Damage 2; EFX are Damage 1 and Knockback, or Extra Target 6). Enemy should beware when targeting Spybreaker as he is able to deflect Attacks to other models thanks to his Supremium Shield Action (AP 2). 

Where he really comes into his own is organizing his Team through bonuses to Starting Rolls (as the game progresses his bonuses stack cumulatively; meaning he can compete with the best models in the game in later Rounds), and the ability to revitalize his Team by clearing Stun and Suppress from allies and Pulling them closer to him. Spybreaker is not indestructible though – enemies can wear him down when he has to rely on his Supremium Shield, but Spybreaker won’t make it easy for them!

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    1. Paul Grindrod on

      The more I see the painted Spybreaker (love the model, by the way. Possibly my favourite from this campaign) and his card together, the more it annoys me that he has a silver helmet when his art has a red one!

      I know we can paint him whatever colour we like but the official version should match the art!

    2. Missing avatar

      James Green on

      Did he take the Supreme Soldier Serum ;)

    3. Pulp Monsters 2-time creator on

      (Leon) @Tom: card backs are going through final edits and so that will completed immediately after the campaign; the current Actions and Powers on card backs for several of the SA and RR Supremes which were used in play-test have changed (even just subtly) during the course of play-testing, which is the edits I am talking about. :)

      The reason for edits after the campaign is it all takes time: our current focus is the campaign itself which includes graphics etc.; after the campaign our focus is on fulfilment and all the steps to that include cards being finalised. :)

    4. Pulp Monsters 2-time creator on

      (Leon) @Darth tater: Nature encompasses a few things for us - in-built powers (like mutates and mutants), but also exceptional training. Science unlocked his potential - but it is the man within who is key to it, hence Nature.

      In addition, it gives us another Nature Leader, which helps the balance of things.

    5. Tom Killingbeck on

      I would like to see the other side of the card... please?

    6. Darth tater on

      Given his fluff I would've expected Spybreaker to be science origin rather than nature?

    7. Pulp Monsters 2-time creator on

      (Devon) The piece of ground is not part of the mini itself. It was added when the base was done to create that dynamic look. Just went and looked at the pictures of the green itself to confirm.

    8. jstenzel

      Is the fist/ground on the same piece, or are they separate and glued together? I _really_ do not like extra terrain bits on my models, so I'm hoping it will be an easy process to remove the bit of ground attached to his fist.

    9. wouter

      First time I noticed the American flag on his shirt.
      This is one of the best miniatures of the KS in my opinion.

    10. Paul Grindrod on

      Completely original origin! I love it!

    11. Charles on

      I quite like the studio paint job on the one. How many pieces does the miniature come in?