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The greatest Supremes of the Cold War have returned to Pulp City set to pick up the fight where they left off.
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I Know His Name!

Posted by Pulp Monsters (Creator)

Name That Supreme Winner Announced

With such a huge number of great names to choose from it was no easy decision for us. In the end though there was one that just made sense to us. It reflected the mysterious nature of the character, and encompassed a sense of community and cooperation that we believe is the cornerstone of Pulp City.

Meet Prisoner #172+. Congratulations go to Vanvakaris for the great name. Of course his actual name won’t be determined until the campaign closes and we know exactly how many Backers we have. While Vanvakaris is the only one who will get the free model; every backer should feel proud as you are all part of his story.

Prisoner #172 (and counting)
Prisoner #172 (and counting)

The fans have spoken once again. Pulp City has heard your cries and we will respond. We have added both Arquero and Tangent to our list of Add-ons. For those of you who don’t have them already, or would just like another copy you can pick them up here. We will also be adding a Supreme Genesis bundle pledge. This will include all 5 of the amazing fan created characters. Expect to see the Supreme Genesis bundle added later on in the week.

Thank you once again for all your support.

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    1. Patrick Chapman on

      Congratulations Vanvakaris it really is a good name

    2. Willem-Jan Bertram on

      Congrats Vanvakaris, great idea for the name!

    3. Vanvakaris on

      Thanks you everyone!! And specially the Pulp Mopnster Team. Glad you like the idea of the number of backers.

      Also, good news that the add on section is growing with new additions. Both Tangent/Arquero and the Supreme Genesis bundle are good additions in my opinion and will help the campaign a lot.

    4. Will King on

      @Paul There was supposed to be a smilie at the end of the first line of my last comment:


    5. Will King on

      @Paul Thank you for clarifying. =)

      I saw both of the indicators of that, but failed to comprehend either of them! xB

    6. wouter

      Congratulations Vanvakaris!
      Good choice!

      Thank you for the extra add ons, much appreciated.

    7. Will King on

      Yeah, congratulations, Vanvakaris! Well chosen! =)

      And thank you Pulp Monsters for putting Arquero and Tangent in as add-ons. I'll most likely be painting up the Arquero and Tangent I already own in Supreme Alliance/Red Republik colours rather than getting new ones, but I'm still glad that the option is there. =D

    8. Paul Grindrod on

      @Will - he'll be prisoner #(final backer number)

    9. Paul Grindrod on

      While its not my name, its a good choice. I'll let you off!

      Good choice adding Arquero and Tangent. I don't have either so it looks like they'll be getting them as well!

    10. Will King on

      Wait, is he called Prisoner #172+, or Prisoner #172? Both of them are good names, but you referred to him as both of them in the update.

      I'm also very, very glad to hear that the Supremes created via the Supreme Genesis pledge during the last Kickstarter will be made available in this one! ^-^

    11. TenNoBushi on

      Congrats Vanvakaris :D