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The greatest Supremes of the Cold War have returned to Pulp City set to pick up the fight where they left off.
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Tangent & Arquero Variant Cards

Posted by Pulp Monsters (Creator)
This free Stretch Goal gives all Teambreaker and Teamhammer backers free variant cards for Arquero and Tangent! These new cards feature variant rules for both characters, as their secret histories link them to the two Cold War Supreme Teams! These cards allow players to use these existing models with brand new Teams and add even more choice to the Supremes they can select! Both cards will be available through the Pulp City webstore once Pulp City Cold War Kickstarter fulfilment is completed.
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    1. Darth tater on

      @tom, the way are more of a loose alliance of martial artists who fight the jade cult and count a few members with questionable motives. The supreme alliance are 100% good guys, it looks like, so tangent would never fit in.....that's my take on it anyway :)

    2. Tom Killingbeck on

      @Devon: so was/is Twilight, but she hangs out with the Way a bit, no? �

    3. wouter

      Another vote to see the miniatures added to the KS :-). I like the fact these two are also going to join the two teams. At the start it felt a bit as if the two teams were a bit of a stand alone addition. But with these special cards, they become more firmly rooted between the other existing teams and Pulp City as a whole.

    4. Will King on

      I'm glad Tangent is available as a Red Republik model, both because she's one of my favourite Supremes (definitely top 5, maybe top 3), and I prefer the Red Republik to the Supreme Alliance (more of the Red Republik Supremes are must-buys for me than the Supreme Alliance's Supremes, but both factions look great). =)

    5. Jim Gaudin on

      Hello Pulp Monsters team !
      Quick question : will it be possible to buy the miniatures of those alternate card characters in the add-ons, like Perun ? That would be most convenient :)
      Thanks !

    6. Pulp Monsters 2-time creator on

      (Devon) I get that Tom, but Tangent was always a Villain. So a Villain she will remain. Unless of course you felt like taking Honorary Member!

    7. Tom Killingbeck on

      I know there's the whole Avengers link here, but because Tangent is one of my favourite minis, I think it would have been cool to have it the other way around, with Tangent being SA and Arquero being RR...

    8. Vanvakaris on

      Great addition!!

    9. TenNoBushi on

      Great! That will help me to choose colors to paint mines :)