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The greatest Supremes of the Cold War have returned to Pulp City set to pick up the fight where they left off.
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Name This Supreme Contest

Posted by Pulp Monsters (Creator)

Pulp City needs your inspiration! We have a Red Republik Supreme and we need you to name him! The mysterious Supreme is a science prisoner given Supreme enhancements by Professor Hammer and SPUTNIK. Now he battles under duress alongside the Soviet Supremes!

Post a name for this Supreme in the comments to this update, and on October 18th we will pick the best as a winner. The winner will get this Supreme added to their pledge for free and have the honor of knowing they helped the Pulp Monsters crew name one member of this fearsome new Team! 

Backers at Team Hammer, Team Breaker, Cold War or Supreme Genesis level are eligible to win this free model. 

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    1. Tom Killingbeck on

      Looking again, perhaps it is Rosie "Baby" Rude under that suit? Maybe Russkiy Roza would be better?

    2. Tom Killingbeck on

      Cruel Irony?
      Zhestokaya Ironiya!

    3. Patrick Wallen on

      Shkval, the Flurry.

    4. Darkson on

      The Red Goulag

    5. Missing avatar

      James Green on

      I like Karakut as well.

    6. Brian Borth on

      The Solemn Golem

    7. Will King on

      If you're okay with cruel irony you could call him Free Enterprise. =)

    8. Ross


    9. Kenneth Hall on

      How about Araknaut?

    10. Jim Gaudin on

      I'd say... "Octo-Pushka" ! Tribute to those soviets trying get rid of the brave bond (octopus included). And this famous spidey villain. And"Pushka" seems to mean "gun' in Russian, as this guy is a living weapon :)

    11. Pulp Monsters 2-time creator on

      (Devon) Man you guys or spot on with these names! Glad I don't have to pick....Oh Dang It!

    12. Big Tim Stiles

      Great suggestions, guys. Love them all!

    13. Capt. Dan on

      ''Ok'' , say's the Professor Hammer to Sputnick
      '' Release the ARACKNIKOV it will take care of them''
      or is it Better '' ARACKNOV''

    14. Carnus

      Deprivation or Subjekt 6

    15. Tom aka "Original Timmy"

      @GeminiX6, Damm it i was going to say that! great minds think alike!

    16. Michael Broer

      Project Roboto or Robo for short..

    17. jim cockburn


    18. Joseph Figueroa on

      Super-Soldat Spinnentier

    19. Deansy on

      I like the political prisoner idea, masked and shackled for life, also focusing on the six legs, I'm thinking a a crude spinal fusion to control the arms, a name that mocks him a little, so may I introduce 'Tsar Beetle'.

    20. BlasterCA on

      From James Reeder
      *I am going to go for Karakurt for this Supreme. It is the name of a Russian spider that is one of the 10 most deadly in the world.*

      Karakurt gets my vote. That's the direction I was gonna go but James beat me to it.

    21. Kineticmedic on

      Actually we're all going a bit too fancy, how bout "Yuri" or even better "Bob"

    22. Missing avatar

      Joseph Zipprich

      Prisoner Squid but I guess russionize it

    23. Cyril Disobsequience on

      Proletarian, Proleterror or Hoi Polloi

    24. Capt. Dan on

      And why not a mix of
      @Ivicek and me so it will give
      Pavuchky Aracknov

    25. Charles on

      Mekharuka or Mekhavoin

    26. Kineticmedic on

      The Stakhanovonaut
      Red Menacer

    27. silverear

      Prisoner M.

    28. Nikdo on

      I like Capt Dan's recommendation: Aracknov

    29. Capt. Dan on

      Karrpat Aracknov
      4 legs Spider !!

    30. GeminiX6 on

      Komrade Klamps

    31. rollntider on


      @Alan thats a good one you suggested.

    32. wouter

      Is he human? Could he also be an Ape, a predecessor of the ARC? With animals being send in space, it should not be uncommon to see other grand experiments on mammals performed by the Russians.

    33. wouter

      Tsarevich, the son of the last Tsar Nicholas II.

    34. Missing avatar

      C. Kettering

      How about Kal'mar
      Russian translation for squid

    35. Alan G

      Tema Os'minog (Subject Octopus)

    36. Blangis

      @ TenNoBushi & Algan : good ideas, pals! ;^)

    37. Tom Killingbeck on

      I like the name Armature. Reminds me of Doc Ock, but 'slightly' more psychotic.