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Archaeologists from around the world fight to save a 2,600-year-old Buddhist city from imminent destruction by a Chinese copper mine.
Archaeologists from around the world fight to save a 2,600-year-old Buddhist city from imminent destruction by a Chinese copper mine.
384 backers pledged $35,200 to help bring this project to life.

UPDATE - Front Page of "The New York Times" and New Computers/Cameras for Afghan archaeologists

Hi all,

Sorry for the long absence.  I have been meaning to update you all for some time and now seems like the perfect opportunity.

My video (a short vignette) and Oped appeared on the front page of "The New York Times" yesterday:

Please like, share and post comments.  This exposure is our last shot at saving this incredible ancient Buddhist city.  There are currently nearly 225 comments!

Thanks to you - the supporters - I was able to donate 10% of funds raised here on Kickstarter to finally buy Afghan archaeologists four computers and several digital cameras to better document Mes Aynak.  They had been working without these essential tools previously:

I am hard at work on the 90 minute version of my film.  Due to changes in the deadlines at Mes Aynak and the slow pace of translation, the film should be complete by the end of summer or early fall.  

Thank you for your patience.

I do post updates on the official facebook page here, so please like it for regular info on what is happening at Mes Aynak:

And I have tried to keep track of most Mes Aynak news related to this project here:

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.  Thank you so much for the continued support!


-Brent Huffman

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Update and Happy New Year from The Buddhas of Mes Aynak!

Happy new year everyone!

I have some positive news.  

Due to the success of our international campaign that reached out to the US including the Smithsonian and State Department, Thailand and other Asian countries, South American, Canada, Europe, etc., the Ministry of Mines in Afghanistan is FINALLY recognizing the importance of the ancient Buddhist site and is paying attention.

Archaeologists, who have been doing INCREDIBLE work at Mes Aynak, now have 6-9 more months to continue rescue excavation.  During this time they can save movable relics and artifacts.

The bad news is that Mes Aynak will STILL BE DESTROYED in 2014.  So we still have our work cut out for us.  The documentary should be complete in late March/April, so it should have maximum impact to help save the site when it airs.

Here is an updated list of news stories about the film:

I will be making a donation of 10% of the Kickstarter money to Afghan archeologists sometime during this month as soon as I receive the funds.  This money will be used to buy necessary equipment like cameras and computers.

Also, check out the new poster design by Wendy Tay attached.  

To keep in the loop on current developments in this project, please like our Facebook page here:

Thanks again for all the continued support!  Let's save Mes Aynak in 2013!!!


-Brent Huffman

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101% FUNDED! We made it! THANK YOU!!!

Hi all,

A HUGE thank you to everyone who made this campaign a success!  We did it.  101% funded in 20 days.  INCREDIBLE!

As you know, a big part of this campaign is spreading international awareness.  Here is an update on that in addition to stories being published in Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand recently.

A short rough 40 minute cut of the film played in Brazil as part of the International Archaeology Film Festival and the teaser trailer played on Thai TV.

Here are a few BRAND NEW links about the film:

ALSO, I am returning to Mes Aynak on Dec. 13th to hopefully help save the site.  

I will update you on what I find out.  Officially, Dec. 25th is the deadline for archaeologists to leave Mes Aynak.  I will try to help delay this if I can.

FINALLY, as you know documentary production is an expensive endeavor.  

We have set a NEW stretch goal of $40,000 for this Kickstarter campaign since we still have 15 days left to raise additional funds.  This money will be used to pay a music composer, sound mixing, website and poster design, etc.  

This additional funding will also be used to create a Thai section of the film to show all the citizens there fighting for Mes Aynak.  

AND the more we raise the more we give back to Afghan archaeologists.  10% of funds raised will go back to them to help buy them computers and cameras to better do their rescue archaeology.

So please help us reach our new goal of $40,000!  

Thanks for your support and for reading!

Happy Holidays!


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Major support from around the globe! Thank you! We are almost there!

Hello everyone!

We have seen MAJOR support for our "SAVE Mes Aynak" Kickstarter campaign coming from Thailand, Malaysia, Spain, Australia, England, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Afghanistan, Canada and the US!

(Please let me know if I missed your country.  Thanks!)

A 40 min. rough cut of the documentary will show in Brazil on Wednesday at the International Archaeology Film Festival to help raise awareness there. Check out the great photo (bottom image)!  

I've also included photos from our campaign featured recently in Thailand and Malaysia.  Very exciting to see this HUGE international interest!

Please continue to help me spread the word. 

We are currently 92% funded!

And THANK YOU for all the AMAZING support from around the globe for Mes Aynak!!!


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Thank you! We are now 75% funded!

GREAT NEWS!  We are now 75% funded.  

Thank you to all our AMAZING supporters from around the globe all uniting around saving Mes Aynak!!!

Just a quick update on new developments.

A new interview up on "The Majalla" - the largest Arab magazine:

A rough cut will play at the the International Archaeology Film Festival in Brazil on November 26th:

We have ENORMOUS support in Thailand for Mes Aynak:

You can keep track of ALL new developments on our facebook page here:

I am returning to Mes Aynak soon - in December.

Thank you again for all the support!  Remember, you can INCREASE your pledge at any time to help us reach our goal.  Thank you to those who have done that.

Happy holidays.  

Let's SAVE Mes Aynak!