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“What’s For Dinner?” is an iPhone App. Enter what you have in your kitchen and get matching recipes that you can cook right away!

What’s For Dinner iPhone App

“What’s For Dinner” is an iPhone App that has a very simple function. It allows users to enter the food they have in their kitchen—fruits, vegetables, dairy products, breads, spices, etc—and get recipes that match those “ingredients,” answering the question: What’s for dinner? 

The money raised on kickstarter will be used for development costs. We have an amazing team of iPhone app developers on stand by. All the wireframes and briefs are on hand. The developers will take care of the apple store submission process. The recipe feed will be supplied by an external API link. All the designs will be completed by us. The funds are needed to build the app and pay the developers. We expect the app to be completed by Sep 2012. 


What's For Dinner? Don't Ask Me, Ask This App by Andy Nicolaides

The Inimitable Hedda Lettuce Stars in 'What's for Dinner? by Tejal Rao





AppAdvice Daily: Big iPhone, Dinner Made Easy, And The Sandbox by Robin Rhys



Users can create personal accounts, but are not required to in order to create a list and get recipe recommendations.

Creating an account allows users to Save and Edit grocery lists and Share recipes and other content TBD via Facebook and Twitter.


Users can manually enter items from their kitchen by typing in each item. Predictive text technology makes text entry easier and faster. People often buy the same groceries week after week so the app would “learn” from past entries, limiting the predictive text results to food or previous entries. Entering “M” would show “Mayonnaise,” “Milk,” etc.

Lists can also be created by selecting items from lists. Browsable food lists are alphabetical and can be filtered by Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy, Breads, Sweets and Spices.

For the person who consistently buys the same groceries, lists can be saved for future uses and edited.

Items in the list can be modified to specify quantity and specify a type of food (i.e. Cheese > Gouda, Feta, Cheddar, etc). Possibly, if a food requires more specification, like “cheese,” the item would be flagged in the lists, telling the user they need to specify type of food.


The results can be filtered by time of day: Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Appetizers, Dinners and Deserts. 

The recipe results are offered in three teirs to give even more options. Teir 1 includes recipes that only include items from the user’s list. Teir 2 includes recipes that require one more ingredient. Teir 3 requires 2 more ingredients. Recipe results can also be filtered by degree of difficulty: Easy, Medium and Hard.


Signed Photo of Hedda Lettuce

Chucklet & Honey Cookies

Chucklet & Honey

Custom What's For Dinner Chef Hat


parmesan cheese



grilled butter lemon chicken
parmesan fish crackers
lemon bars
lemon tart

basil lemonade

*All recipes from Hedda's video are posted in the comments section


  • You'll absolutely be able to do that. When you're entering ingredients you can:
    Type in ingredients (Over time, the app will remember previous entries and auto-populate as you type)
    You can also select ingredients from a list
    You can modify ingredients (add quantity, specific type, etc)
    Save and edit lists

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  • Yes if this project and the app are a success we'll definitely be building an Android app.

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