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Project DomeBy Project Dome
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Project DomeBy Project Dome
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The objective of the game is to eliminate the other 9 players through mini games and challenges and tasks.

Pre-Game Instructions

  • The game starts with 10 players. 
  • The user can choose if they want to randomize (be put into a random group) or play with friends (invite their friends through the integrated friend function).
  • If they choose to play with friends, they can choose how many they want to join with. It could be anything from 1 friend (in which they will be put into a group of 8 other random players or invite 9 friends in total). 
  •  Each user is only allowed to play the app once a week (I know that sounds stupid but listen, I want for one game to span a full week, eliminating a player or two or even three once a day).
  • Once a user has been discharged from the DOME (eliminated), they will be taken back to the home page where there will be a clock, counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until they can start a new game.


  • Once the game has officially begun, all 10 users will be given 10 minutes to socialize with each other.
  • A chat screen will allow them to talk privately to one player or publicly to the full group.
  • The users have anywhere from 1-10 minutes in the lobby to socialize, once the user feels that they are ready to begin playing, they can now join the game.
  • There will be a green button in the corner of the screen, when the user taps the green button, they will officially have left the lobby.
  • The order in which the user enters the DoME matters. Say I tap the green button third, 3 will appear on my screen.
  • After everyone has tapped the green button and officially entered the DoME, they will be given the opportunity to choose a number between 1 and 10. The average number between the group will represent the user who is given power for the first round.
  • Say the average is 3.68 (round to 4) whoever was 4th to enter the DoME will reign as the DIGNITARY (aka the leader of the round). The dignitary is safe for the whole round. 
  • Each round will have one CRUSADE in which the dignitary will be chosen. The dignitary will then choose 2 of their opponents to nominate. 
  • Then, all of the players will participate in a challenge (they don't have to if they don't want to participate, an invitation will pop up, they can decline if they'd like). 
  • Whom ever wins the challenge will be given the power to change one of the nominees, not change anything, OR add one of their own nominees. 
  • After this challenge is the DISCHARGE where one player will be eliminated or in other words discharged. The players that aren't nominated and not the dignitary will get to vote. 
  • Both nominees will have their pictures appear side-by-side on all of the voters phones. After the first round, the dignitary challenge will begin.
  • This time, it won't be like the first round where it was based on an average number. 
  • I have many ideas for CHALLENGE games that they can all play. There will be 5-6 rounds. The final will have 4 people vying to win. Whom ever wins the final dignitary challenge will get to automatically discharge whichever player they want. The remaining 2 players will play for the final spot. 
  • And then in the end, the 8 people who voted will get to socialize with each other in the lobby for 30 minutes. 
  • Then, the DoME will open for the players to socialize with the 2 finalists. And in the end, the winner will be chosen. 
  • If it's a 4-4 tie, the high scores will be taken into consideration and the better player will be given an extra vote, this winning The DoME.

Other Information

  • I want 0 pictures of the players in this game. 
  • The players will have their first names visible, along with a unique player ID (8 digit number)
  • Throughout the game, there will be random tasks that the dignitary or the other players will do.
  • I'm thinking that each challenge be at a specific time and within 2-3 hours of each other.
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram integrated
  • For some challenges, the game will involve a hyperlink in which it is up to the players to get all of their friends to click the link (provides a social aspect)
  • I also want for the game to not have any pausing so that the user can go google the answer and come back.
  • No breaks allowed during a challenge to prevent cheating.
  • The DoME will have 5 rooms. (Control, electrical, bedroom, kitchen, and courtyard) players can enter the room and discuss the game. 
  • They can also lock the room doors so that other players don't come in. (When a door is locked, a countdown of 10 minutes will begin in which the door will then unlock)
  • Each player can lock a specific room door once every hour.
  • I also want a wider social aspect like a website to go along with the game. 
  • Once the game is over, a 2-4 minute video will begin highlighting the major events of the game.

Risks and challenges

I am still in the planning process but I am hopeful that I will receive enough funds to put this app in development.

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