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The marvelous tale of the mumbling scarecrow. A book and resource to assist children & adults alike with communication difficulties.

Update - You can receive an eBook copy of Stitches for just a pledge of £1!

Allow me to introduce you to Stitches.

A remarkable scarecrow with a magnificent red hat and a rather troublesome stitch.
Stitches, our hero, has a stitch of thread across his mouth that causes him to mumble his words. A speech impediment of sorts, there are many forms.

With one in ten children having communication difficulties that require specialist help, this book is both relevant and could play a part in a young persons life. Acting as a a point of reference for hope, confidence and self belief.

The story itself follows Stitches on a journey. 
An adventure driven forward by his desire to speak fluently without the troublesome mumble.
He meets wonderful characters on his way..
A pesky crow, a cat that dreams of being a lion, and an adventurous little sheep - who I'm sure you will like. In humorous ways each friend attempts to help remove the troublesome stitch across Stitches mouth.

Do any of them succeed? Well, in short, no.

Instead on this journey Stitches learns something, something much more important. 
He decides that the stitch perhaps was not so troublesome at all.
The Stitch is what makes Stitches who he is. Delightfully unique and extraordinary.
He rediscovers his self confidence and believes himself once more. Hopefully something a child reading this will be able to relate to.

The best thing about this project is that:
Stitches is much more than just a book.

My aim is to make this an experience for a young person.
To visit schools and do readings, complete with my very own magnificent red hat, just like in the story.

With the assistance of the teachers put together relevant activities to get children engaged, thinking about communication and the difficulties that may be faced.
With professional guidance and assistance your pledge will help contribute to an activity pack for children and the creation of a physical information pack for parents who may be affected by this issue, having a child with a communication difficulty. This pack will include useful information and contacts.

A pledge will assist with the finishing touches to this project, the marketing and publication of the book and help fund the creation and printing of the all important resource pack for children and parents alike.

Together we can help tackle the sigma of communication difficulties, offer support and spread a significant positive message.

Update (7th Feb 2013) - eBook for a £1 Pledge.

Main Target:

  • To get Stitches & the Troublesome Stitch Published
  • For a Stitches themed educational activity to be created - thus getting children engaged and thinking about communication issues.
  • For an effective and useful resource pack for adults to be available.

Stretch Goals:

The more support this project has, the bigger it can be... And the bigger Stitches gets, the more people it will be able to reach out and help.

  • £2,000 - This will enable Stitches & The Troublesome Stitch to be produced in Audio format! This will then be available to download worldwide!
  • £2,500 - I'd look to make a video version of the book, complete with a signer. Thus making Stitches more accessible to people with hearing impairments. 
  • £3,0000 - This will enable all of the above and allow us to produce better quality resource & activity packs. Additionally this will allow us to get more of them printed. This is important as ideally we'd be able to give out resource & Information packs to those that need them, without being concerned about how many there is left.
  • £5,000 - Would mean more readings would be able to take place, hopefully reaching out to hundreds of children. Activity Packs & Information Packs will be printed in large numbers allowing effective distribution to those that need them.
  • £10,000 - A figure of around this amount would be a dream, this will allow Stitches & The Troublesome Stitch to be finished, printed and distributed with no compromises. Everything to the utmost highest quality. We'd be able to hopefully get Stitches into School Library's around the country.  

Anything more still greatly appreciated, as it would be used to market the book.  

Thank you for visiting this page on Kickstarter.
I hope you see the appeal of this project, and additionally I look forward to supplying the rewards to all those that pledge their support.

Let's really make a difference today.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

I'm attempting to get Stitches published through the traditional route, this is sometimes a long, challenging and difficult process.
This will however give Stitches the greatest chance of mainstream success and recognition - thus enabling it to help a greater number of people.
If this route is unsuccessful then I plan to Self Publish Stitches & The Troublesome Stitch. The challenge will then be having sufficient funds to print and market the book.

Whilst I am aware of the challenges I face, over 2 years of planning & preparation, coupled with a deep desire to bring this to the public eye has left me in a good position for this to succeed.

The script has been all but completed, with the money raised I will look to get this professionally edited, thus giving it the best chance of success.

The main illustrations have all been completed and digitized, all that remains are a few details.

The only major section of the project that remains is to create a resource and activity pack to accompany the book. This will require professional assistance to ensure it offers the best possible help. Your pledge will contribute greatly to this.

I have no doubt that Stitches & The Troublesome Stitch will be in a shop near you one day soon.


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