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The definitive story of the Deadlands villain RAVEN, the man behind the Reckoning, who unleashed the ultimate evil!
The definitive story of the Deadlands villain RAVEN, the man behind the Reckoning, who unleashed the ultimate evil!
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YES! (Does Happy Dance...)

We did it! Thanks to ALL OF YOU for making this happen! To the whole team at Visionary and Pinnacle, and most importantly to our wonderful supporters! We were a 'little' nervous when we launched this. $15K was a high mark to set and we knew it. But we wanted this book to look the best it could and to do that you need an ACE artist like Greg LaRocque to bring the magic! So, the question was, would there be enough interest to make a comic (a niche product) based on the villain of an RPG (a niche product), but, we've met you folks! We've seen the power you bring to bear and now, we've proven all the naysayers wrong!

So, let's make use of our 6 days left (6 Days even as of 9PM tonight) to STRETCH!!!

I've gotten a bunch of emails and messages from folks, and we also talked about it as a staff. We've decided, by popular demand, to start right in on ADDING STORY PAGES! So, while we will still make that jump to hardcover if we climb high enough, we want to focus first on making this an even better read!

So, here's what we're doing. We've promised Raven will be four issues of story, collected together, and with feature and supplement pages, be a minimal of 120 pages in its print edition. For every thousand we make over our goal, we will add five full story pages to the book. That way we can cover page rates for our creators to expand, but also to give the story even more attention. Now, these will not be feature pages, not gaming specs, etc. Some of that will be included in that 120 page count, but ALL of these will be comic story pages, drawn by Greg, and part of the Raven storyline!

So, in other words compadres, its up to everyone out there just HOW big this book will be! And if we need to add on another issue or two...well wouldn't that just be wonderful?

So, let's not take this as a reason to sit on our laurels, but as a challenge to make this the biggest, baddest and best book if can be! Who's with me?!?! Spread the word, shout it from the mountaintops, shoot your guns in the air...well, okay, don't do that last one. :)

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    1. Charles Edward Sellner 2-time creator on September 9, 2012

      Thanks all! It means a lot and we are thrilled the project is taking off!

    2. Nils Anker Tønner-Oldefar on September 9, 2012

      Awesome, and plenty of time to stretch it too!

    3. Bryce Undy
      on September 8, 2012

      Congratulations on hitting your goal, This is just the beginning!