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$8,612 pledged of $10,500 goal
$8,612 pledged of $10,500 goal

Cantankerous on hold

Hello Everyone,

I am sad to report that Cantankerous has lost its lead artist Chris Bivins.  Chris has decided not to continue working on the project, and we are very disappointed in his decision.  Starting today, we are officially placing the project on hold and dismantling our many web presences until a future date that will see the project relaunched with an artist who is fully committed to the completion of the story.  

We are optimistic that we will find this person soon, but you will likely not see anything new from Cantankerous until it is nearly completed.  This will shield us against another false start.   

On the bright side, Elio Guevara and I have a wonderfully illustrated graphic novel called El Grande that we have been working on since 2009 that will finally see print this year, and we will notify all of you the day we begin to market it in the Spring.  El Grande is a 105 page science fiction, soul searching, who-done-it set against the dystopian backdrop of the distant future.  If you have every wanted to see a mash-up of Leaving Los Vegas and The Fifth Element, this will be the book for you. 

Thank you all for your incredible support and we wish you all a Happy New Year!

Joe Karg and Elio Guevara


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    1. George Gaspar
      on April 25, 2014

      How's the new book? Any chance us backers will receive the new book instead of nothing?

    2. Cinque Hicks on January 8, 2013

      Joe, this breaks my heart! Best of luck, tho', on turning a new page with the project!