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$8,612 pledged of $10,500 goal
$8,612 pledged of $10,500 goal

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Hello Everyone,

I would have sent this message to all of you a month ago when my new project launched, but I didn't know I could until today. All of you were such amazing supporters of CANTANKEROUS when my partners and I tried to launch that project in 2012, and I thought you might want to come and see what we're up to now. 

Two of us (Joseph Karg and Elio Guevara) have created a wonderful new project called El Grande that has just reached its $10,000 goal today. How amazing is that? Answer: Very Amazing!

EL GRANDE Kickstarter Link

We have learned a lot since our experience with Cantankerous. Our biggest takeaway from that experience was to wait until our project was finished before presenting it to the public. That is what we've done. El Grande is a 72 page fully illustrated and completed graphic novel ready for you to read. All you have to do is follow the link above or this one right here and you're ready to go. 

Check out a description of the project and some of our sample images below and then come see the rest on our page and our updates. We've posted tons of concept art and sample panels in the updates, so don't miss out. We could not be more proud of this project and we hope you like it too. 


Joseph and Elio

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What is "El Grande"?

"El Grande" is a graphic-novel meditation on mortality from Joseph Karg (Archer, Chozen) and Elio Guevara (Spectrum) that speaks with a skeptical voice about the future of our most closely held beliefs, our destiny as people, and our planet.

 "El Grande Volume 1: The Worm" is the first installment of a six-part, genre-bending series set to feature tales of addiction, humor, love, and redemption in a drug-altered and chaos-fueled future that is already too close for comfort. At its heart is a mix of late-19th-century imagery and contemporary cutting-edge artwork by Elio Guevara giving form to a critical and comedic story by Joseph Karg.

El Grande Page 1
El Grande Page 1


El Grande Pages 3 & 4
El Grande Pages 3 & 4


El Grande Page 10
El Grande Page 10


El Grande Pages 13 & 14
El Grande Pages 13 & 14


El Grande Pages 18 & 19
El Grande Pages 18 & 19


El Grande Page 31
El Grande Page 31


Cantankerous on hold

Hello Everyone,

I am sad to report that Cantankerous has lost its lead artist Chris Bivins.  Chris has decided not to continue working on the project, and we are very disappointed in his decision.  Starting today, we are officially placing the project on hold and dismantling our many web presences until a future date that will see the project relaunched with an artist who is fully committed to the completion of the story.  

We are optimistic that we will find this person soon, but you will likely not see anything new from Cantankerous until it is nearly completed.  This will shield us against another false start.   

On the bright side, Elio Guevara and I have a wonderfully illustrated graphic novel called El Grande that we have been working on since 2009 that will finally see print this year, and we will notify all of you the day we begin to market it in the Spring.  El Grande is a 105 page science fiction, soul searching, who-done-it set against the dystopian backdrop of the distant future.  If you have every wanted to see a mash-up of Leaving Los Vegas and The Fifth Element, this will be the book for you. 

Thank you all for your incredible support and we wish you all a Happy New Year!

Joe Karg and Elio Guevara

Thank You For Your Support

Happy Holidays Everyone,

We hope you enjoy our holiday gift of not being charged.  You're welcome. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

We can't thank all of you enough for your incredible support of our project.  These last thirty days have been a real roller coaster for us on the Cantankerous team and today was one of the craziest. So many of you came out in our final hour and I really thought we might make it to the goal around the middle of the day today. 

The Kickstarter is over and our printing plans have been postponed until we can gather the finances to give it another shot, but we still have every intention of moving forward with the web-comic in the coming months.  The designs for the whole world are finished and we are ready to draw!

For any of you who are still interested in donating to the production of the web-comic without any reward besides helping us create a wonderful free adventure story, you can follow this link to our Paypal page. PAYPAL LINK.  

The more money we can raise, the faster we will be able to generate new content. Cantankerous is a 150 page story that we will be working on all of 2013 and beyond. 

We love all of you guys/gals and we hope to hear from you as we begin to roll out our story next year.  Please stop by and let us know what you think whenever you'd like. 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank You for your time, sharing, love and support,

Joe Karg, Elio Guevara and Chris Bivins

Final Push!

Hello everyone,

As many of you already know, today is the final day for Cantankerous on Kickstarter.  With only eight hours left, we wanted to extend a final battle cry for our project.  "We few, we happy few, we band of brothers..." Please take a moment out of your day and share our link with and help us reach our goal.

No matter the outcome, this has been an incredible experience and I'm forever grateful to all of you who contributed their time and money to our dream.  

Thank you for your continued support,

Joe Karg

Our first $250 dollar commission is compete

Congratulations and thank you to Mr. Franz Pascher.  We hope you like it. 

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