Shackleton Crater (Canceled)

by Joseph Ybarra

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    1. Artur Gadomski on

      Will you be able to dig? I would imagine that once the equipment gets there a large portion of the settlement might be underground.

    2. R. Power on

      Maybe you could make shadows a graphics toggle? As far as the grid goes, you don't really need to see it unless you're positioning something, imo.

    3. Missing avatar

      Eberhard Flux

      The glow is a little bit to strong in the second image. On the other hand I agree that it's a little bit to dark in the first image. One can't recognize the sort of module. So in my opinion it must be something between image one and image two.

    4. Missing avatar

      Carnivalius on

      Why are the shadows so strong on the first image? On the moon there is more than one source of (reflected) light, than just purely sunlight, so the shadows shouldn't be perfectly black. This is easily seen in lunar mission pictures as anything in shadow isn't plunged straight into darkness, due to reflected sunlight from other sources (even lunar regolith has an albedo).

    5. Joseph Ybarra Creator on

      Thanks for the good question Paul! In order to source our Moon lighting, we referred to various images of lunar landers that are publicly available. You can see several kinds of shadows, such as these two examples:

      Using images like those as a base, we next tried to simulate lighting at Shackleton Crater. Due to the rotation and orientation of the Moon, they'll always have extreme lighting angles due to being at the south pole. This means that your reflected light will be scattering towards space more than other lunar surfaces - it's almost always dawn or dusk at the crater. Furthermore, the modules were sized to be roughly 25 meters in diameter - quite a bit of sunlight is being blocked.

      One thing we do want to get is a more realistic lighting model, specifically one that can properly account for the lack of atmospheric dispersion. The research on this project is really invigorating. Thanks again for the question!

    6. Missing avatar

      Carnivalius on

      Ah okay, I agree with that. Sounds good. Very impressed with the research.