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Get our 60 page manga for a pledge of as little as $1.
Get our 60 page manga for a pledge of as little as $1.
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Abolitionista gets a new character

Hi Abolitionistas!

How was your Independence Day?  We've been hard at work here at Abolitionista headquarters, designing a website, creating t-shirts, planning our big launch party...and guest what else?  We've created a brand new character for you!  In our story, there is a dirtbag named Jess who is preying on young women, and when Delilah disappears, her best friend Eden, and her sister Jada go out looking for her.  A couple friends of mine suggested that it might be interesting for Eden and Jada to meet another girl who knows Jess, someone who was actually victimized by Jess.  I told our artist about it (who is also named Delilah...the fabulous Delilah Buckle!)  I named the new character Gabriella, and described her to Delilah as, "A little older then Eden, Latina, wearing tough-girl clothes: sleaveless denim jacket, fingerless gloves, tight black jeans, boots, tattoo, heavy eye make up."  First, Delilah sent me a sketch...

I loved it.  And this is what Gabriella looks like in her first appearance in the manga (this is just a line drawing of the page...there are no screen tones yet)...

What I think is particularly brilliant about our artist Delilah Buckle is that she is able to create characters that are not typical to manga...characters that look like they're a part of the broad urban American landscape, and yet still look like they belong in the world of manga!  Delilah has finished about a third of the manga, and she might finish the rest by the end of July or early August.  Then I will take a couple weeks to look over the work and get feedback from other organizations who are interested in using the comic book in their curriculum.  So, the soonest that it would be printed would be the beginning of September. I'll keep you updated every step of the way.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Dan Priest on November 10, 2013

      I'm curious about your progress?
      I'm hoping to give this as a gift at Christmas. Is that realistic at this point?

    2. Gabriel Meunier on October 21, 2013

      Any news on the progress?

    3. Missing avatar

      Meg Patterson on July 9, 2013

      Awesome progress Thomas! Keep up the good work :) I know it's a labor of love, and the love shines through.