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Help bring Miss Fisher to the big screen!
Help bring Miss Fisher to the big screen!
7,763 backers pledged AU$ 733,210 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Connor Roberts on

      Are the extras the only people (besides the cast and crew) who are going to get specific dates and times for shooting over in Melbourne? Even though I know I haven't donated enough to be eligible I was wondering whether people would be able to watch from afar?

    2. Missing avatar

      Michelle Tolson on

      I see you starting to ship things out. I've never received anything giving you my address so I was wondering how you are going to be shipping things? Did I miss a posting? Where can I give you me address? Thanks

    3. Missing avatar

      Samuel Davis on

      Any updates on when the extras will take part? It's getting close to the date and flights are going to be expensive :(

    4. Shane McCammon

      Ayleah. You need to email them at the address provided. They don’t usually check the comments

    5. aylaeh on

      I have recently moved and never got my thank you postcard. Could someone please advise what I should do or how I can update my address? Thanks so much.

    6. Elizabeth Mungle

      I realize that I'm not involved with every cloud, but the cast doesn't seem to currently have a set to take a photo on. The film, as far as we have been told, is still in pre-production. (Since every cloud has taken the "we only talk when we have definitive news" route I'm feeling the next update will be when the movie has officially begun.)

      Dee, you should privately message them through Kickstarter if you haven't already about your poster. KS doesn't have the same notifications for this comment section as they do private messages.

    7. Veronica Drake on

      Hello, I pledged the $160 for the photo of the cast on set. When will they be sent?

    8. Missing avatar

      Dee on

      I received the poster tube yesterday but unfortunately one of the end caps was gone and there was no poster inside! The poster must have fallen out in the shipping between Australia and Germany. In other words, all i have now is an empty poster tube. Please advice. Thank you.

    9. Elizabeth Mungle

      I don't think filming has started quite yet, they said around March 21st that the script was on it's final draft. "The film is currently in pre-production stage which means scripts are being finalized, locations are being scouted and costumes are being designed. "

    10. Missing avatar

      Christopher D. Kessler on

      When is the film supposed to be released anyways? Are they still on the "filming should start within 8 months of the campaign ending (i.e., by May, 2018), and the movie should be released sometime mid-2019" timeframe? Have I missed a more recent update on that? Has filming started?

    11. Elizabeth Mungle

      My poster arrived today and may I say, it is STUNNING. I'm in the US and wasn't expecting it at all yet, since no news has gone out officially about their shipping. A+ job on the poster artwork! F- on keeping backers updated :\

    12. Missing avatar

      Ava Oprandi on

      Hi. I have not received my tote bag yet either. How can i check my details are correct?

    13. Missing avatar

      James Wymer on

      I have not received anything as of yet. Who should I get in touch with? Thank you

    14. Missing avatar

      Maria E. Torres on

      I have not yet received my tote bag. I returned the survey around the time it was sent. Thank you!

    15. Missing avatar

      Kathryn Whalen on

      Hi, I have not received any of the swag. Could you check to make sure my address is ok?
      Kathryn Whalen

    16. Missing avatar

      Valentine on

      Thank you for the lovely Tote Bag <3 Greeting from Germany :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Hilde Huttner Prodigalidad on

      I am backer #7100 and I have not received my tote bag! And I just got a message in my email that says that they'd all been sent as of two weeks ago! :( What do I do now?

    18. Missing avatar

      Heather Sullivan on

      Backer 5552. Dear Kickstart i have not recived my purchas yet.

    19. Edward Crutchington

      Any idea when the hand cream is coming?

    20. Jennifer Mckenzie on

      My tote bag just arrived in Ireland - it's Fabulous <3

    21. GeophysicsChic on

      Hi Bridget, I live in California and just got my tote bag this week, so hopefully you’ll get yours soon!

    22. Missing avatar

      Bridget on

      The update at the end of January said the tote bags were in and would be sent out on a rolling basis- have they all been shipped, and do we have any idea about delivery times if so? I haven't received mine yet in the US but I don't know if I should be getting worried.

    23. Missing avatar

      Simone on

      Thank you Jane.

    24. Missing avatar

      Jane Anders

      Simone your first reply was clear to me.

    25. Missing avatar

      Karen Beadle on

      Well thank you for that more complete explanation Simone. That's all we wanted to know. No need for the snippy second reply, was there?

    26. Missing avatar

      Simone Ledermann on

      I just found that Tier 4 is explained in the FAQ, too: "What is included in the "Tier 4" Reward Level?" I suppose when organizing a campaign, you would expect the backers to turn to the FAQ section if they have any question or are unsure about something. Makes it even harder to understand for me why some obviously didn't.

    27. Missing avatar

      Simone Ledermann on

      Hello Karen,
      I am sorry that you found my reply inadequate and not helpful. English is not my native language and I am sure there is a better wording for what I was trying to convey. What I was trying to say in my reply to Minerva is that on the first day of the campaign, the MFMM team gave an update which contained an explanation regarding tier 4:
      << Update #1
      Day 1
      15 September 2017
      (...) For those who have asked questions about what is rewards tier 4 that is included with some of the the reward packages. Rewards tier 4 is the "It won't be a mystery for you" package.>>
      I was among the first few hundred backers and I, too, had some difficulties at first to determine which rewards were included in which package. That is why I followed the comments and watched the update section. And that is where I got this answer. Then I pledged and got what I was promised. (After quite some time, but I am based in Europe and international postal service takes longer sometimes.) I can understand that Minerva is disappointed because she expected more or different rewards, but I am not able to relate why her expectations were like that in the first place. That is what I tried to get across in my first comment. I hope this is clearer now.

    28. Missing avatar

      Karen Beadle on

      I have to say that, looking again at the wording of the $500 pledge, Minerva Millward has a point. The reply that Simone has given her is woefully inadequate and doesn't explain anything. She gave you a great deal of money, in good faith as a lot of us did, but you obviously don't care now that you have our money!

    29. Estelle Liedemann on

      Recieved my Tote bag in Australia today. Was so excited to see the mailing address. Thanks Every Cloud Productions.

    30. Luly on

      I came back from my vacations to find that my postcard had been delivered! It's beautiful, thank you team! I'm commenting here so that fellow South Americans who pledged can know to expect their postcard/bookmark to have arrived.

    31. Missing avatar

      Simone on

      @Minerva: See update #1 to learn what is included in tier level 4. Sorry to hear you expected different rewards but the Miss Fisher team clarified that at a very early stage.

    32. Missing avatar

      Minerva Millward on

      I made the Jack Robinson level. The only things I've received is the recording and bits of scripts. Don't we get the tote bag, the hand Cream, etc. I know we don't get the postcard or bookmark but the description stated everything included in Tier 4. Every Cloud said I am not entitled to anything else. I feel ripped off,hurt,deceived, and more. Anybody else have this issue? I live in the USA.

    33. Missing avatar

      Nicole Prieto on


      I’ve been on the look out for anything that could be it but still haven’t received it. I’m in Florida.

    34. Missing avatar

      Christopher D. Kessler on


      I am in Texas, USA, and received my postcard on December 26th or 27th (can't remember exactly which). The postcard wasn't loose like the way you'd typically expect a postcard to be, but rather was in a white envelope with stamps from Australia.

    35. Missing avatar

      Nicole Prieto on


      Have the postcards been sent out yet because I still haven’t received mine?

      Thank you

    36. Missing avatar

      Stella Georgiou on

      When will the Limited Edition Tote Bags ship?

      Thank you!

    37. Elizabeth Mungle

      I too would love some poster news. Zero updates on it, and shipping was wild to the US. (Understandable, but updates would be appreciated.)

    38. Tiffany Orth on

      I can’t wait to see the poster design!!

    39. Every Cloud Productions Creator on

      Hi Tina. Appreciate your disappointment. The team are doing everything in our power to receive and ship items as fast as we can. The totes are being shipped on a daily basis so it won't be far away (subject to postage times) The very small team are working around the clock, packaging sending, responding to hundreds of daily emails, working with external manufacturers/designers, shipping as well as trying to progress our Main goal of getting the film into production. We care about our fans and are working overtime to make sure we fulfil the needs as quickly as possible. Somethings are beyond our control. We appreciate your patience as well as the many others that are wanting to receive their reward. So far we have personally packed and shipped thousands of rewards and we will continue to work hard to make sure all pending rewards are shipped in the quickest of fashion. Best, Miss Fisher team.

    40. Missing avatar

      Tina Muller on

      Rather disappointed that my tote has not arrived yet 😕

    41. Missing avatar

      Tina Muller on

      Rather disappointed that my tote has not arrived yet 😕

    42. Missing avatar

      Jane Anders

      Ditto @merideth

    43. Shadowfox2918 on

      Just wondering whats the go with the hand cream? Havent had any up dates in a while....

    44. Elisabet Johansson

      Hi! I still haven't received my postcard :-( can you check if it's sent? Cheers!

    45. Marni on

      I've been (im)patiently waiting for news on this and was so happy to receive an email update this morning. I'm going to be toting that all over the place as soon as it arrives!

    46. Missing avatar

      pam martin on

      So pleased to hear that the tote bag should arrive soon, saved me having to hire Miss Fisher to solve the mystery. And I'm very relieved that soon I won't have to cart my stuff around in the grey plastic shopping bag any more - not a good look! Fingers crossed, I'm heading off to take a peep in my letter box. cheerio for now, P x

    47. Missing avatar

      Emma Jane Phillips on

      Hey Team Fisher,
      Just wanted to second Caroline R's query regarding the tote bag - it's two months past the delivery window on the pledge and no updates or emails letting us know what's happening.

    48. Missing avatar

      CRoss on

      Hi team
      Hope you had a wonderful break Just wondering where we are at with the updates and items ? As its now the 27th January ;-) I haven't had a update since the 21st of December and haven't received my limited edition tote bag which apparently was due November 2017 ??? Thank you

    49. Missing avatar

      Tábata Kotowiski on

      I haven't received my gifts yet, could someone tell me when it was send? My pledge was A Perfect Pairing and I am from Brazil.

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