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Help bring Miss Fisher to the big screen!
Help bring Miss Fisher to the big screen!
7,763 backers pledged AU$ 733,210 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Luly 5 days ago

      I came back from my vacations to find that my postcard had been delivered! It's beautiful, thank you team! I'm commenting here so that fellow South Americans who pledged can know to expect their postcard/bookmark to have arrived.

    2. Missing avatar

      Simone on February 12

      @Minerva: See update #1 to learn what is included in tier level 4. Sorry to hear you expected different rewards but the Miss Fisher team clarified that at a very early stage.

    3. Missing avatar

      Minerva Millward on February 12

      I made the Jack Robinson level. The only things I've received is the recording and bits of scripts. Don't we get the tote bag, the hand Cream, etc. I know we don't get the postcard or bookmark but the description stated everything included in Tier 4. Every Cloud said I am not entitled to anything else. I feel ripped off,hurt,deceived, and more. Anybody else have this issue? I live in the USA.

    4. Missing avatar

      Nicole Prieto on February 12


      I’ve been on the look out for anything that could be it but still haven’t received it. I’m in Florida.

    5. Missing avatar

      Christopher D. Kessler on February 8


      I am in Texas, USA, and received my postcard on December 26th or 27th (can't remember exactly which). The postcard wasn't loose like the way you'd typically expect a postcard to be, but rather was in a white envelope with stamps from Australia.

    6. Missing avatar

      Nicole Prieto on February 8


      Have the postcards been sent out yet because I still haven’t received mine?

      Thank you

    7. Missing avatar

      Stella Georgiou on February 8

      When will the Limited Edition Tote Bags ship?

      Thank you!

    8. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Mungle on February 7

      I too would love some poster news. Zero updates on it, and shipping was wild to the US. (Understandable, but updates would be appreciated.)

    9. Tiffany Orth on February 7

      I can’t wait to see the poster design!!

    10. Every Cloud Productions Creator on February 7

      Hi Tina. Appreciate your disappointment. The team are doing everything in our power to receive and ship items as fast as we can. The totes are being shipped on a daily basis so it won't be far away (subject to postage times) The very small team are working around the clock, packaging sending, responding to hundreds of daily emails, working with external manufacturers/designers, shipping as well as trying to progress our Main goal of getting the film into production. We care about our fans and are working overtime to make sure we fulfil the needs as quickly as possible. Somethings are beyond our control. We appreciate your patience as well as the many others that are wanting to receive their reward. So far we have personally packed and shipped thousands of rewards and we will continue to work hard to make sure all pending rewards are shipped in the quickest of fashion. Best, Miss Fisher team.

    11. Missing avatar

      Tina Muller on February 7

      Rather disappointed that my tote has not arrived yet 😕

    12. Missing avatar

      Tina Muller on February 7

      Rather disappointed that my tote has not arrived yet 😕

    13. Missing avatar

      Jane Anders on February 5

      Ditto @merideth

    14. Missing avatar

      Merideth on February 5

      Just wondering whats the go with the hand cream? Havent had any up dates in a while....

    15. Elisabet Johansson on February 3

      Hi! I still haven't received my postcard :-( can you check if it's sent? Cheers!

    16. Marni on January 30

      I've been (im)patiently waiting for news on this and was so happy to receive an email update this morning. I'm going to be toting that all over the place as soon as it arrives!

    17. Missing avatar

      pam martin on January 30

      So pleased to hear that the tote bag should arrive soon, saved me having to hire Miss Fisher to solve the mystery. And I'm very relieved that soon I won't have to cart my stuff around in the grey plastic shopping bag any more - not a good look! Fingers crossed, I'm heading off to take a peep in my letter box. cheerio for now, P x

    18. Missing avatar

      Emma Jane Phillips on January 28

      Hey Team Fisher,
      Just wanted to second Caroline R's query regarding the tote bag - it's two months past the delivery window on the pledge and no updates or emails letting us know what's happening.

    19. Missing avatar

      Caroline Ross on January 27

      Hi team
      Hope you had a wonderful break Just wondering where we are at with the updates and items ? As its now the 27th January ;-) I haven't had a update since the 21st of December and haven't received my limited edition tote bag which apparently was due November 2017 ??? Thank you

    20. Missing avatar

      Tábata Kotowiski on January 24

      I haven't received my gifts yet, could someone tell me when it was send? My pledge was A Perfect Pairing and I am from Brazil.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jane Anders on January 24

      Any news on the hand creams?

    22. Missing avatar

      Betty Sleep on January 15

      I too, was disappointed with the bookmark. Saying "you will also receive a signed bookmark from one of the cast members", implies that an individual would sign and send it to you. It is mass produced, when I fully expected an autograph. You could have said "will receive a bookmark memento that is created from an autographed cast photo".

    23. Melanie Dean on January 15

      Like Sam and Jess below, I was a wee bit surprised that the “autograph” was a printed reproduction. As a graphic artist, the slight insult to injury was the noise and debris from the scan wasn’t cleaned up. I’m still delighted to be able to back the film; however, I am disappointed that the bookmark was misleading. To reinforce the other comments, I thought not all bookmarks would be the same as you don’t want one poor actors hand to fall off signing all of them, but I was assuming it would have been an actual autograph.

    24. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth Mungle on January 14

      Hi guys! Just curious about what the poster looks like and when it's going to ship?

    25. Missing avatar

      Sylvia Villalpando on January 10

      I would like to know when the tote bags will be released. One of the last updates stated it would be sent out at end of November 2017.

    26. Missing avatar

      Sue J Acocks on January 7

      I am utterly delighted to learn of the successful kickstarter campaign to create a Miss Fisher film. I’d love to receive updates. Eagerly awaiting the upcoming film!

    27. Missing avatar

      Kelly Addison on January 5

      Just wanted to say that the opportunity to fund a wonderful piece of art like Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries is its own reward. The gifts that cone with pledging money are just the icing on the cake.

    28. Jess Hale on January 4

      Hi, like Sam who recently commented, I was surprised when I got my bookmark in the post today and it seemed to be a printed signature rather than (as I had assumed it would be) one actually signed by a cast member.

      I know that as the scope of the campaign increased hugely it might have become daunting for the poor actor to do so many signatures (I did wonder how far the definition of "cast member" might stretch and I'd get a signature from Background Thug #2!) but it really isn't exactly what I thought I'd be getting.

      Can you let us know if this is a mis-reading on my part of the original reward tier details, or a change that was made at your end with the logistics of providing rewards?

    29. Sam on January 4

      I respect that Nathan and cast would get RSI from signing ALL the rewards, but "you will also receive a signed bookmark from one of the cast members" isn't 100% honest.
      I just got mine. DEFINITELY a SCAN AND PRINT of ONE signed image.
      I have no issue with that being an option, just TELL US.

    30. Missing avatar

      Christopher D. Kessler on January 3

      Got my wife's postcard yesterday in Texas. Thank you!

    31. Missing avatar

      James Wymer on December 29

      I was wondering if there was any news on when the tote bags would be sent out? I haven't received anything yet.


    32. Missing avatar

      Heid on December 27

      Received my bookmark yesterday in Sydney. Thank you Miss Fisher team!

    33. Gayle Dunn Meisner on December 26

      Still have not received my bookmark, was hoping to have it by Christmas. Have they all been sent out already? Thank you.

    34. Missing avatar

      Pat Massie on December 23

      Thank you so very much for Holiday message from DI Jack.

    35. Missing avatar

      Christopher D. Kessler on December 20

      Were all postcards sent from Oz, or were they sent in batches regionally from the US, Europe, Australia, etc. to make postage cheaper/quicker? Just trying to roughly gauge when it'll get here, as it'll either be a Christmas or birthday gift for my wife, depending. No rush, just curious.

    36. Every Cloud Productions Creator on December 19

      Karolyn, Please read the updates we have been sending as a we have been clearly communicating when the rewards are being shipped. The last update advised that the tote bag will be shipped in mid January. I just noticed that you have not completed the survey to send us your shipping address. We have sent the links. You will need to go into your pledge on Kickstarter and complete the survey. We cannot do this on our end. Many thanks.

    37. Missing avatar

      Karolyn Rodger on December 18

      Just to let you know, I haven't received my gift and it's been months?

    38. Every Cloud Productions Creator on December 18

      Office closure 22nd December till 8th January. Mistake was made in the upload.

    39. Every Cloud Productions Creator on December 18

      Update. Office will be closed on the 22nd December! Gremlins in the system.

    40. Every Cloud Productions Creator on December 18

      Hello to all of our amazing Miss Fisher & the Crypt of Tears family in all corners of the Phryneverse.

      Wow, what a year this has been!

      As we head towards the end of the week which will mark the year end for the Miss Fisher team (phew, we are exhausted) We are reflecting on what has been a year equal parts exhilarating and white-knuckle adventure.

      I know you have heard it before, however we are so please you have joined our family. We can hardly contain our excitement with what we are currently planning for 2018.

      News! Today we re opened the campaign via an on demand service via Indigogo. We did this as we have received hundreds if not thousands of requests from Phrynatic’s all over the globe desperate to join the team.

      The campaign can be found via the link There are a couple of new rewards. Check them out!

      Important note, this will not slow down our commitment to fulfilling all rewards backed through our Kickstarter campaign.

      One last update on rewards for the year.

      • Lipsticks have been sent.

      • Bookmarks have been sent.

      • Postcards have been sent.

      As much as we like to think we are as magical as Santa’s elves we cannot predict when these will arrive in your mail boxes.

      All other rewards are as per update posted a week or so ago.

      In breaking news. The team has been completing some sleuthing and what we have been able to deduce is that we believe that a certain handsome Detective is recording messages imminently for those backers who pledged the "Jack Robinson Appreciation society". Keep all fingers and toes crossed that you will have these arrive in time for Christmas. (Will be sent to email addresses supplied in survey)

      In other breaking news. All backers will receive one last special email by the end of the week. The contents are currently top secret. Spoilers!

      Finally, The office will be closed from Friday 22nd January and will not re open until the 8th January. During this time, we won’t be able to respond to any messages via our crowdfunding pages and or email.

      Best wishes for the holiday season.

      Sending love, The Miss Fisher team. xx

    41. Missing avatar

      Christopher D. Kessler on December 15


      Please look three comments down for instructions on how to access the survey.

    42. Missing avatar

      Lynda Bitner on December 15

      I made a pledge but did not get a survey. Pls send to

    43. Missing avatar

      Daniel Edwards on December 13

      I just noticed that after selecting the Tote bag during the campaign somehow I am not signed up for a poster. How do we get this corrected? I see others having the same issue.

    44. Missing avatar

      Christopher D. Kessler on December 10

      @kathy Cunningham
      @ anyone else trying to find the survey

      Howdy all, 
      Here's how to access the survey.

      There's no link for the creator to send us, as the survey is available to each of us when we log into Kickstarter. This only works on a computer, as the app (at least the Android app) doesn't show the survey. (The iOS app might show the survey, but the only sure way is to fire up the old laptop/desktop).

      Here's how: 
      1) log into your Kickstarter on a computer (won't work on your phone) 
      2) click your round logo/icon in the top right corner of your browser (for most of you this will be a blue circle)
      3) click "Miss Fisher The Movie" under "backed projects" 
      4) click "view pledge." 
      5) here you should see three tabs that say "reward," "survey," and "messages." Click "survey." 
      6) from here, fill out the survey. :)

      Good luck. 

    45. Kathy Cunningham on December 10

      Hello, I have not received anything and I also check my spam, Have I missed what is needed to be completed? Could you please resend if you need my information
      Thank you

    46. Missing avatar

      Kendal on December 10


      I recently received an email asking for my shipping details for the poster, but I am certain at the time I pledged the $75 tier was for a tote bag, has this changed? Will I receive a poster or a tote bag? I really wanted the tote bag :(

    47. Missing avatar

      Megan Green on December 8

      So what about folks who double pledged to get two different rewards? Those are still a go, right?

    48. Every Cloud Productions Creator on December 6

      For everyone that cannot find their surveys. If you click on "view pledge" there's a tab for survey. All the best. Miss Fisher team.

    49. Missing avatar

      Shelley Mabrey on December 6

      Will Marion Boyce be the costumes designer for the movie??? I do hope so!!!

    50. Every Cloud Productions Creator on December 6

      PLEASE CHECK JUNK MAIL FOR BACKER SURVEYS. They have been sent weeks ago.

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