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Help bring Miss Fisher to the big screen!
Help bring Miss Fisher to the big screen!
7,763 backers pledged AU$ 733,210 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Daniel Edwards about 13 hours ago

      I just noticed that after selecting the Tote bag during the campaign somehow I am not signed up for a poster. How do we get this corrected? I see others having the same issue.

    2. Missing avatar

      Christopher D. Kessler 3 days ago

      @kathy Cunningham
      @ anyone else trying to find the survey

      Howdy all, 
      Here's how to access the survey.

      There's no link for the creator to send us, as the survey is available to each of us when we log into Kickstarter. This only works on a computer, as the app (at least the Android app) doesn't show the survey. (The iOS app might show the survey, but the only sure way is to fire up the old laptop/desktop).

      Here's how: 
      1) log into your Kickstarter on a computer (won't work on your phone) 
      2) click your round logo/icon in the top right corner of your browser (for most of you this will be a blue circle)
      3) click "Miss Fisher The Movie" under "backed projects" 
      4) click "view pledge." 
      5) here you should see three tabs that say "reward," "survey," and "messages." Click "survey." 
      6) from here, fill out the survey. :)

      Good luck. 

    3. Missing avatar

      Kathy Cunningham 3 days ago

      Hello, I have not received anything and I also check my spam, Have I missed what is needed to be completed? Could you please resend if you need my information
      Thank you

    4. Missing avatar

      Kendal 3 days ago


      I recently received an email asking for my shipping details for the poster, but I am certain at the time I pledged the $75 tier was for a tote bag, has this changed? Will I receive a poster or a tote bag? I really wanted the tote bag :(

    5. Missing avatar

      Megan Green 5 days ago

      So what about folks who double pledged to get two different rewards? Those are still a go, right?

    6. Every Cloud Productions Creator 7 days ago

      For everyone that cannot find their surveys. If you click on "view pledge" there's a tab for survey. All the best. Miss Fisher team.

    7. Missing avatar

      Shelley Mabrey 7 days ago

      Will Marion Boyce be the costumes designer for the movie??? I do hope so!!!

    8. Every Cloud Productions Creator 7 days ago

      PLEASE CHECK JUNK MAIL FOR BACKER SURVEYS. They have been sent weeks ago.

    9. Every Cloud Productions Creator 7 days ago

      Hello wonderful backers. 
      A quick update from the Miss Fisher team. 
      You would have received an email from Kickstarter for you to supply your contact details for your specific rewards tiers. We will have not received everyone’s completed surveys so if you have not completed as yet we ask you kindly to fill out the survey form as soon as possible. 
      If you have not received your backer survey you might find that it has slipped into you junk mail.
      In regard to reward shipping;
      We are in the process of manufacturing and shipping out of some rewards. 
      The Lipsticks have now been shipped. We expect that the book marks and postcards to be shipped within the next two weeks. 
      The tote bags and hand creams are currently being manufactured. Once we receive the stock we will ship within two weeks of delivery. We do not have a confirmation as yet to specific date but will keep you abreast of all developments. 
      The poster is in the final stages of design. Once this is completed we will share the design with the poster backers and it will be sent to print immediately. 
      For those backers who pledged the Jack Robinson Appreciation Society package. We are currently trying to lock in a date with the Inspector to shoot your personalised message. We will do everything we can to try to make this happen prior to Christmas Day. 
      Name in Lights backers, for those who have sent back the survey we have recorded your details on file. No further work is required. 
      For backers that have selected rewards tiers that include set visits, cast read through, and sharing the screen rewards. We are working towards confirming all dates with our cast and crew. Once this is finalised we will be in touch immediately to allow enough time for you plan your trip. 
      For backers that have named a character in the feature, good news is that Deb Cox, our amazing Creative Director and writer of the feature has inserted your chosen names into the script. Exciting!
      For all backers that have the reward "It won't be a mystery to you" Don't fret we will be sharing lots of news and behind the scenes updates as we progress through into production. Stay tuned. 
      For all other rewards, once we have progressed our development, shoot and release plans we will be in touch.
      Finally, we have been asked by hundreds of fans who missed the campaign how they can join the collective and be part of the crowdfunding experience. We are currently looking for ways to make this happen. We want as many fans to come along with this journey with us. More details to come.
      Final note, look out in your inboxes for a holiday message from the team which will be sent to your over the next week or so.
      As always. Thank you for your continued support.
      The Miss Fisher team. xx

    10. Missing avatar

      Babawawa on December 6

      Any timeline as to when you are going to send out the swag? And are you going to keep us updated as to writing/filming? Thanks!

    11. Celeste Hotaling-Lyons on December 2

      OMG, I loved the show (on Netflix) so much, I went out and got all the books. The books are fantastic! My favorite mysteries are the Lord Peter Whimsey novels of Dorothy Sayers, and I feel like Phryne Fisher lives in the same universe. They are amazingly smart, fun, and beautifully-written, just as the show is smart, fun, and beautifully-shot. Can't wait to see the movie!

    12. Missing avatar

      Kristi Silva on November 29

      Any update on when the items will ship out and whether or not we'll get notification?

    13. Missing avatar

      Jak Grimm on November 21

      Congratulations on successfully crowd funding your movie. Can't wait to see it. Jak.

    14. Missing avatar

      Daniel Bates on November 20

      has there been an update or any news about the new tote bag design??

    15. Missing avatar

      Michelle Zapf-Bélanger on November 19

      You guys are doing great! Keep up the good work. I just re-watched all the Miss Fishers and it struck me again how beautiful the costumes are! I look forward to more excellent costuming in the movie.

    16. Mia Kleve on November 19

      I increased my pledge to also get a cast photo. How do I specify that?

      Thank you!

    17. DE OLIVEIRA Sylvia Regina Natalia on November 19

      I have not received any emails for my details to ship my rewards to. Please advise."

      Yes, me too, weird

    18. Dan'a Reese on November 18

      I have not received any emails for my details to ship my rewards to. Please advise.

    19. Michele Uryniak on November 13

      Correction: Just found the emails! All is well.

    20. Michele Uryniak on November 13

      I haven't gotten any notifications and just double checked my email. Did my info need to be verified?

    21. Andy Molloy on November 7

      Always felt bad for missing out on backing the babadook. big congrats on the success and to Aussie films!

    22. Michaela Sent on November 7

      Thanks for the update!!! You are doing a great work! Can't thank you enough for making this movie reality!

    23. Missing avatar

      Inez Engelhardt on October 29

      Hi there, I’ve had the payment for my pledge processed through my. Reddit card. I’m just wondering when i will be asked to supply my postal details for the despatch of my tote bag?

    24. Kelli McMahon Slemp on October 19

      I know you’re crazy busy but I’m getting a little concerned because I haven’t received a confirmation email about my pledges after I approved the charges. When you get a chance could you please look at my email of 16 October and let me know the status? Thank you bunches.

    25. Kelli McMahon Slemp on October 19

      I know you’re crazy busy but I’m getting a little concerned because I haven’t received a confirmation email about my pledges after I approved the charges. When you get a chance could you please look at my email of 16 October and let me know the status? Thank you bunches.

    26. Missing avatar

      Angelique Montag on October 18

      My wedding in April was a 1920s themed event with period dresses/suits and the soundtrack to "Miss Fisher" playing during the cocktail hour immediately following the ceremony. I am thrilled to contribute to this project and look forward to receiving my Costume lovers package. Best of luck filming. Here's to seeing you on the big screen!

    27. Missing avatar

      Joan Currie on October 17

      Being from a small town in northern Canada chances are slim that Miss Fisher & co. will get to a screen anywhere near me but it was a project so deserving to be realized that I was happy to contribute to its success. I will follow as it unfolds and hope that some day the film will find its way to the American public broadcasting station we get here, and to dvd!

    28. Missing avatar

      Christopher D. Kessler on October 16


      Just reread your post - sorry for reading too hastily at first! Maybe give it a few days to update on Kickstarter?

    29. Missing avatar

      Christopher D. Kessler on October 16


      Plz refer to the latest update. :)

    30. Missing avatar

      Maranda Sanders on October 16

      Help! I've contacted my bank and they say the charge is approved and has not been declined on their end for any reason... I don't want to change my payment method as it is showing as "pending" with my bank and approved by my bank. What now? ☹️

    31. gail flanegin on October 16

      My friends and I are avid fans. Kelly's books are a delight to read. The actors, technicians, and specialists bring every detail to life in vibrantly delicious fashion. What a treat to be a part of this project--I can't wait for the updates and release.

    32. Missing avatar

      Babsmd on October 16

      I am so thrilled to be a part of all of this excitement! Congratulations to EC and all of the fabulous talent behind this fantastic project for this milestone. I can't wait to hear more about this film as it progresses. Best of luck to all of you. Please know that you have a huge fan base in the US who are so excited to see this!

    33. Missing avatar

      Janet Minor on October 16

      Nathan Pagw where are you ? Your fans want to hear from you.

    34. Missing avatar

      Helen Thurgood on October 16

      So so happy love this show Fantastic actors Brilliant writers and adore the fashion Jumping for joy and can't wait to see it become a reality cheers Hel-Lenny

    35. Missing avatar

      gjohnson135 on October 15

      So glad to be part of this. My daughter and I love this series. We miss seeing everyone. Eagerly awaiting updates and the finished product. Good luck and so many thanks to everyone that made this happen.

    36. Missing avatar

      Lisa on October 15

      Doing a happy dance in my living room right now!! I am totally hooked on the TV series and I am eagerly anticipating seeing this film. Kudos EveryCloud for reaching out to fans with this Kickstarter. I am so appreciative of being even a (small) part of it.

    37. Missing avatar

      Ebony Bennett on October 15

      Cannot wait to see this movie and spend more time with these characters! Women deserve heroes like Phryne! I hope it turns into an Indiana Jones-style franchise for Essie Davis (and us!).

    38. Missing avatar

      Maria Maher on October 15

      I’m very excited! I’ve watched the series then read all the books. It will be great to see everyone again.

    39. Missing avatar

      Tiffany Molton on October 15

      I’m so excited this was successful! I absolutely love the TV series and am starting to read the books. I’m so looking forward to the upcoming movie. I know it’s going to be terrific!

    40. Missing avatar

      Justine Renault on October 15

      Running around my living room going WHOOHOOOHHHHHHH!!!!

    41. Missing avatar

      Emmeline on October 15

      Lin Chung please

    42. Missing avatar

      Robyn Martin on October 15

      So glad this worked! I've been a fan of Phryne since first reading the books years ago and the tv series was a great translation. I know the movie will continue the tradition! Thanks for letting us be part of it - can't wait to see it!

    43. Missing avatar

      Laura Boyes on October 15

      How thrilling to know there is such an engaged world community of Miss Fisher enthusiasts, and with a Kickstarter contribution, we can all be a part of it. We look forward breathlessly to "our" movie!

    44. Missing avatar

      Robin Ann Morgan Krueger on October 15

      I'm very excited for the movie. I hope it will be released in the United States. I love the characters in Miss Fisher Mysteries. get to work and bring me a movie.

    45. Missing avatar

      Peri N Urvek on October 15

      Bravo! I am eager for the production to begin and even more eager for it to be completed. Here in San Diego, CA, we only get the program through our PBS channel and I have truly missed watching it! I hope the work goes well and there are no problems! As is said here, "Break a leg!"

    46. Kim Smith on October 15

      I really can't wait for this movie and I am so glad that I am able to support and be a part of it! Many thanks to Every Cloud Productions, the cast, and crew, for letting the fans be a part of the movie! �❤️

    47. Susanna White on October 15

      I'm so happy! It's been a wonderful experience being part of such a fantastic campaign! The Every Cloud team has done a fantastic job with this entire effort and should be very proud. I know that now is when the really hard work begins, so stay strong team! We've got your back. On to the next challenge! (But take a breath)

    48. Missing avatar

      Barbara Hughes on October 15

      Yay! Can't wait to hear about the progress and see the finished project! More Jack & Phryne! :)

    49. Missing avatar

      Emily on October 15

      Well done to you all! I absolutely cannot wait to see your movie!

    50. Missing avatar

      Jane Weinberger on October 15

      I can´t wait to see a Miss Fisher movie :-)

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