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Unobtrusive and effortless way to capture and share your moments in 360° true First-Person-View.
Unobtrusive and effortless way to capture and share your moments in 360° true First-Person-View.
Unobtrusive and effortless way to capture and share your moments in 360° true First-Person-View.
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    1. Linkflow, inc. Creator on

      We updated posting on June 1st. Hope you will check the one. :)

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      @creator, how are things? It's been quite for 26 days...

    3. Linkflow, inc. Creator on

      My pleasure :) See you on next update!

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      Thank you so much.

    5. Linkflow, inc. Creator on

      We are appreciate on your feedback, all of our team will keep your saying in mind. Our update term will be maximum by a month. We’ll try to share you more stories as possible. Have a great day.

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      @creator. Thank you for the response. Please keep a bi-weekly update schedule. This builds trust and transparency with your backers. Also, it gives you a goal to orient yourselves on ensuring everything is on track.

    7. Linkflow, inc. Creator on

      @jared joyce
      We're sincerely apologize that we kept you waiting for a long time. Updates for the rest of period up to delivery will be posted regularly.

    8. Linkflow, inc. Creator on

      We're sincerely apologize that we kept you waiting for a long time. Updates from now on will be issued regularly.

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      jared joyce on

      lol- wow... glad i only gave $5 so far (though was hoping to give more)... not out a lot. i'm sure this month-long delay might be indicative of communication for the rest of the project :-)

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      @creator. Ummm it's been 20 days, not a chirp from you guys. There should be bi- weekly updates, no exceptions.

    11. Linkflow, inc. Creator on

      Hello. Thanks for having interest on our following events.
      We'll share all the information that will be posted on Indiegogo, on Kickstarter for sure.
      Thank you and have a great day!

    12. Korgh on

      Can you please make sure that you post updates and other infos from the Indiegogo campain on kickstarter as well? Thanks :)

    13. Linkflow, inc. Creator on

      @jared joyce
      Hi, Jared. We truly understand your opinion. We'll upload the new video as we fix any update. As you know, the delivery planned for this October, we have some steps to go and confirm. Hope you kindly understand this situation.
      Also, purchasing through kickstarter is not available anymore, but from the indiegogo.

    14. Missing avatar

      jared joyce on

      @creator: before you lock down payments and shipments and everything- will you post some videos of the most up-to-date software/hardware to show off how well everything is working? I'm waiting for that before deciding how many I want to purchase. Thanks!

    15. Linkflow, inc. Creator on

      @Yongkyu Joo
      주용규님, 안녕하세요? FITT360 킥스타터 캠페인에 많은 관심과 지지를 보여주셔서 정말 감사합니다. 적용 케이블 사양에 대해서는 현재 적용된 사양인 타입 B로 진행되고 있으며, 더 좋은 제품을 전달드리기 위해 현재 여러 방향성에 대해 논의를 거듭하고 있습니다. 사양이 변경되면 다시 한 번 업데이트로 소식을 전달드리겠습니다. 좋은 의견 정말 감사합니다. 좋은 하루 되세요.

    16. Missing avatar

      Yongkyu Joo on

      사양에서 USB B TYPE으로 설정되어있는데요.
      잘 아실걸로 생각 됩니다만 C TYPE로 변경하시면 더 좋은 성능의 제품이 될 듯합니다.

    17. Linkflow, inc. Creator on

      @Hidehiro Shimizu
      Color, address, and other surveys are will be progressed right before the shipping. Also, unfortunately, black color couldn't unlocked which means there will be only available colors with red, silver, and white.

    18. Linkflow, inc. Creator on

      @Raymond Holt-Shirley
      Thanks on your opinion Raymond. The resolution and quality of video are under developing, right now. Also, About the sound part, we will upload some examples that you can find out on next update. Thank you.

    19. Linkflow, inc. Creator on

      Thank you so much on your supporting! We are focusing on producing good product :) Have a great day!

    20. Linkflow, inc. Creator on

      @Philippe van Nedervelde
      Thank you for your feedback, Philippe. Our software team is working on to produce better quality of output. We appreciate your considerable insight.

    21. Missing avatar

      Hidehiro Shimizu on

      It is very glad that everyone can choose the black option. When can I choose?

    22. Missing avatar

      Raymond Holt-Shirley on

      I recently watched the most current video. My concerns fall with auto focus, light refraction, clarity in images. Will the camera technology be the latest on the market or a generation behind ( 16 or better MP Camera).There is a claim of 4K quality picture but really did not get that from the video. Also a bit curious on sound quality and the ability to capture direct sound over ambient sound.

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      Pls put focus to develop a good product for both the hardware and software.


    24. Missing avatar


      Sadly, I'm canceling my pledge.
      I want to capture the moment, not in a blurry video.
      Even if they made it (deliver the product), I can
      see many will be disappointed with the picture quality.
      Like the idea though, hope GoPro or other will come up
      with a product that using a proper camera sensor.
      Good luck.


    25. Philippe van Nedervelde

      A technical suggestion: most of the time there will be sky along the top of the frames of each camera in outdoor shots. You could fairly easily program something that calculates the average of the sky color near the top of the frames and which would fill-in the parts of the sky that are missed by the cameras, possibly even filling in the entire missed skydome provided the sky is relatively uniform such as on the overcast day in your example or on cloudless days. This way the end result would be a videosphere that is significantly more filled in compared to the cylinder.

    26. Missing avatar

      Yanou S on

      Thanks for uploading more videos as requested, though I did find the video quality and stitching issue worrisome. The video quality and resolution are still way under my expectation at the very last day of the campaign. I gave the team as much time as I could. Best of luck in the future development, and if you managed to successfully realize all your claims, I would definitely be a future full retail price buyer and support the product.

    27. Missing avatar

      Pascal Rohmann on

      You have had more than a month to show us what your camera can do and so far you just managed to upload two blurry videos with severe stitching problems onto Youtube. This is highly disappointing, considering that you have invested more time promoting your pyramid scheme to get more backers, rather than promoting your products features.

      I will cancel my pledge now.

    28. CorbinInJapan on

      Is there a comparison chart for this vs. the other commercially available 360 degree video capture devices such as Ricoh theta, etc.?

      If there isn’t yet there really should be.

    29. Linkflow, inc. Creator on


      Hello Korgh! Thanks for your comments.
      What I can tell you is that the quality of video and stitching will surely be improved than the footage on the current page. We're planning to update more videos to show you our progress. :)

    30. Korgh on

      oh and once more a little note to add that usb c would a really great thing to have =).

    31. Korgh on

      Can we expect stabilization, stitching and video quality that is at least comparable to the Insta360 and the Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere Ideally even better :)?

    32. Grayson King

      I shall not be commenting again here. I backed again at $1 just now only to comment as I saw you replied to me but confused what my question meant

      I sincerely wish you the best with your venture though. Good luck!
      ( ར ₹, ཬ )

    33. Grayson King


      No, I mean a Live Video Chat with your team and demonstrating what you have. I don’t believe that wasn’t clear but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. I now consider a Live Video Chat mandatory for any and all campaigns that make big claims or are ‘world’s first’ or ‘world’s only’ in tech etc. Any that I catch not doing this will be automatically getting my attention with comments such as this until campaign runners learn to get their act together and give backers the common respect of a face to face chat and until backers learn to demand it from day one.

      I’m not saying that your campaign is a scam or anything similar. I simply do not believe your product is worth what I’d be paying for it based on what you’ve provided basically, what with quality and stitching issues. It’s a risk I don’t need until your device proves itself.

      I consider a lack of a Live Video Chat a massive indicator, the largest indicator, of how much I can trust a team or product. They should have been regular throughout this campaign, and done through KS.

      It tells me that you’ll basically vanish the moment you have the funds, yeah sure you might be working on the project but I refuse to believe a team can’t find 20 minutes per week to have a little chat face to face in a world of technology.

      Especially if you can build a camera with live-streaming capabilities... this shows you know how important and valuable a Live Video Chat is, and that it is well within your technical abilities to set up.

      KS have a Live-Stream option for a reason, I consider it poor campaign management not to have utilised the single most effective tool available to you for a real time face to face chat with us. It can only lead to positive traffic if you are sincere and connect with us.

      My goal is to make this the automatically done thing expected and demanded by backers and offered by campaigns without us having to battle for it, it is the entire reason why you lost my support (plus I don’t see that your camera will perform fantastically but I might have been willing to take that chance if you had any personable face and interaction with us)

      Your friendly neighbourhood superbacker,

      Grayson King
      ( ར ₹, ཬ )

    34. Linkflow, inc. Creator on

      @Yanou, Hew, Are we requesting a different video than the updated version on the Feb 2nd?

    35. Linkflow, inc. Creator on

      @Grayson King, have you checked our update on the Feb 2nd? (Live Streaming Video Footage: Recent Update)

    36. Linkflow, inc. Creator on

      @Christoph Nelles, I don't understand what you mean.
      @Hew, It's sad to see you go.
      @Monika, We have demoed our current versions with the Verge. They have written a detailed piece that reflects his experience. Please check it out here (

    37. Missing avatar

      Christoph Nelles

      This project spammers using data from the Kickstarter hack/leak 2014. Please do not support projects which supports spammers.

    38. Hew on

      I'm also out.

      Good luck. It's an excellent idea.

    39. Monika

      Nothing? I’m out, good luck.

    40. Grayson King




    41. Grayson King

      You’re within a week of the end of your campaign without a Live-Stream or credible evidence that it will be worth the investment and so I am out.

      I wish you all the best

      Your friendly neighbour superbacker,
      Grayson King
      ( ར ₹, ཬ )

    42. Imran

      Any update on the vertical angle?

    43. Missing avatar

      Dan Mach on

      Not satisfied with quality overall of video... no show of all features such as live streaming.. need more real world in depth readings of battery time and such... just too many blanks to fill and for that reason I'm out sorry

    44. Hew on

      Live stream would bring confidence.

      This unit is expensive and will likely have lengthy delays (not because of this team but just because that's the nature of KS projects overall).

    45. Missing avatar

      Yanou S on

      @ Creator: A live stream of showing off what an actual prototype can do would be greatly appreciated and necessary. Thx.

    46. Grayson King

      @Jared Joyce

      I think I’ve finally learned that when it comes to tech and crowdfunding get a Live-Stream or be super cautious.

      Not immediately suspicious, just air caution.

      I didn’t want to have to learn this though and I can accept others have not arrived at this position quite as I have hahaha

      If you cannot Live-Stream then we deserve a damn good explanation why not too, it’s basic essential stuff when taking people’s money in a risky venture.

      I’m looking forward to the response

      Your friendly neighbourhood superbacker,

      Grayson King

    47. Missing avatar

      jared joyce on

      on this recommendation, i definitely support @Grayson King's suggestion of having a preview with the current hardware/software configurations to show what is currently possible- as well as maybe having a web-chat or something to field questions. with still 10 days left, a proof of concept in that regards would almost guarantee additional backers. i know right now i'm just waiting to see a bit more to decide how many i'd like to purchase/back, but- even if the stitching wasn't necessarily perfect, or the usability was a bit clunky- knowing that it's still a work in progress- those things wouldn't bother me much @ all. do something on facebook live/youtube w/e so we can see what the device can do right now :-)

    48. Missing avatar

      John Michael

      still long way to reach ....

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