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PULL! is a fast-playing, trap-shooting card game where players take to the range to bust the most clay targets.
PULL! is a fast-playing, trap-shooting card game where players take to the range to bust the most clay targets.
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    1. Chevee Dodd 2-time creator on

      @Robert - good thing you stopped at one round! You'd be in comas if you played a whole game!

      (p.s. Thanks for the kind words) ;-)

    2. Robert Nelson

      Already mastered the drinking game rules:

      Lose a shot: drink number of seconds on your shot card
      Win a shot: Give out number of seconds on your shot card (divided among players however you see fit).
      Win both shots: Make a rule! (thumb master, no drink, drank, drunk, etc.)

      Not going to lie, after one round we were toast. :P

      (p.s. This game is also a lot of fun sober, but hell, it wasn't bad drunk either!)

    3. YinofYang on

      I finally opened up the game to play it this past weekend with friends and we loved it! It's a simple, fast-paced game that had us playing well into the night. I think the guys will now try to figure some way to incorporate alcohol into it.

    4. Brett Trout on

      Got my game today. You ran an impressive campaign. Great game, delivered on time, with detailed and timely updates and comments. I had to double check and make sure this was Kickstarter. Great job Chevee!

    5. YinofYang on

      Got my game in yesterday, Chevee! We'll be opening it up and playing this weekend. Thanks for all your hard work in getting the games out despite your misfortunes. :)

    6. Chevee Dodd 2-time creator on

      Woot! Glad to know games are arriving quickly! If anyone has any issues, don't hesitate to hit the "Contact Me" link on the right!

    7. Joe Ward on

      Thanks for the game. It arrived yesterday. Playing will have to wait till the weekend do to a business trip.

    8. John A Forte Jr on

      No worries on my end...I knew you'd take care of everything. Thanks for the updates and keeping us in the loop!

    9. JKP

      Rec'd yesterday. Well done. Now to play it.

    10. Steven Williamson on

      Received the game today!!! My girlfriend and I had lots of fun with our first few plays and found the app very useful. Thank you for making this awesome game. I can't wait to try it with four players.

    11. Brett Trout on

      Thank you so much for the update. Sorry to hear about your car. Half the benefit of Kickstarter is going through the ups and downs with the creator and you do a great job of keeping us up to date. Can't wait for the game. Good luck!

    12. Split Second Games on

      Can't wait. Can NOT wait. Hats off, Chevee!

    13. Jason Glover

      I am a little late, but congrats Chevee! My internet was down when you funded. Good Show!

    14. Chandan Mohanty on

      Congrats Chevee. If you are taking orders via ebay afterwards, i would be happy to pass it along to our backers. looking fwd to playing PULL! Congrats, Chandan

    15. Chevee Dodd 2-time creator on

      Thank you all sooo much. This past month has been quite a mix of emotions, but we did it. <3

    16. Sean McDonald on

      Wooooooooöóòôõ!!!! Finished!

    17. Jason Funk on

      I figured :) Just throwing it out there :D

    18. Chevee Dodd 2-time creator on


      @jason - I can't get it all sorted tonight... but if I can find a solution before I ship, I'll be sure to open the option up to everyone that backed. :-)

    19. Jason Funk on

      Still hoping to get the expansions as add-ons :) Congrats on funding!

    20. Sean McDonald on

      Congrats Chevee!

    21. Richard Mulholland

      Nice one dude. So stoked for you.

    22. Brian Walker

      Congrats! I'm super excited to see this Kickstarter succeed. Yes Virginia, there is a market for trick taking games.

    23. Chevee Dodd 2-time creator on

      Thank you so much for the awesome support everyone! I'm so thankful for each and every one of you. <3

    24. Cady on

      Yay!!! Congrats

    25. Matt Worden

      (Oh ... and congrats Chevee!) ;-p

    26. Matt Worden

      Woo hoo! I get my decks and ducks! :-)

    27. Chris Leder on

      Congrats, Chevee! Despite all my best efforts to ruin you, the campaign has succeeded! Go have a celebratory pepperoni roll!

    28. Jeff King

      How dare Chevee be at lunch when he finally funds!! Congrats!! ; -}

    29. Cady on

      Ok. I added a dollar. :)

    30. Eric Handler (@reldnahcire)

      hrm....5000-4871=129...there are 241 backers...therefore...if we all pledge to raise our pledge for the game by a dollar...

    31. Cady on

      This is making me anxious! I want this to fund already! :)

    32. Chevee Dodd 2-time creator on

      Updates can be fun. :-)

    33. Matthew Ryan Robinson on

      More updates please, a campaign should have 1-2 updates a day.

    34. Chevee Dodd 2-time creator on

      @jEFf - yeah. I'm right there with you. We'll make it. Somehow. :-)

    35. Jeff King

      You're killing me here! Fund already!! ;-}

    36. Chevee Dodd 2-time creator on

      You guys have been awesome. Thanks so much for the help and support. Means more than any goal I couls place on this campaign. <3

    37. Carmine Migliore

      Come on guys let this happen

    38. Sean McDonald on

      I thumbed the crap out of it.

    39. Chevee Dodd 2-time creator on

      Can we get this image to the front page? THUMBS!

    40. Chevee Dodd 2-time creator on

      Joe, I love you.

    41. Chevee Dodd 2-time creator on

      Ye! I'm getting excited now. Today's update was pretty big for the campaign.

    42. Jason Glover

      This is starting to move along nicely! WOOT!

    43. Chevee Dodd 2-time creator on

      PULL! Indeed!

    44. Chevee Dodd 2-time creator on

      Yeah Ben, I'm really excited!

    45. Ben Haskett

      Wow, huge boost!

    46. Chevee Dodd 2-time creator on

      For some reason, my backer report isn't updating... so I can't send all the new backers a personal thanks yet. It's coming!

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