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PULL! - A Trap Shooting Card Game's video poster

PULL! is a fast-playing, trap-shooting card game where players take to the range to bust the most clay targets. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 20, 2014.

PULL! is a fast-playing, trap-shooting card game where players take to the range to bust the most clay targets.

About this project

You and your buddies have teamed up at the range for a day of shooting sporting clays. Leave it to your friends to turn clay target shooting into a competitive team sport. The team that can shoot down more targets may be the better shot, but the team that scores the most points is obviously the winner… be careful to not shoot the wildlife or it could cost you!

Update:  Foul Tokens!

 Backers at the SHOOTERS BOX tier will now receive 16 custom acrylic tokens perfect for tracking Fouls! They are laser cut acrylic and measure 1.25" across and will come in a sturdy velvet pouch large enough to store both the tokens and the game. Tokens are also available as an add-on for only $5 at any pledge level!

PULL! - A Trap Shooting Card Game is a partnership style card game that draws inspiration from classic trick-taking games such as spades, whist, and euchre. Unlike these traditional games:

  • There is no trump suit
  • There are two active tricks each round
  • Players cannot "win" the lead 

At the start of each hand, the dealer deals each player 10 cards from the Shot Deck and flips over the top two cards of the Target Deck. Each Target is worth a number of points and players take turns playing one Shot card on each Target. The team that plays the highest valued Shot wins the Target and scores the points, but you must play carefully, because shooting the wildlife will cost you! Additionally, if a team scores both Targets, they may receive bonus points. 

A hand lasts five rounds then points are tallied and recorded. The deal is passed to the left and play continues in this fashion until one team scores a set number of points.

Rules are also included to play the game as individuals with 2, 3 or 4 players.

Read the Rules 

I write extensively about my game designs from concept through finished product. I share a ton of my work on Twitter in a sort of live-tweet fashion, but I write full articles on my page detailing the design process. I have been actively developing and testing PULL! for over five months and I've written many articles about the changes I've made and the reasons for making them. You can find all the PULL! articles by following this link to my website,

You will need to provide a method to keep score. Pencil and paper works great.

Also, available is a companion app for Android and soon iOS. This app will help you keep score, track Fouls, and also has a reference set of rules. Get the app now on the Google Play store!

Thanks to over a dozen print and play test groups from all over the globe, PULL! went from a game that was strictly playable to a game that is actually fun to play. I owe this design to everyone that helped me along the way... and there's still time to help!

PULL! is available right now for print and play. I believe fully in this game and welcome you to give it a try before you pledge. The card backs vary slightly in design from the Kickstarter rewards, but only to make them a more printer friendly. Otherwise, the art and graphic design remains unchanged and is provided at full resolution.

Download the files!

The promotional card will be 2.75x4.75 inches and will feature a special message to all backers on one side, and original art on the front chosen by the Backers. All levels above the THANK YOU tier will also receive access to the Backers Edition print and play files.

Please select your GET THE GAME! pledge level carefully as there are separate levels for Canadian and International backers!

You must be at Gen Con 2014 to receive your SIGNATURE EDITION reward.

The Shooters Box is the result of a collaboration between myself and Daft Concepts. Their specialized lasers will cut the boxes and engrave the PULL! logo on the sliding lid and I will hand-finish and assemble the boxes myself. I will have a significant amount of time in finishing and assembling these boxes, so quantities are limited. 

All SHOOTERS BOX pledges will now also include 16 custom Foul tokens! These are 1.25" acrylic tokens are perfect for keeping track of your Foul total!

THANK YOU CARD ($1) - Add the special promotional card from the THANK YOU tier to any pledge.

FOUL TOKENS ($5) - Add ONE set of 16 acrylic Foul tokens to any pledge with no additional shipping! These tokens measure 1.25" and are laser cut from 1/8" acrylic. They will come packaged in a sturdy velvet back large enough to hold the game. If you would like additional sets of foul tokens, please contact me for a shipping quote.

AUTOGRAPHED PRINT ($10) - Add the autographed print from the SIGNATURE EDITION tier to any pledge.

MORE GAMES ($14/$20/$25) - Add additional copies of the game to any pledge. USA backers add $14 per additional copy. CANADA backers add $20 per additional copy. INTERNATIONAL backers add $25 per additional copy. All stretch rewards are included with each copy!

The unlocked premium pledges will let you be in the game! Two backers will be able to send me a photo and I will draw your likeness on one of the two Shooter cards!

I have not picked the 6 animals to be included in this expansion. I will let backers help me decide what to include!.

I have some ideas for the design of these cards, but I will let backers help design their final appearance.

 "I really enjoyed this game. Once we bring this to my family it will be a huge success." - Megan

"There is a universal appeal here It takes you back to your roots of spades and euchre. I think this is a great game." - Jeff

 "From a family perspective this leads to some family fun of pulling people together." - David

 "I like trick taking games and this one is exceptional" - Hunter


Pull! by Chevee Dodd Review by David Lowry

" Pull! is a fast paced, fun and very social card game that is well worth it’s price and the wait on Kickstarter. For players that love trick taking games, party games like Uno or social games, then Pull! is a great pick for you!" - David Lowry

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Rulebook Review - A review of the rules clarity and layout

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I've been designing board and card games for over 15 years. Finding publishers to bring my games to market takes up a significant amount of my time and money. Scallywags is doing well, but it doesn't offset my costs alone. I've decided it’s time to start getting more serious. I want to take control of some of my own projects so that I can continue to focus on providing valuable content and fresh games. I regularly release free print and play games on my website,, along with articles and tutorials centered around board games and design and I would like to continue providing this content without monetizing the site with advertisements and subscription fees.

This year, I formed Chevee Dodd, LLC so I could spend more time on this adventure. I am offering my graphic design skills to help offset the expense of designing games and pursuing publication. I will continue to pursue traditional publication for many of my projects, but I also have quite a few more unique games that I’d love launch with your support!

PULL! is a non-standard game with a quirky theme and underused mechanics. Publishers continue to tell me that there is no market for trick-taking games. I disagree with them. I think players enjoy these types of games and I’m here hoping that you’ll show me some support in bringing my game to life. Backing this game not only supports my efforts with PULL! but will help launch my newly formed company!

I am working with multiple manufacturers to make PULL! the best it can be. Meeting the funding goal will allow me to fulfill the game through and receive their maximum discount. This option is the best I can find for short run printing. The Game Crafter cards are printed on 270gsm wax-coated card stock and will be packed in a tuck box printed from the same stock. I have used their services for two years now and I am very satisfied with the quality of their product and service. 

If we exceed the project goal, I will be able to scale up production with a larger-run manufacturer which will allow me to print on higher quality card stock and provide sturdier  packaging options. It is difficult to put a dollar figure on this sort of production scaling, so here is my pledge to do what is best for the game. I am dedicated to using only US manufacturers and printing small runs domestically is very expensive... but I'm not here to line my pockets and increase my profit margins. I'm here to make a great game the best it can be!

Thank you for checking out my first Kickstarter project!

Risks and challenges

The game has been thoroughly playtested thanks to many print and play testers. The rules and packaging have been proofed and edited. All the art and graphic design for the game has been completed barring any additional work from unlocking stretch rewards. What this means for you is that there should be little to no delay in getting this game to the printers shortly after the campaign funding is transferred to me.

So, what could hold things up?
* Unexpected legal issues.
* Natural disasters.
* Postal workers strike.
* Personal injury or disease.
* Awesome ideas from Kickstarter backers.

This is my first Kickstarter project, but I’m confident in my own abilities to bring PULL! to market. I've produced many of my own games through print on demand services as well as print and play files through my personal sites and Working with a printer is just another step in the process. All I need now is your pledges to make this dream a reality.

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