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Update #9

One Year Later!


One year has passed since the end of our successful Kickstarter page! Since then, our bars are now sold in 70 stores in 15 states, as well as a few international locations. Thank all of you for giving us our 'kickstart' to not only our growing company, but also the advancement of insects as a food product in Western cuisine.

In this past year, there have been many more articles and discussion about the concept of re-introducing insects into our diets. Many of these discussions stemmed from the United Nation's report on the subject. The consensus about whether or not the idea will take hold, is just how public perception will be to the idea, since we already know that it makes sense from personal health, environmental, and economic viewpoints.

Here is a video that presents some public perception that we have encountered in our attempt to 'feed the revolution':

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Chapul Bars Promo Code


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Update #7

Incentives Complete!

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Whew, we've done it! We have mailed out our last incentives to all of you who have contributed to our Kickstarter campaign. 

With your help, we are up and running, having moved into a solar powered kitchen and are selling Chapul bars online at as well as several retail locations in Utah, Colorado, and California.

In August, we took a whitewater rafting trip with our highest incentive level contributors, Chris and Jill, in addition to friends and family who have been helping out with Chapul. Please enjoy the video below from this trip.

So once again, thank you all for helping to get our feet underneath us! We are now up and running, and with your continued support, are ready to Feed the Revolution!

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We're off to the Post Office!


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Chapul Community


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    Be the first to try Chapul Bars! We'll ship a half dozen, with three of each of our first two flavors - Chaco (chocolate and peanut butter) and Thai (coconut, ginger and lime). You'll love 'em! After we cover the shipping cost (~$6), you'll be getting a 20% discount off retail prices. Note - please add US$10 for international shipping.

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    The revolutionary's package. We'll ship you a box with a half dozen bars (3 of each flavor), and add a limited edition Chapul "Feed the Revolution" organic cotton t-shirt. Advertise your revolutionary bona fides, help spread the Chapul message, and look pretty darn good doin' it. No refunds for shirts torn from your body by adoring suitors.

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    This is for the purists. A 6 oz jar of pure Chapul cricket protein powder, to fuel your workouts and revolutionary thinking. And you'll see the numbers right there on the label - per serving, Chapul cricket powder has a third more protein than most leading protein powder brands, with less than a quarter of the fat and zero sugar. Plus, we'll throw in a "Feed the Revolution" t-shirt and a couple of our tasty bars.

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    Let's get personal. We love your commitment to the cause, and we want your name front and center. For $200 we'll personalize a whole batch of Chapul Bars (3 dozen) with your name on the label (you pick the flavor), and ship them directly to you and up to two friends. Tell them not to fight over it - Chapul bars will be available soon online (thanks to you, you revolutionary devil).

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    Like the Highlander, there can be only one. Well, only twenty. And we can't promise immortality, just a mighty fine energy bar. But if you are excited about Chapul bars, we want you on our tasting council. We've got big plans for a series of flavors inspired by cultures where insects are a tasty part of the diet, and we could use your advice. When you join our tasting council, you also get a lifelong Chapul "pro deal" for bars and merchandise at only 20% above our wholesale prices. Willy Wonka ain't got nuthin' on Chapul. And yes, we said lifelong. Go nuts.

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    Get inspired, have a blast...and meet Team Chapul. You and a friend join Pat Crowley, our founder and a professional whitewater rafting guide, on a two-day rafting trip in the Southwest. You cover the flights, and the rest is on us - we'll pick you up at the airport, arrange food and all equipment, and guarantee a fun, educational, and safe excursion. We'll arrange exact dates to fit your schedule. And rest assured, we'll bring some Chapul bars along for dessert. Fair warning - you'll probably be stronger, healthier and better looking after an awesome trip like this.

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