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Escape a haunted house before time runs out in this 80s-themed horror/romance game of choice and consequences. Try out the free demo!
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New Cast Announcement + Livestream Today!

Posted by Hope Chapman (PangoDango Games) (Creator)

Wait, isn't this a bit early? Well yes, the next cast announcement was supposed to be for the voice of Danielle once we hit $16,000 and we're not quite there yet, but as luck would have it, this happened on Twitter last night:

So please give a warm welcome to Benjamin Diskin as the voice of Jay! He's so excited to be part of our cast that he spilled the beans as soon as he found out, and we're even more excited to have him on the team. (No more early announcements next time, though! Danielle will be revealed at the next milestone.)

Ben has been in a ton of animated projects from Numbuh One and Numbuh Two in Codename: Kids Next Door, to Eddie Brock and Venom in The Spectacular Spider-Man, to Shoutmon and Cutemon in Digimon Fusion, among dozens of other anime and cartoon credits. You can hear a sample of him as Jay in the player below! Check it out!

Unfortunately, this means that the next cast announcement will be at the $17,000 milestone, since we cheated this time. We'll have a different announcement to share with everyone at the $16,000 mark, along with those promised stretch goals!

Speaking of which, today's special Lovely Little Thieves livestream starts in less than an hour right here! (12 PM PST) Come join us for a demo playthrough, behind-the-scenes Q+A, and a marathon playthrough of Shadow of the Colossus to raise money/awareness for this final stretch of the kickstarter. Thanks for all your support and we can't wait to see you at the stream!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Amdragwyn on

      Great choice. =D

    2. Laura Olivier Riddle on

      Jay: "I don't understand why you're so intent on talking to me..."

      Dawn: "Because you're a awkward, handsome, and seemingly unattainable Britpunk dude that speaks with a deep gravely voice that makes all the ladies want to cuddle you. You may as well ask why the bears chase you when you're covered in honey."

    3. Ben Isaac Diskin on

      ErrrrrrYES! Yes, just as planned, Dar. Oh noes... you caught on to my completely and totally deliberate screw up! Curses. Now everyone will know the truth. Ehhh...Darn youuuu!

      (Hope, I think they're buying it! I'm cleverly using Dar's comment to make myself NOT seem like a dipsh*t with no self control. I'm a GENIUS!! :-D)

    4. Missing avatar

      Dar Rivkin on

      Pfft how dorky. Oh well, it's appropriate that Jay's announcement will stumble out awkwardly and shuffle it's feet while mumbling apologizes. Good job getting in character!

    5. Hope Chapman (PangoDango Games) Creator on

      It's okay, I'm sure everybody's very happy you let the cat out the bag early. XD

    6. Ben Isaac Diskin on

      Me sorry. Me dumb sometimes. :-(