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High precision, laser cut, acrylic gears mesh and move to create beautiful and enigmatic designs.
High precision, laser cut, acrylic gears mesh and move to create beautiful and enigmatic designs.
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All rewards are sent! Shipping news! Web store starts with a sale!

Posted by Aaron Bleackley (Creator)
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Good News Everyone!

1) All the backer rewards have been finalized and are making their way through the fabrication and shipping process! 

2) The Wild Gears web store is online and ready for business! As a special launch sale I’ve lowered the prices to, or close to, the kickstarter backer prices for those that missed the campain. This sale will be for 5 days only and includes free shipping! When the sale ends shipping will be charged on top of the moderately increased prices. Act fast if you want to take advantage of this deal. 

 I will be continuing to polish the presentation over the next few weeks but I really wanted to get this out there now that I have wrapped up the backer rewards. Please let me know if you have specific suggestions on how I could improve the presentation of the material. 

 The web-store can be found here: 

 3) One of the gear sets that was destined for Canada took a long detour through the UK. I am assured that this is a very rare occurrence. All the backer rewards (except for those including the Strange Shapes Gear Set) should have arrived quite some time ago. If anyone hasn't received their gear sets yet, please let me know and I will look into the tracking numbers and chase down your package. 

4) I spent some of I free time over Christmas designing a 5th gear set. I call it the 12-30 encyclopedic gear set. It is the same size as the compact gear set and contains ~40 gears including gears size 12-30 twice over. There is an A and B design for each gear size. The A and B designs are identical except for that the gear teeth are rotated by ½ tooth relative to the holes in the gear. This means that a hole that is aligned with a tooth in the A gear is aligned with a gap in the B gear. 

 I wanted these gears because when I was making designs that used hypotrochoids and epitrochoids (for example 40-12 ring-gear hyoptrochoid and a 40-12 gear-gear epitrochoid) the symmetry of both designs are the same (10 petals for example) but the epitrochoid would have to be offset from the hypotrochoid by ½ tooth which would create a subtle asymmetry which I could not get rid of (I love asymmetry in my designs, when I choose it). The reason for the offset is because the position on the ring that is a tooth is a gap on the gear. This was a problem because of how I was aligning my gears. The only way to get precise alignment was to use the 40 ring to make the hypotrochoid and then place the 40 gear inside of it then lift the 40 ring up. While it is true that the 40 ring could just be rotated by hand by ½ tooth I can’t do that precisely enough so I made a set of gears to solve the problem. 

4a) This gear set also explores the use of very small (1mm) pen holes. These work very well but do require a more specific type of pen. (Not that specific, I bought mine in a pharmacy stationary section for $3, and they are widely available elsewhere). This feature allowed me to fit more than one pen hole on the small gears :-)

5)  Any further feedback on the gear sets once you've recieved them would be most appreciated.  If there was something I forgot to mention, or they were really different than you expected, or just really awesome, I'd love to hear about it.

Thank-you to everyone that helped make this project a reality!  It has been a lot of work but I think I accomplished all the goals I set out to achieve with this project.  I hope your backer rewards are every bit as awesome as you thought that they'd be.

I may make an update or two in the future with information on future projects or further tips and tricks for using gears.

Take Care,

Aaron Bleackley

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    1. Aaron Bleackley 4-time creator on

      Hello Deborah, I will look into getting you the tracking number four your shipment. Your backer rewards included the strange shapes gear set and as such has only been finalized sometime in the last week so I am not surprised that your gears haven't arrived yet. The should arrive sometime in the next 2 weeks (hopefully less)

    2. Deborah Smith

      Hello. I haven't gotten any of my gears. Please track my package.
      Deborah Smith in Ojai California