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High precision, laser cut, acrylic gears mesh and move to create beautiful and enigmatic designs.
High precision, laser cut, acrylic gears mesh and move to create beautiful and enigmatic designs.
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Some helpful tables and other news

Posted by Aaron Bleackley (Creator)

Happy Holidays, Merry (belated) Christmas, and Happy (early) New Year!

Between the holidays and almost everyone I know moving in December (myself included) the pace of progress has slowed on the final elements of this project.  With that said I am happy to report that I have finalized the Mammoth Gear Set and it is being fabricated now.  The Strange Shapes Gear set is coming together nicely and is in the home stretch.  I expect to be making the second prototype soon.  The project is still on track to deliver all backer rewards by or before February.

I've made some handy tables to go with the gear sets so that if anyone so desires they can consult the documents and determine how many petals (or nodes, or points) any given combination of gears will produce.  I've found it to be increadibly useful to keep on hand once I have an idea and want to do something specific rather than blindly explore.

 After wrestling with the image up-loader for a little while I've accepted its temporary victory.  I'll post better images (possibly pdfs) of the tables and the excel sheet that I used to make the tables soon so that better quality versions are available to everyone.

For those that are interested the excel function I use to make the tables is as follows:


with the rows and columns where I fill in the gear sizes starting at cell C5 and B6.

What that equation does it it calculates the Lowest Common Multiple of the two gears being compared and then divides the LCM by the smaller of the two gears.  This gives the number of 'petals' that each design will have.

When I post the cleaned up excel file I'll include a calculator tab where you can enter any two gears and it will output the number of petals.

In my next post I'll tell you about an unexpected property of 3 gear designs that I discovered last week.

Thank-you for reading,

Take Care,

Aaron Bleackley


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