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Foil the Queen's treachery and rise to power in this solo player variant of the game Feudum!
Foil the Queen's treachery and rise to power in this solo player variant of the game Feudum!
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Feudum Tournament In Saint Louis, Missouri


Hey folks,

Those of you who live near Saint Louis, Missouri might be interested in the "Extra Life" event benefiting the Saint Louis children's Hospital. I am hosting a Feudum tournament there. Here are the details: 

Enter the Feudum Tournament and win a signed copy of Feudum + other prizes during the "Extra Life" event benefiting the Saint Louis Children's Hospital 

Sign up at 10am sharp, Saturday, November 3rd at the Game Nite store located at 8380 Watson Rd. in Saint Louis to guarantee your spot in the tournament hosted by creator Mark Swanson (That's me, haha). Round 1: 10:30am. Final Game: 4pm. REQUIREMENTS: You must know how to play Feudum beforehand. Advancement criteria will vary based on number of participants.

Prizes include: 

  • 1st PLACE: Signed Feudum Big Box + Original Feudum Stretch Goals + Signed Queen’s Army + Queen’s Army Playmat + Metal Coins + Deluxe Wooden Pieces 
  • 2nd PLACE: Signed Feudum Fan KS Edition (Metal Coins Inside) 
  • 3rd PLACE: Signed Queen’s Army + Playmat + Metal Coins. 
  • All Feudum Participants: Royal Chalice Card + Royal Signet Ring Card

Winner Vin d’jeu Game of the Year + 100% Fixed Alter Ego Conquer Cards


Hello friends!

I am continually amazed at how wonderfully engaged this Feudum community has been and continues to be. Your ongoing support and candid feedback has resulted in the following:

Vin d’jeu Game of the Year 2018 

Thanks to your votes and a strong Feudum community in France, Feudum WON Vin d’jeu's Game of the Year—reader's choice! I am honored by this, so thank you!

100% Fixed Alter Ego Conquer Cards 

After reading your comments, I felt horrible that this issue was not completely resolved. So, I decided to reprint six (6) corrected Conquer Cards for the Alter Ego Expansion that will correct all errors. For those that want perfection, a set of 6 cards will be available for FREE, plus the cost of shipping on the Odd Bird Games store in a few months.

Alternatively, I have uploaded two files on Board Game Geek that you may use in lieu of ordering the corrected cards:

Nominated for Game of the Year + Embarrassing Goof


Hey folks, 

I have some exciting news and some rather ridiculous news.  First the exciting news...

Feudum Nominated for Game of the Year—Vote to Win!

Feudum has been nominated for Game of the Year by the Vindjeu, who bestows the title, "Wine of the Year" onto winners in various categories including one selected by you! Would you take a minute to vote for your top 3 games for a chance to win one of 6 prizes!  The ranking is in real time, so you can see how Feudum is doing!  The site is in French, but you can use your browser to translate the page. One vote per person. The deadline is September 18. The results will be published on September 19th. Winners will receive one of 6 prizes: Santorini, Battle for Rokugan, Race to the New Foundland, Lowlands, Project Gaia and Pandemic Rising Water. (Thanks to Asmodée for their support).

Alter Ego Cards exchanged One Error for Another

Now the ridiculous news...Perhaps I shouldn't even mention this in the same post, but oh well.  I'm embarrassed to admit that my good intentions were thwarted by another error. As some of you know, the original Alter Ego Expansion cards failed to include two symbols in the upper right-hand corner of the card. The "Can't play x2" symbol and the "Can't play as last card" symbol.  

Although these symbols are not critical to game play (as the rules state that the cards function exactly like the base game cards), I felt the need to correct this and made the replacement set available to anyone who requested them. Shockingly, the "2/4" veneration points symbol on the left was omitted during the fix.  While my artist Justin Schultz and animator Stephen Noce were both involved, it was ultimately my responsibility to catch these errors, and I failed. In fact, I found the very file that I sent to Stephen, pointing out the icons that Justin had omitted, but alas, you can see I left out the "2/4" symbol.  After spending a considerable amount of time and money on this, I hope that you will understand if I don't reprint these a third time.  Many have mentioned to me that either set is functional, and I hope you concur. I welcome your thoughts and criticisms. Please go easy on me.  : )

Latest Shipping Update from Quartermaster


Chris Obremski from Quartermaster Logistics updated me on shipping late last week. Here is the breakdown for all shipping lanes:

US LANE (QM Logistics) 

  • Shipping began Friday and continues this weekend!  Tracking emails will go out early next week in waves throughout the week.

EU LANE (Spiral Galaxy) 

  • Spiral Galaxy signed for a supplemental shipment from Quartermaster. They should be ready to start shipping too.

AUSTRALIA LANE (Aetherworks) 

  •  Tracking numbers for shipments should be out already.


  • VFI was short a few metal coins, but Panda has since supplemented these. Quartermaster has notified them to begin fulfilling when they are able.

Urgent Shipping Update from Quartermaster Logistics


I typically wait until certain shipping milestones are reached before providing an update, but I feel you deserve to know now. Like you, I have been exceedingly patient with Panda, OTX and now Quartermaster and I am eager to get everything into your hands! 

Vice President of Quartermaster Logistics, Seth Grier spoke with me this morning regarding the shipping status of all orders. He humbly acknowledged that there has been an unexpected delay in receiving and checking-in the order from the port, but that Quartermaster is now on top of it and he is doing everything within his power to expedite this. 

Here is the breakdown for all shipping lanes: 

US LANE (QM Logistics) 

  • Seth explained that it typically takes 7-10 days to arrive to the warehouse from the port in Florida, so this is on the longer end of that range. 
  • Now that Quartermaster has received everything in their warehouse for “check-in,” there is 1 week minimum of pre-fulfillment that includes: Receiving stock, checking for damages, verifying quantity, verifying all address updates, and "test-packs."
  • Once the order is packed and shipped, tracking will be sent out to the customer 

EU LANE (Spiral Galaxy) 

  • Seth confirmed that the shipment has arrived in the U.K., however they are air-shipping a few items from the U.S. as they are a few items short. 
  •  Once, Spiral Galaxy receives, they will send out an email to their customers for a final address verification, and then ship. 

AUSTRALIA LANE (Aetherworks) 

  • Port arrival confirmed 
  • Logistics Coordinator Chris Obremski has reached out for a status report 


  • Port arrival confirmed 
  • Logistics Coordinator Chris Obremski has reached out for a status report