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Set your sails and calibrate your compass! It's time to take these artisan-edition vessels and castles out for a spin!
Set your sails and calibrate your compass! It's time to take these artisan-edition vessels and castles out for a spin!
2,575 backers pledged $155,983 to help bring this project to life.

Roll up your Sleeves...Then, Soar Skyward to $150K!

Posted by Mark Swanson (Creator)

The iridescent foil box sleeve now belongs to all Kickstarter and Spieleschmiede backers! ...Now, look up to the heavens (and $150K) to reach this Metal Airship Stand. 

Etched at the base with the flying machine icon, each stand fits snugly into a 3 mm diameter cavity located underneath the airship. The base is 29 mm wide and 4 mm tall. The rod itself is 39 mm tall.


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    1. Mark Swanson 3-time creator on

      @Jussi-Pekka Jokinen: Yes. I realize it is, but many who were planning on adding additional retail boxes to their pledge now have 1 less metal airship stand to purchase. If you added all the add-on items from the collection manually in the pledge manager, the total is $254, so at $250, you're still saving, even with the redundant airship stand. For many, it's a nice extra to have, just in case they ever want to expand in the future. Plus, it might make a nice future gift to a friend who has the retail version of Rudders. ; )

    2. Jussi-Pekka Jokinen

      Isn't this slightly redundant with the Collection pledge (and only 1 expansion)?

    3. Missing avatar

      Val Ofiesh on

      That would be sweet! Hope we get to the goal.


      Cool. I wasn’t sure about getting the stand because I have a load of plastic ones already. Now I don’t have to worry about it. Well not after we reach $150k.

    5. Missing avatar

      Russell P. Smith on

      Good news, thanks. I may want to pick up still MORE airships later on. Good luck with the last few days of the successful campaign, hope you're very happy with the results!

    6. Mark Swanson 3-time creator on

      @Russel P. Smith: The stands will definitely be available from the Odd Bird Games website, and most likely a number of other online retailers, such as the Game Steward. I will make it available for any retailer that is interested in stocking it (along with the Tracking Dice!).

    7. Mark Swanson 3-time creator on

      @adcenturo and @Trey Elliott: The single stand is a $3 MSRP value that will come with the KS edition as a Kickstarter reward! It will ALSO be an add on for those that want additional stands. If you MUST have stands, then this is one less to purchase because it is free. : )

    8. Missing avatar

      Russell P. Smith on

      Mark, thanks for this. Have you decided whether these stands will also be available in retail later?

    9. Mark Swanson 3-time creator on

      @Kyle Goines: I am happy with the current rules and the number of Royal Writs in the game.

    10. Trey Elliott

      So this is going from an add-on to something that’s included? Will the 3-pack pledge come with one stand or three? Thanks!

    11. adventuro on

      so i suppose for 3xR&R pledge there will only be 1 of this stand included?

    12. Kyle Goines on

      I thought you said more gameplay??