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Set your sails and calibrate your compass! It's time to take these artisan-edition vessels and castles out for a spin!
Set your sails and calibrate your compass! It's time to take these artisan-edition vessels and castles out for a spin!
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Royal Guards Upgraded!…. Onto the 6th Player Wine Barrel!

Posted by Mark Swanson (Creator)

Deluxe Royal Guard

Congratulations. Now your royal guards will be clad in the golden armor they deserve! NOTE: The upgraded markers will be included with the expansion's standard wooden markers.

6th Player Wine Barrel

It appears as if a rathole leads to a new wine chamber within the cellar! Finally, a 6th player may preserve his or her wine in style with this 2mm punchboard wine barrel! NOTE: Justin and I realized that many of you opting not to purchase the neoprene mat would still want a 6th barrel for yourselves! Now you can have your cake and eat it to…as long as the rats don’t get to it first.


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    1. Mr. Tananka on

      Hello Mark,
      I am new to feudum and I am all in with the "collection" : Am I right saying I need : 3 additional windmills, 2 additional rudders and rampart extension to get all accesories ? How many royal gard I need in addition to face any situation ? and do I need fixed alter ego cards in this pack or is this already fixed? anything else ?

      Tks for your promt answer , as usual :D

    2. Mark Swanson 3-time creator on

      @Clint Walker! I should hire you. Haha. Okay, I'll remember next time.

    3. Missing avatar

      Clint Walker

      Hey Mark, thanks for including info on the next SG. You missing the 2nd most important part of that besides what the name of the goal is... the amount! :) haha I’m sure it’s on the campaign page but when new goals are announced in updates they should def contained so I dot. Have revisit the page again since it could just be included in the update. Well that’s my 2 cents haha :P

    4. Mark Swanson 3-time creator on

      @Bruce Monson. The game is for ages 12+.... So players only get "tipsy" in this game.

    5. Bruce Monson on

      More wine... PUH..., a beer keg would have been my preference... LOL


      @Mark; I guess I couldn’t hurt to have the option. That being said, it seems like the value of the royal guards is in their scarcity. 🤔

    7. Mark Swanson 3-time creator on

      *...cake and eat it too

    8. Mark Swanson 3-time creator on

      @DropDeadCriminal: Wow. I hadn't even thought of this. Will this be something people want?

    9. DropDeadCriminal

      So since the 3 pack only includes one set of stretch goals, will there be an add on for extra upgraded guards?


      Well, it’s not 3D squirrels, but very useful none the less.

    11. Mark Swanson 3-time creator on

      @Daniel: I just clarified that it will be 2mm punchboard. : )

    12. dvieu on

      is this supposed to be a riddle? Does this mean you will be including a punchboard sixth wine barrel?