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Optimize your hand, leverage your resources & compete for guild status in a fantastical realm for 2-5 players!
Optimize your hand, leverage your resources & compete for guild status in a fantastical realm for 2-5 players!
Optimize your hand, leverage your resources & compete for guild status in a fantastical realm for 2-5 players!
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    1. Ken the friendly gamer
      just now

      Thanks Mark. Can't wait to see the game

    2. Mark Swanson Creator about 2 hours ago

      @one_who_feeds: The visage of the not-so-innocent queen is actually on the back of the box, haha.. The Queen's Army extends the main mural even further and features the dissident soldier, Sir Marcus and the royal mount, Atticus. When you read the continuing narrative (found at the end of each rulebook), you'll see that he is very much aware of the Queen's treachery. As for the upcoming campaign, yes! Newcomers who order the Queen's Army will be able to order the base game and any expansion add-ons. These add-ons will NOT feature original KS campaign pricing or stretch goals, but there will still be some attractive bundles. The Queen's Army will have its own set of stretch goals, naturally.

    3. Mark Swanson Creator about 2 hours ago

      @Chris Warr. Gathering all files for Tabletopia is on my artist's list of things to do! : )

    4. Mark Swanson Creator about 2 hours ago

      @Ken the friendly gamer. A few updates ago, Panda informed me that backer shipping will happen October to November. My final quantities to Panda are due July 1st. As for the actual pieces, I've asked my artist to send me some photos! (I shipped them to him recently for feedback). Additionally, my own PPC copy is coming soon. : )

    5. one_who_feeds about 11 hours ago

      Thanks for an update mark. Wouldn't it be better to put this "innocent" face on the Queen's Army box -> ( ?

      Also, I've read on boardgamegeek that basic game will be available during next kickstarter as an add-on. How about expansions : Windmills/Seals/Alter Ego ? Do You think about adding them as an add-ons during KS ?

    6. Chris Warr about 12 hours ago

      Also: Tabletopia?!

    7. Ken the friendly gamer
      about 19 hours ago

      Mark does October still sound possible as most other campaigns would have the final numbers already ordered already. Also when can we see what the pieces will look like as that has been promised for a while now. Thanks for the update so far

    8. Mark Swanson Creator about 22 hours ago

      Hello folks! Update in the works now.

    9. Missing avatar

      joshua hammer 1 day ago

      Agree with the others that an update on production would be appreciated. Radio silence is worrying.

    10. Evan Saunders 1 day ago

      @creator Any updates?

    11. Pawel F 5 days ago

      @Joshua Ross , I totally agree ! would love to know "where we are" . Also would appreaciate a weekly or every 2 weeks an update that would say "nothing to report, everything going according to plan" .

    12. Joshua Ross
      5 days ago

      @ Mark Usually no news is good news at this point, but would you mind giving a brief update as to how everything stands today? Based on the timeline given in your last update, Pre-Production should've wrapped up at the beginning of the month, and we should now be halfway through Mass Production. Is that where we are? Thanks, and please let us know. =)

    13. Bilal on June 14

      @Mark Swanson Thanks! Will keep an eye out for the promo cards :)

    14. Mark Swanson Creator on June 14

      Hello @Bilal. Here's the card breakdown! Stretch Goal/Promo cards are visible here:…

      Feudum (basegame)
      - 55 Action Cards
      - 16 Royal Writs
      - 11 stretch goal cards (Feudum Kickstarter) (extra packs of 11 available on BGG store in the future)

      Windmills & Catapults expansion
      - 2 royal writ cards

      Seals & Sirens expansion
      - 1 royal writ card

      Alter Ego expansion
      - 36 alternate action cards

      Squirrels & Conifers
      - 3 "rule" cards

      TOTAL: 124 total cards for the Feudum KS campaign including expansions

      Man vs. Meeple Kickstarter Campaign
      - 1 royal chalice card (extras available on BGG Store in the future)

      GTS Distrubtion
      - 1 royal signet ring card (extras available on BGG Store in the future)

      The Queen's Army expansion (Future Kickstarter Campaign)
      - 50 cards in the Automa Deck
      - 1 Atticus Stretch Goal Card (extras available on BGG Store in the future)

    15. Bilal on June 14

      I am glad production is progressing apace :)

      I may be wrong, but 132 is the total number of cards including expansions and stretch goals?

    16. Mark Swanson Creator on June 11

      @Chad Phares, I am to receive a second round of figures from Panda this coming week! I'll be posting this then!

    17. Mark Swanson Creator on June 11

      @Lars Mallach.. I'm going to GenCon and will have a full-color Panda PPC copy that I'll be playing with folks. I'll post my whereabouts on Facebook and BGG, as we get closer.

    18. Mark Swanson Creator on June 11

      @Chris Warr, Justin knows about making files available for Tabletopia! It's on his "to do" list. It got sidetracked by the Queen's Army a little, but it will happen soon!

    19. Alexander Kermani on June 8

      I keep thinking about this game. So anxious to get it. October/November feels like too long to wait. If you get a sudden urge to ship me a copy early, don't let my pessimism dissuade you from doing so.

    20. Chad Phares on June 5

      Do we have any update on how pre-production went/is going?

    21. AgntOrenge
      on May 30

      Anything happening at GenCon for Feudum?

    22. Chris Warr on May 25

      @Sarah I know, I can't wait either!
      @Mark how long until Tabletopia?

    23. Missing avatar

      Sarah Herling on May 25

      I dunno if I can wait until October or whenever!!!!!!!!!! I want to game!!!!!!

    24. Mark Swanson Creator on May 22

      @Bruce, more great questions. The game is intended for solo play, however, the robot player may very well work with multiple players. I have recently asked my developers to playtest this. I do not have plans for a PnP option at the moment.

    25. Mark Swanson Creator on May 22

      Hello @Bruce! Great questions! Originally, I had no intension to create a solo variant, but I received so much interest, that I investigated the best way to accomplish this task. I did not want to rush it! Instead, I sought the expertise of a seasoned developer. While the end result will indeed be an "Automa Deck" and some additional components, it is still a considerable effort that requires time, not to mention an investment in new artwork, developers and playtesters. Therefore, it will be on a completely different development cycle than the base game. This upcoming launch will also enable me to explore localization partnerships with companies from Germany, Spain and Italy, which will allow more people from around the world to enjoy the game in their language.

    26. darkbaboon on May 19

      So stoked for the expansion. I'm really glad that Mark is pushing ahead with it rather than arbitrarily waiting a year. Hope there won't be much time between delivery of the base game and delivery of the expansion.

    27. Missing avatar

      Bruce Monson on May 18

      Some questions:

      * Will the Queen's Army expansion also fit in the Big Box?
      * Is the Queen's Army only for solo play? Could it possibly be used as an Ai player in 2-player games?
      * Will there be a PnP option for current KS people so we can test it out?

    28. Missing avatar

      Bruce Monson on May 18

      Geez, after seeing this so-called Queen's Army expansion suddenly show up on BGG which tells me there's going to be another Kickstarter done for it this summer! HUH? There's even a BGG game link already established for it! I came over here looking for some information since it's the first I've heard of it! Looked through Updates and still didn't see anything. Had to sort through the comments to finally find some chatter. I have been all-in on this game from the beginning, but this just isn't cool. "The development notes" in the BGG page ( suggest the expansion is just an "automa deck" (i.e., cards). Is that so? If so, why not just print the cards along with the other game cards and offer the 'expansion' to us now? Why do you need a whole new Kickstarter?

    29. Mark Swanson Creator on May 15

      Hello @Tim Deschacht. I tollllllllllld you so, hahaha..... Technically, you are "locked-down" and "paid" and it requires some finessing...However, if you private message me, I can work with you and backerkit to get you these fine expansion boxes. : )

    30. Missing avatar

      Tim Deschacht on May 15

      Still possible to upgrade my pledge? Made the foolish mistake of taking the big box, but have fallen in love with the art of the expansion boxes...

    31. Missing avatar

      necodamus on May 14

      @Mark thanks! Glad to hear everything is moving along well.

    32. Mark Swanson Creator on May 14

      @Necodamus, I'll post an update right now on that!

    33. Mark Swanson Creator on May 14

      @darkbaboon, I'll ask Backerkit if you can pay by money cannon, haha.

    34. Missing avatar

      necodamus on May 11

      @mark how is the production going otherwise? What things still need to be decided on? Are parts being produced? What stage of development is everything at? Thanks!

    35. darkbaboon on May 9

      @Mark; I'm assuming that it's okay to pay by money cannon. Credit Cards are fine, but the money cannon is the only payment method that satisfies the pure aggression with which I want to buy Queens army.

    36. Mark Swanson Creator on May 9

      @Russell P. Smith: Thanks for your kind words! Yes, I am still enjoying the process! I've gained so much insight into every aspect of this industry, not the least of which is customer relations. The net takeaway has been a positive for me...and I hope that my sincerity, transparency and continued commitment reflects positively on my brand.

    37. Mark Swanson Creator on May 9

      @Brain. I hear ya Brian. I have only responded to two requests to offer feudum exclusives outside the campaign. Some backers responded to the Man vs. Meeple campaign because of the exclusivity of the royal chalice, so I don't want to diminish the intent of the promo or undermine their effort. I think it's fair to provide advanced BGG notice. If you'd like to private message me, I'm happy to talk to you more about it. I do not want you to be exasperated, so please contact me. : )

    38. Missing avatar

      Russell P. Smith on May 9

      @Mark, thank you, that will give backers a warning to start watching for the BGG store's monthly announcement of refreshed stock. With a little luck those of us who want them will be first in line! I'm sure it's a lot of work to continually shepherd this project along, so I hope you're still enjoying the process. Good luck.

    39. Brian on May 9

      @Mark, given that I'm $180 into the game already and likely going to get the solo expansion, is there a possibility that you could include a run of the promos in the solo. At some point I feel like the original backers don't need to be milked dry, and should feel like they have 'the complete game'. Getting first dibs on BGG is kinda like --- ehh --- idunno still feeling cheated I guess. I'm really really looking forward to feudum, and every time I see that I need to jump through hoops to get components ... my internal reaction is some sort of disgust/exasperation --- which is not how I want to feel about this game

    40. Mark Swanson Creator on May 9

      @darkbaboon: Your wife's logic is sound....but, wait till you see the Kickstarter page for the Queen's Army..... ; )

    41. Mark Swanson Creator on May 9

      @Maple: I will notify my original backers first when the Royal Signet Ring and the Royal Chalice appear on the BGG store. These are the only two promo cards i have made available outside the kickstarter campaign. As you know, the Chalice was part of Man vs. Meeple's Kickstarter. The Royal Signet Ring is based on some good will I have with GTS distribution. The other card you might see is the "Atticus" card, which will be part of the Queen's Army summer Kickstarter campaign. If by "weird" you mean, atypical....I plead guilty! I was not planning to offer a solo variant, but soooo many backers contacted me about this, that I starting investigating what it would take. Because of serendipitous meeting with J.R. Honeycutt at BGGCON (JR was the lead solo variant developer on Tesla vs. Edison: Powering Up!), I decided to jump in with both feet sooner, rather than later! With dedicated expertise behind development, I now have the confidence that we are creating something of real value! I thought about waiting till next year to launch the campaign, but i reasoned that backers may not want to wait this long. : )

    42. Mark Swanson Creator on May 9

      @Andreas Widder: Most backers are currently "locked down" and "paid," BUT.... you may STILL make changes to your shipping address. If you lost your survey email, just visit this survey recovery page: Here, you can can enter your email address to receive another survey link.

    43. Mark Swanson Creator on May 9

      @Russell P. Smith: Great suggestion. One way I can do this is to give backers first notice of when Board Game Geek will offer the overruns of the promo cards on the BGG store. The 11 Kickstarter Cards (which backers already are getting) will be grouped in a pack. However, I will give you first notification when the Royal Chalice and Royal Signet Ring cards go up. The Atticus card will be associated with this summer's solo variant Kickstarter: The Queen's Army.

    44. Jess Turner
      on May 9

      @Maple Are you talking about The Queen's Army expansion? It is the solo play game with automa decks that Mark has been working on at many of our requests.

    45. darkbaboon on May 8

      My wife: you're not going to buy an expansion for that game before you even get the base game are you?
      Me: what?! Do you really think I'm that irresponsible? (Continues to load money cannon)

    46. BGN
      on May 8

      Bunch of interesting stuff was added by someone to BoardGameGeek.

      Namely there's a new promo for Feudum that apparently is not available from this Kickstarter (called Royal Signet Ring, for GTS distribution). Why isn't this available for backers of this campaign that made it all possible?

      Secondly a new expansion is listed (which has been mentioned here before) together with promo cards and apparently to be funded before Feudum itself is done. This is a little strange, to be honest :/

    47. Missing avatar

      Eden on May 6

      Hi! Spanish rules are ready? When It are ready... Where can i take them? Thanks a lot for everything i cant wait for Play this awesome boardgame

    48. Andreas Widder on May 4

      Hi Mark. As you collected the shipping money some days ago I wanted to ask if it's possible to still make address changes through the pledge manager. In my case I'm just changing houses in the same city. Thank's, looking forward to the game :)

    49. Missing avatar

      Russell P. Smith on May 3

      Hi Mark. Certainly appreciate your answer and all that you're doing. One request: when you make any limited extras available, would you consider making a special first notice / offer of some sort to your Kickstarter backers here, who helped bring the dream to life? Speaking as one of the all-in folks, I started right away looking to have the "complete Feudum collection". Not a problem if it's not possible of course, but just one request from a very pleased backer. Thank you and good luck with the Queen's Army, looking forward to that too!

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