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Optimize your hand, leverage your resources & compete for guild status in a fantastical realm for 2-5 players!
Optimize your hand, leverage your resources & compete for guild status in a fantastical realm for 2-5 players!
Optimize your hand, leverage your resources & compete for guild status in a fantastical realm for 2-5 players!
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    1. Tom Paulussen just now

      @Jonata: Not answering a simple question in a total of 9 days is not considered doing your best in my vocabulary. I love the game, and looking forward to it, but this communication issue is bursting my bubble.

    2. Jonata Araujo 2 days ago

      @Tom Paulussen, I think Mark is already doing the best that he can. Here is the thing: it doesn't depend on him but the manufacturer. Something that only now I learned is that Kickstarter projects have an intrinsic risk that we must be willing to take - which is the reason they are released on Kickstarter instead of direct traditional production. It hurts me too waiting for the game, considering that I am not able to update my address for personal reasons and I will surely have extra troubles and expenses because of the unexpected delay. =(

    3. Tom Paulussen 2 days ago

      @Mark Swanson: Why do you only respond to Ken? Please see my question below.

    4. Daniel 3 days ago

      @Ken if that's true that is really sad. You say you have backed other KS that you have seen Panda pushing back the timelines as well? What projects specifically are you referring to? David has addressed this by saying that he couldn't finish the game in the new time frame if they were starting from scratch, but that doesn't exclude putting our project lower down the line in production in favor of other projects. I wonder how he would reply to that question. I still am not clear what made such a long delay.

    5. Ken (was the friendly gamer)
      3 days ago

      @Daniel I’m thinking not good. I’m part of other campaigns and the factories in china are doing this too all small publishers-pushing them out to next year because of the holiday rush and what they perceive is the better investment. I don’t think this is Marks fault anymore at all. I think he truly is trying but Panda is playing favorites right now and I’m guessing Mark isn’t there yet. Panda has a lot on their plates and this isn’t the only campaign they are screwing.

    6. Daniel 4 days ago

      @mark how did the conference call go?

    7. Mark Swanson 2-time creator 5 days ago

      @Ken (was the friendly gamer), you are absolutely right. you are long overdue for an update. I have requested a conference call with David from Panda on Monday. To be frank, I am as eager as you are to receive an update.

    8. Bigduke6 7 days ago

      @Kevin Garnica - Yes it does. Squirrels and Conifers is one of the free stretch goals for all backers :)
      No need to pre-order

    9. Missing avatar

      Kevin Garnica on November 11

      Does the $83 pledge level come with the Squirrels and Conifers mini-expansion? Just need to know if should pre-order it.

    10. Ken (was the friendly gamer)
      on November 9

      @Mark a week has gone by since your wedding and two weeks since Essen. We have been very patient and we really should have an update. Thank you

    11. Tom Paulussen on November 9

      *edit: to upgrade my pledge to a feudum friend

    12. Tom Paulussen on November 9

      @Mark: now that a few months of delay are eminent, any chance to still add some expansions in my pledge? Looks fair to me that that also widens up a bit more then.

    13. Daniel on November 9

      @heavy cardboard has a copy?

    14. Daniel on November 9

      @pandagm a month is a long time to wait to hear a deadline we have to wait for a game. Any progress on the things you needed to nail down before you could give us a more accurate production date. So then we can wait for the production then for the boats, to then wait for the delivery to the warehouse, then the distributor, then for processing, then for carrier?

    15. Brian on November 8

      Heavy Cardboard announces when they'll do their review (last wk nov or first wk dec) -…

    16. Pete Thane on November 6

      The Man vs Meeple Royal Chalice promo card arrived this morning, now I just need the game to use it with!

    17. Ken (was the friendly gamer)
      on November 4

      @Mark that was why I was requesting an update from Dave at Panda. He was the one that said he’d be providing it soon. Hopefully he gave you a schedule for us...enjoy the wedding.

    18. Mark Swanson 2-time creator on November 3

      @Ken (was the friendly gamer), Believe it or not, I have not had a moment of time to post updates. I've been playing catch up from Essen (Working potential Russian, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese localization partnerships...and met a cool Croatian Ap development team that wants to do an App for Feudum). Also, I'll be in the car for two days. Driving down to Jackson, Mississippi to go to my artist Justin's wedding. I hope to give more updates and post more photos soon. Oh, also, I'm upgrading my computer this morning, and will be without it for half a day. Ahhhh!

    19. Ken (was the friendly gamer)
      on November 2

      Hello David. Any update?? Essen ended 5 days ago.........Mark we shall start busting his chops also now with you....

    20. Brian on November 1

      yeah, the world was silent from gencon too :(

    21. Rune Raabo Walker Larsen on November 1

      Really no videos from Essen for this great game at all??? Was there a filming ban or something? I have been trawling YouTube after a glimpse. And so unbeleivable many different other games appear. But no Feudum. Really would be great to see some multiplayer footage from this one.

    22. Missing avatar

      Joakim Glimsjö on October 30

      @Mark, Nice seeing you (and my soon to be favorite game) in Essen. Everything was just beautiful! I really respect you for taking your time with this, it will be well worth the wait.

    23. Maurice Lutterot on October 27

      Great to have met you in Essen, Mark. I was also very happy to see that the game looked even better in real life than on the pictures.

    24. Tom Paulussen on October 27

      @Mark: I wnet to Essen Spiel yesterday, but only saw the table with the boxes at your booth (afternoon time). Too bad, It would've been great to talk about the game and see a prototype version irl.

      Now that the date has been pushed forward, any possibility that I can add some expansions? I have a bit more resources now than I had a few months ago.

    25. pandagm Collaborator
      on October 27

      Hi Feudum Backers. David from Panda here. I just wanted to keep you all updated that we're still working hard to finalize the timeline. There are still a couple of things we need to nail down before we can provide an accurate ship date, and we don't want to set expectations until we know that date. We appreciate everyone's patience. I can assure you we're working every day to keep things moving and we'll have a ship date for you soon.

    26. SirAyme on October 24

      If @Mark is ok with it :)

    27. Rune Raabo Walker Larsen on October 23

      Anyone going to Essen please video from a multiplayer demo game??? Would be awesome!

    28. Il Porcellino on October 22

      Thanks for checking in, Mark. Looking forward to a new timeline. Still just as hyped about the game as when I first read through the campaign pages.

    29. Mark Swanson 2-time creator on October 22

      @Daniel, @Rune Praest, @ Victor Pluntky…. every other day, I check in with David from Panda and push for the new production timeline. It is imminent. : )

      @Maurice, This was actually a tough decision for me. I don’t like adding unnecessary fiddly punchboard to the board, so the rules state that the 6th player’s row of influence markers rides above the top row in the Knight Guild, and his sulfur cubes occupy the floor of the wine cellar next to the rat (as if some of the sulfur used to preserve wine had dropped on the floor).

      @Rune Praest, you can go back into your survey (pledge manager) and change your address for just a little while longer. If you lost your survey email, you can enter your email to receive another survey link at this recovery page:

      @Ken (was the friendly gamer), Haha, now worries. I can take it. Sometimes it’s good to vent when frustrated. Also, complete backer honesty helps me get to the problem (and hopefully the solution) faster.

      @Keven Garnica, The “Big Box” does not come with the metal coins or wooden targets/rosary beads. The original campaign has been locked down and quantities set. However, you may order coins and other accessories separately at the preorder store: And thanks for your kind words!

      @Brian, If you visit you can see lots of Meeple Realty Insert photos “loaded with components.” : )

    30. Rune Praest on October 19

      How come there is no answer regarding unlocking of addresses in face of the delay? I'm getting anxious over here.

    31. Victor Pluntky on October 18

      Do we have a new ETA for this?

    32. Daniel on October 16

      @mark you have spoken to David, can we get another update on what was discussed? Particularly the time line?

    33. Bigduke6 on October 16

      @Kevin - from the Windmills and Cataputs rules which adds the sixth player
      "If there is a 6th player, add a 6th row
      of markers at the knight guild, and use the wine cellar floor near the rat for that player’s sulfur storage."

    34. Missing avatar

      Kevin Garnica on October 16

      Hi Mark, one more question: the expansion that adds the 6th player -- Where are they gonna put their "wine barrels"? I didn't an overlay for the game board with a 6th player spot or anything...

    35. Maurice Lutterot on October 13

      @Mark, thanks for the additional explanations here and in the update comment section. Good to hear David and you are working on it. Looking forward to the next update and to seeing the game in Essen.

    36. Rune Praest on October 13

      So, how do I change my address?

    37. Juan V
      on October 13

      Thanks Mark, given that answer, I wouldn't mind waiting whatever it takes.

    38. Ken (was the friendly gamer)
      on October 12

      Thank you Mark- Sorry I caused you some issues with my questions and statements earlier. I do have to say you have always been honest and forthright through this whole campaign. DIdn’t mean to get so upset earlier as I was seriously disappointed as well. I look forward to the completed project and thank you for you candor.

    39. Missing avatar

      Kevin Garnica on October 12

      Hi Mark,

      I have a question about my pledge: I pledged the "Big Box" game with all the expansions (minus their boxes). But I'm wondering if it comes with the metal coins and wooden targets/rosary beads etc. If not, is it possible to upgrade and get those as well? Would I get both cardboard AND wood, or one or the other? Let me know what's possible and what isn't. I appreciate it. Thanks, and still very much looking forward to your "work of art"! :)

    40. Brian on October 12

      Got all the boxes to make the mural. Getting the colors correct is worth the wait. My copy of apotheca was sadly super 'muddy', money in fields of green wasn't close to centered and unfair came with the cards miscut by 1mm, allowing the deck to be in unshuffled. I can wait for a perfect game. Though some insert photos loaded with components wouldn't hurt �

    41. Mark Swanson 2-time creator on October 11

      @Jim McBride, thank you. : )

    42. Mark Swanson 2-time creator on October 11

      @Maurice Lutterot, you ask very fair questions. When I received a PPC (Prototype Production Copy), I had to go through a long list of approvals. (I posted images of the PPC in an update). At that time, there were some things that needed correcting, but nothing that seemed to alarm Panda. (inconsistent corner radius on punchboard pieces, exact Pantone color matching, all 3 language rule cards in Squirrels & Confiers, Consistency in the painting on resin pieces, etc.) Between this time and the time I received the MPC (Mass Produced Copy), Panda communicated to me that they underestimated production and there would be a delay. To make matters even more complicated, some of the items identified as problematic during the PPC stage, were not corrected in the MPC stage. David and I talked again today about these items. The goal has always been to create a work of art.

    43. Mark Swanson 2-time creator on October 11

      *was NOT to hide...

    44. Mark Swanson 2-time creator on October 11

      @Juan V, I would never lie. And, my intention was to hide behind Panda’s post (in a cowardly fashion), but to give backers a direct line to the manufacturer. Panda felt so bad about disappointing my backers that they offered this. (They rarely do this). So, I beseech you to put the best construction on our intensions. You are correct, loss of Christmas sales are in play for me, but right now, my original backers are my chief concern. Your support is the most valuable to me and the thing of which I am (and will always be) most grateful.

    45. Mark Swanson 2-time creator on October 11

      @SlashDoctor, I assure you, I always relayed exactly what Panda communicated. I was just as surprised as you when Panda communicated the delay. It was sudden, and all of Panda customers (not just the “little guys” like me) were affected.

    46. Mark Swanson 2-time creator on October 11

      @Kenton, “Behemoth/Monarchiacal relationship disputes,” haha! Someone has been reading the narrative.

      @Amilcar Piedade, I promise I will deliver (as you put it) a “kick ass” game. : )

      @Otis Comorau and @Jared Greer, thank you. It’s so nice to hear the positive. It puts wind in my sails. : )

      @Ken (was the friendly gamer), I assure you that my concentration on the Queen’s Army was the culprit here. Panda has claimed full responsibility and it was not due in any way to the Queen’s Army. I am fully committed to seeing the progress of both projects every step of the way.

      @SlashDoctor, @Nick Dianatkhah, @II Porcellino, @Raider84 and @Maugli... David Lipman from Panda has committed to providing specific scheduling updates. He just called me today to discuss production improvements with me. (Resin painting consistence, punchboard perfection, box top color accuracy, etc.)

      @Tony Guess, thanks for saying that. I was so disheartened by the delay, but I’m encouraged (and somewhat floored) by the understanding demonstrated by backers. So, thanks for that.

      @Bilal, Saltpeter is a no-brainer, but beyond that, it’s up for grabs in my opinion. I do like sulfur, but I also like wood (landscapes), and sometimes an iron for a quick improvement to a town. Food is never a bad choice either.

      @Chris Warr, Excellent question. Yes, it was a conscious decision on my part for the same reason you state, but reversed. Seeing the goods that others have chosen (and whether they have placed their sulfur in their barrel or are keeping it in their personal supply to be used for a sequential action) helps you make strategic decisions about the initial placement of your pawn.

      @Stewart watt, you can order the coins now off the Queen’s Army KS preorder page.

      @BigDuke6, thanks for your enthusiasm and support. I assembled my own new and improved Meeple Realty Insert a few days ago. It was so well made! I am very very impressed with it. It snaps together so perfectly and tightly. No glue needed.

      @Joseph Pilkus, Thanks for saying that. I promise to host more Learn & Plays soon. I’m in a busy time during the school year, so it’s hard to break free sometimes, but I do enjoy it!

      @Cédric Viguié, at this point, I will only demo the game at Essen. I am not carrying inventory or promos due to the Panda situation. However, they will be available on BGG at some point, and eventually on the odd bird games site, in limited quantities.

      @Thanks Bilal, hosting Tabletopia was a blast! News Flash: The folks from Tabletop Simulator approached me to do a DLC, so stay tuned!

      @Brian, that’s a good idea.

    47. Jim McBride on October 11

      I have to admit that I am a little upset that this will be late, but, having backed a couple of KSs already, I know that it is par for the course.
      I also know that it is par for the course for some people to be very vocal, demanding, and even threatening in their response to that news. In the words of Depeche Mode, "People are people"....and they always will be.
      From what I have seen, I am expecting an incredibly good looking game, and, if it takes a little more time to create that, then I am along for the ride.

      Good job so far, Mark and crew.

    48. Bigduke6 on October 11

      @Juan V - go read the update again. David from Panda is addressing us backers directly and asked Mark to be allowed to do this

    49. Juan V
      on October 11

      @Chris Bowling - In my experience, the worst thing a creator can do is posting contradictory updates, and they know that. Also I don't appreciate the blame shifting implicit in posting an email from a sub contracted company manager. So, when that does happen, I tend to think something is off. I wasn't aware that was childish.

    50. Philip Zwart on October 10

      Personally I would prefer to get the quality that I expect rather than the date that I expected. Give Mark and Panda some breathing room to get it done. Please chill guys, the game is coming.

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