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Optimize your hand, leverage your resources & compete for guild status in a fantastical realm for 2-5 players!
Optimize your hand, leverage your resources & compete for guild status in a fantastical realm for 2-5 players!
Optimize your hand, leverage your resources & compete for guild status in a fantastical realm for 2-5 players!
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    1. Bigduke6 5 days ago

      @Chris - the good thing is as Mark says, they are handily on the back page of the rule book/s

    2. Chris Warr 5 days ago

      I would simply say that, someone seeing the writ card for turning in resources for shillings would probably understand it without needing any other reference.
      However, someone seeing a vessel writ card first, not having seen the shilling one first as a reference, is likely to be pretty confused and will need to ask what it does or check the rule book.
      The rulebook is clear, but the card itself could be a lot clearer, that's all :-)

    3. Mark Swanson 2-time creator 6 days ago

      @Brian, Yes, the ship writ ONLY requires a wood. On the back of the rulebook, under each card, it describes what a player must "turn in" to get the item. And yes, the other ingredients are shown to simply depict the full ingredient set, of which you only need to turn in the goods encased in a square. I realize that the rulebook does not explain the "alchemy" ingredient set, and that in that respect, it is confusing. What seems decipherable to me (and reinforced by the rules), is the clear precedent I've set for turning in the good outlined in the box to realize the reward.

    4. Brian 6 days ago

      @mark, so the writ is providing a discount? and as an an example, the ship writ only requires a wood? -- do you need to posses the other ingredients shown, or are they shown simply to match the production chart description on p18? somewhat confused by this statement: "several of the writ cards show the “ingredients” needed to accomplish an “invention,” but put a square around the ingredient(s) you need to discard to realize it." min 12:00-12:20 does not mention the other ingredients --- this is my big hangup on interpreting the cards. sorry for being dense :P

    5. Mark Swanson 2-time creator 6 days ago

      @Chris War, your comments about iconography are well articulated and noted. I will comment on some of them. The Northern most mountain space may be close to the water, but it does not touch it, nor are there docks on it, like every other location that borders the water. The conquer card not featuring the knights unlimited use of saltpeter was a discussion held by my artist and I. We opted not to include this to keep the card uncluttered, however, I certainly understand your comment. The rules are clear that once epoch 5 is reached, the game is over at the end of the round followed by final scoring. In that sense, epoch 5 is equated to “final scoring,” though a new round does not get played. I do appreciate all of your points, Chris. And, I will consider them during a reprint. Feel free to message me if you’d like to discuss further!

    6. Mark Swanson 2-time creator 6 days ago

      @Brian, the player reference succinctly summarizes every action card. And, as mentioned earlier, the back of the rulebook summarizes every royal writ. The game is language independent, and relies on the player reference and rulebook back for this reason. Additionally, players who learn via audio/visual, will find the complete setup + rules video very helpful:…

    7. Mark Swanson 2-time creator 6 days ago

      @Chris War and @Bigduke6, several of the writ cards show the “ingredients” needed to accomplish an “invention,” but put a square around the ingredient(s) you need to discard to realize it. In the case of the vessels, you need only turn in a single good to finish the invention depicted on the Alchemists chart in his guild. The two with the mixing bowls represent, “Alchemy,” and the “gold” (shillings) you would receive by turning in the goods outlined with a square. I admit, this is stylistic, and potentially confusing, however, the back of the rulebook clarifies each card.

    8. Bigduke6 7 days ago

      Update #44 says Panda's Mass Production would be ending about now in August. So I guess that would be a no to changes

    9. Bigduke6 7 days ago

      Went back and checked some of the updates. #47 says late October but more likely November

    10. Bigduke6 7 days ago

      @Peter - given how close we are to the October delivery estimate it's probably unlikely. But we can hope :) Actually I wonder if we are still on schedule?

    11. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie 7 days ago

      @Chris: I agree! I hope Mark takes feedback into consideration (though I wonder if it's too far into the production progress to do anything). I remember I made some action card suggestions during the campaign.

    12. Brian on August 10

      Indeed, the writ cards are killing me, especially as they compare to the market cards --- the good surrounded by the square icon has totally different meanings between the two cards.

    13. Chris Warr on August 10

      @Peter Bowie while I agree there are plenty of games with less than great symbology, and some that are downright terrible, I would say that a lot of games get it so right that you barely notice that it *is* symbology.
      This game is is going to be one of my favourite games, I am sure, but there are a number design choices and symbology that could have been clearer. Just off the top of my head:
      A not equals sign on the board for the push/pull between the Knight and Noble guilds.
      Marking on the board which spots remain empty when you set up the Merchant & Alchemist guilds in Epoch 3 and at the start of the game.
      The Northern-most location in the Mountain region being too close to the river, which could make you think it can be reached by boat.
      The symbology on the writ cards mentioned previously.
      The Conquer action card missing a lot of information (knights using unlimited saltpeter, the fact that Starve The People removes chickens from the Farmer's guild, the differences between pawn & Feudum conquers etc.)
      The reference card is also missing any reference to removing chickens from Starve The People - there is only 1 little mention of it, in the advanced box for the conquer action, which would be easy to miss/forget.
      Surplus is a little confusing and not explained well.
      The "Dawn of Epoch" scoring, requiring an Epoch 5 in which you don't play. Why not "End of Epoch" scoring over 4 Epochs? It would be functionally identical, without having to explain "it's not really 5 Epochs, you don't play at all in Epoch 5"

    14. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie on August 10

      @Brian: Pretty much every game that uses symbols has that problem. Very few games actually manage to be 100% concise. It's always a bit of a learning experience.

    15. Brian on August 9

      my biggest concern about the game, is if people have to hit the rule book prior to playing any card, the game is going to bog, and they're not going to want to play :(

    16. Brian on August 9

      @Chirs Warr 100% agree that many of the cards have very confusing symbology -- commented to mark about it -- seemed pretty firm on the design : |

    17. Bigduke6 on August 8

      @Chris yeah they probably could have just depicted the one good that is required instead of all three but at least we know for when it comes to teaching to our gaming groups ;)

    18. Chris Warr on August 8

      @Bigduke6 thanks, yeah I worked that out too :-) But in terms of those 2 writ cards themselves, in isolation, the symbology is not clear and the extra goods depicted are superfluous and will just lead to unnecessary confusion, IMHO :-)

    19. Bigduke6 on August 8

      @Chris Warr - I had wondered what the three goods were also, but then realised those are the normal costs of the vessels when purchased from the alchemists guild. See page 18 of rules for the costs. Hope this helps :)

    20. Chris Warr on August 8

      Speaking of symbology, I might as well feed back more about the writ cards, though I appreciate you may not be able to change them at this stage, even if you wanted to!
      But for example, the 2 writ cards to let you turn in goods to get vessels. Unlike the previous case, the rulebook text does make it clear here what the symbology means. However, taken in isolation it's rather confusing. If you're turning in 1 good to get a vessel, why isn't it just that one good pictured below it? Why are *three* goods depicted, 2 of which have nothing to do with what the writ card does?
      The 2 writ cards for turning in goods for shillings are actually easier to understand, because they depict all 5 possible goods and highlight the relevant ones. But again, there is no need to depict the other goods at all - just depict the ones that you need to turn in, like you do on the weapons for example.

    21. Chris Warr on August 8

      Thanks. I'd say that neither the rule book descriptions nor the symbology on the cards make that very clear, if you'd consider revising it?

    22. Mark Swanson 2-time creator on August 8

      @Malarialist, message me privately and i'll see what I can do.

    23. Mark Swanson 2-time creator on August 8

      @Chris Warr, Your assumption is correct. The reward is related to guild in which you achieve at least 3 status stars. If you have achieved this 3 star level in multiple guilds depicted on the card, then this opens up your reward options. But, you only get to choose 1 reward.

    24. Malarialist on August 6

      I suppose it is too late to add on the metal coins and the insert? I have currently pledged for them in the queens army kickstarter, but i suppose that will mean they wont come at the same time as the base game?

    25. Chris Warr on August 5

      Hah, hope it's not too late for the print run :-) I should have noticed it sooner, but it was only when the situation of exactly 10 goods on a farm came up in a test game that I spotted the ambiguity.

      I have a question about the 2 Royal Writ cards that say in the rulebook "Reach 3* in 1 guild to earn..."

      I'm assuming that it must be in one of the 3 guilds depicted on each card, but must the reward be the one for the related guild, or can you choose any of the 3 rewards?

    26. Mark Swanson 2-time creator on August 5

      @Chris Warr, that is the best rulebook catch of the year. It should say, If a farm has 10 or more goods, you may not harvest there again until the farm drops below 10 goods.

    27. Chris Warr on August 5

      The Harvest action in the rulebook says:

      Note: If a farm has MORE THAN 10 goods,
      you may not harvest there again until the
      farm drops BELOW 10 goods.

      The first part implies that with exactly 10 goods, you can still harvest.
      The second part implies that you need to drop *below* 10 goods, so you can not harvest when there are exactly 10.

    28. Mark Swanson 2-time creator on August 5

      @Jim Crimmins, Great question. I love BGG.con… But, I am taking 1 week off from University duties to go to Essen, so it is unlikely I will have a booth there. I may pop down for the weekend with Feudum under my arm. : )

      @Tyler Jenkins, if you message me directly, I can look into your status on backerkit and help you.

      @Bilal, I am adding the silver epoch marker to the add ons in the PM

      @Chris Warr, the rules for the SG cards are only on BGG. Great catches! I fixed.

    29. Chris Warr on August 3

      It's live! Feudum is live on Tabletopia!! Time to play through a test game - so exciting!!

    30. Chris Warr on August 1

      @Mark will there be a printed reference for the Stretch Goal Royal Writ cards, like the one for the base game's 16 in the rule book? If so, has it been finalised?
      I ask because I have a comment about the rules as written on the BGG page for them. Hope it's not too late.

      "2. SEA SERPENT
      This "Sea Serpent" Royal Writ card doubles as an Action Card that you can add to your Action Deck! Once played it remains in play and limits you to 1 less action for all remaining rounds.

      Select a pair of available (non-feudum) location types (outposts, farms or towns) and place them atop your card. These discs function as ruled locations (even without influence markers!). If you control the sea serpent, gain one additional status star in that location type for the purpose of determining your guild status in the Monk and Alchemists Guilds."

      This is confusingly written.

      1. When you say "Select a pair of available... location types" do you mean "Select 2 of the same location type (outpost, farm or town) from those available..."?

      2. "...gain one additional status star in that location type for the purpose of determining your guild status in the Monk and Alchemists Guilds." This doesn't make sense. Either it gives an additional status star for any guilds that care about that location type, or it only gives the additional status star if they are outposts (and thus applies to the Monk & Alchemist guilds only). Which is it?

    31. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie on July 30

      @Martyn: From Mark in the Update comments "When I say "Odd Bird" Promos, I mean, paper promos (such as my Feudum finger puppets), not cards or game you're not missing out on too much. : )"

    32. Missing avatar

      Martyn on July 30

      Is the gencon50 bird promo only obtainable from gencon?

    33. Bigduke6 on July 29

      @Peter - I was trusting Scott's maths :)

    34. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie on July 29

      @Bigduke6: It wouldn't have. He was miscalculating how much QA costs in total. The total to AU on the QA KS - for everything (minus the 1st KS SGs) - is $226.

    35. Bigduke6 on July 29

      @Scott - actually just reread your post further down and it would be cheaper for you to have just gone with QA KS and all the extras to Australia. Wow

    36. Bigduke6 on July 29

      @Scott + Peter - same here to UK. For me original KS + boxed expansions and extras including shipping was 170, adding on the QA including shipping is additional 35. Total 205.
      Trying to get the same stuff just via QA KS totals about 220 depending on shipping.
      So I have saved about 15 lol

    37. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie on July 29

      @Scott: Yeah, the $99 on this (the first) KS has the coins/wooden tokens, with the expansions added manually.

      The new KS is the reverse, with the expansions included, but coins/wooden tokens added separately. So it'd actually cost $214 in the new KS for everything shipped to Australia.

      It also doesn't include Squirrels & Conifers by default (which was a free stretch goal here), so you'd add $12 for that too. Which overall makes this KS + Queen's Army from the second KS a better deal (especially with the exclusives). I think Mark's priced this pretty exactly.

    38. Scott D
      on July 28

      @ Peter. I was a $1 backer but I upgraded to the $99 level.

    39. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie on July 28

      @Scott: Were you on the $99 pledge level here (with coins and wooden pieces), or $59?

    40. Scott D
      on July 27

      Based on actual costs paid thus far.

    41. Scott D
      on July 27

      @ Peter. It would cost me $170 to get everything in QA vs 217 by doing it over 2 campaigns.

    42. Scott D
      on July 27

      @ Peter. It cost more as I didn't do the big box thing. I went separate boxes for the mural. I'll have to look it up and see exactly how much I paid shipping wise in backerkit.

    43. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie on July 27

      @Tyler: You could back Queen's Army at the $19 level and add the other expansions manually.

      @Bilal: Neither did I. No worry, you get an Epoch marker in the Alter Ego expansion anyway.

      @Joshua: Perhaps retail. Otherwise the Queen's Army KS.

    44. Missing avatar

      Joshua on July 27

      Is it too late to add on another copy of the game? I would love to add another but I don't want to wait until May 2018 and the pledge manager is locked!
      If it's too late, does anyone know the fastest way to get a copy of the game other than the first kickstarter?

    45. Bilal on July 27

      Dammit! Just realised I didn't pay $1 for the Silver Epoch Marker :(

    46. Tyler Jenkins on July 27

      This is a stupid thing to have happened, but I swear I upgraded my pledge once we got the pledge manager. I remember saying "Screw this, I should have just done this to start with. I was always going to get all the expansion". However, my pledge says $59. I wonder if there was a problem with my CC and it did not get upgraded. If it is my fault, I think I'll live, but only barely.

    47. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie on July 27

      @Charlie: From Mark in the comments:

      "It would be logistically difficult and costly to store original orders in fulfillment center warehouses for an additional six months before adding the Queen's Army to the order. It's important to move inventory through fulfillment centers quickly and not incur storage costs. I hope you understand."

    48. Charlie Day
      on July 27

      I would really like if there was an option to get Queen's Army combined shipped with my purchase here; $11 more shipping for a $19 is pretty rough and I'd prefer to save some bucks and wait for the whole thing at once.

    49. Missing avatar

      Peter Bowie on July 27

      @Scott: Actually, it'd be $6 more to go all-in from Australia, and that's without the majority of SGs from the first campaign.

      Big Box + QA + S&C + Shipping: $152
      Big Box + SGs (including S&C) + Shipping 1 + QA + Shipping 2: $146

      (Unless the shipping to Australia strongly deviated from what's on the campaign page.)

    50. Scott D
      on July 27

      @ Peter. I'm generally not fussed but I was surprised that if I had of backed this game during the queens army I would have saved a bit on shipping. Queens army starts at $22 to ship to the AU and only goes up by a few $ to go all in with the main game and expansions. here the game cost a bit more for shipping and if you factor in the $22 just to get the expansion, the second campaign is heaps cheaper as a package deal as opposed to what i spent on shipping here.

      Soooo in this instance, im happy for the stretch goals to stay exclusive as it takes some of the pain out of the high shipping for an expansion.

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