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Optimize your hand, leverage your resources & compete for guild status in a fantastical realm for 2-5 players!
Optimize your hand, leverage your resources & compete for guild status in a fantastical realm for 2-5 players!
Optimize your hand, leverage your resources & compete for guild status in a fantastical realm for 2-5 players!
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    1. Celeno just now

      Thanks Mark for the updating! Can't wait to receive my copy with all these cool stuff! I'm preatty sure it will be one of my favorite game!!

    2. Mark Swanson 2-time creator about 4 hours ago

      @Martyn, No....because freight from China to fulfillment centers is happening before then. : )

    3. Missing avatar

      Martyn about 6 hours ago

      Will there be further delays due to the Chinese New Year in mid Feb?

    4. Mark Swanson 2-time creator about 6 hours ago

      @Notnek, @Rev. Bob Matros, @Necodamus, Kelly Johnson, Scott D, Punch Board Therapy… Assembly is finished. Freight schedules are forthcoming! Likely tomorrow. I will post them as soon as I get them! We are still on schedule for End of January/February for backer fulfilment. But specific details to come.

      @Árni Baldur Möller, I look forward Heavy Cardboard’s thoughts too.

      @Miguel Ángel Álvarez Congosto, The KS edition ships with English, German and French rulebooks. Maldito Games will not distribute the Spanish/Italian/Chinese edition until July. However, rulebooks of all three trilingual editions will be downloadable on Board Game Geek.

      @Ben, Thanks! I think you will enjoy. I still plot unique strategies even after well over 100 plays.

      @Chris Warr, Nice. 3 Feudums offsets disloyalty nicely…especially if you merely have a ruler defending them. The risk is that cheaply defended Feudums (no subject influence marker) are easily conquered or taken via more influence markers. I’m glad you liked it!

      @Kevin Garnica, I will be shifting to full MSRP pricing for the Queen’s Army shortly. Any backer or “Late Backer” who purchased the Queen’s Army expansion will receive the Kickstarter edition which includes all the stretch goals including the playmat.

    5. Missing avatar

      Kevin Garnica about 6 hours ago

      Agree with both Kelly and Brian, an update would be very thoughtful. Even just a "games are still coming across the ocean" or "will write a full update on such-and-such date" would be helpful. It took me literally 90 second to write this comment. In terms of communication, this would not be the kind of "relationship" I'd want to be in. :-/

    6. Tom Wells about 9 hours ago

      Others can't seem to get update from Mark but I believe Feudum is going to be played on Heavy Cardboard (first look) tomorrow. Live stream next week.

    7. Punch Board Therapy
      about 18 hours ago

      Looks like he, or someone running the Twitter account is much more active than here, this was posted Jan 1st:

      Happy New Year! 2018 is off to a great start-Feudum ships to our backers in just a few weeks!! If you haven't snagged a copy, you can still pre-order the game and expansions through Feudum: The Queen's Army until Jan. 7 (shipping scheduled for April)

    8. Eric Kaun 1 day ago

      How about an update? "I don't know" is a fine answer for things you don't know. Just an overall status of the various pieces of the pipeline would be lovely.

    9. Brian 2 days ago


    10. Brian 2 days ago

      Cool. They had said last week of w or first week of December, and was bummed to not see it as part of their 24 days of games. Something to look forward to this week though 😀

    11. Árni Baldur Möller 2 days ago

      Heavy Cardboard tweeted that they will be doing their playthrough this week. That’s pretty exciting.

    12. Punch Board Therapy
      3 days ago

      I would be interested in an update as well. The holidays are over and you might be in a new session of classes; if i remember you are a teacher. However, it's been quite a bit of time since the last update. Even if their are no changes it's just good business to check in from time to time. Silence for this long will make people start to worry that something happened, and you just aren't saying anything yet.

    13. Scott D
      3 days ago

      Yeah, I echo some of the comments on here. I have no real idea when this is coming now. I know it’s pretty much finished from what I understand but beyond idea.

    14. Brian 3 days ago

      I agree Kelly, it would be nice if it was a push vs a pull. The engagement w/ this project is sadly not great, which is a bummer, as it's a smaller community of gamers who will likely play this.

    15. Missing avatar

      Kelly Johnson 4 days ago

      Mark, with the most respect possible, my father hand crafts knives for a living. When a project is more than 33% over schedule the consumer expects updates more than once every month. They expect direct and clear communication and transparency. The majority of people in the comments are very kind. I think after investing more than 230k in your project, your consumer's deserve more respect than you are giving them.

    16. Missing avatar

      Kris DeWitt 4 days ago

      I too am excited. this looks so amazing.

    17. necodamus 5 days ago

      Also curious how things are going.

    18. Brian Torrens 6 days ago

      I am also anxious to hear how things are going. I will be attending Breakout in Toronto in March. It would be amazing if I had my copy of Feudum to play at the convention.

    19. Rev. Bob Matros 6 days ago

      I am eager for an update with the New Year. How goes things at this point? How does the current schedule stand?
      Thank you!

    20. Notnek
      7 days ago

      HI Mark, happy New Year!

      Can we expect an update on (or about) the 12th on the assembly? IIRC that should be when it's all done, right? I have to say that this is my most anticipated project and I am very much looking forward to it turning up.

      Grr, arrg! [[insert own optional Behemoth noises here]]

    21. Miguel Ángel Álvarez Congosto on January 3

      Now, that will be published in Spanish by "Maldito Games", will be included the game in Spanish for which we support this kickstarter?

    22. Ben on December 29

      Watched the set-up and how-to-play videos this week. Gotta say I'm getting hyped. Game looks like it will play amazing! Glad I went all-in. Can't wait!

    23. Chris Warr on December 27

      Yay, I finally got to play my first *real* game against a friend (as opposed to test games against myself) on Tabletopia!
      She started well, went into some of the same guilds as me and took control of them, but I came back with 3 Feudums by the end to take control of all 6 guilds! I won 165-123 :-D
      Had fun and I'm delighted that she liked it too, so I will at least have a regular 2-player opponent when I get my physical copy :-D

    24. Missing avatar

      Kevin Garnica on December 22

      If I missed the Queen's Army KS, but pre-ordered it on the Odd Bird website, will I get the player mat, or is that an exclusive KS exclusive? Can I purchase it separately if need be?

      Sorry to ask that here, but I can't leave a comment on the Queen's Army KS page because, you know, I didn't back it. :(

    25. rudy priecinsky
      on December 22

      I'm definitely OK with delay as long as the game will "shine" at the end. Merry Xmas everybody !

    26. Pete Thane on December 22

      @Bijan - I guess you mean Queens Army in which case there is a late pledge button on that still at the moment. There isn't an option to ship QA with a base game pledge and so these will arrive at different times (Army is at pre-production copy stage)

    27. Missing avatar

      on December 17

      Hi is it possiblrme to add the latest expansion to your pledge?

    28. Mark Swanson 2-time creator on December 14

      @Jacob Prettyman and @Ben…. Panda has indicated that they are on track per their last schedule update.

      @JSchauble: Production is over. The only thing they are finishing up is the standard starting player marker. Everything is on schedule per the last Panda update.

      @Brian Torrens: Yes, the game does have a lot going on, but it is cohesive. Once reviewers begin to do “how to play” and “playthrough videos, it’ll be a breeze. I play several times a week still. After hundreds of plays, I still find it quite stimulating as I like to try new things each time.

      @Chris Warr: here’s the last email I got from Kimi from Berserk Games: “Hi Mark,We have some games in the queue ahead of Feudum, so it will be some time. I have no idea of an ETA, especially as we'll be taking a break sometime in December until after the new year. I'd say you're about 4th or 5th in line, but these are ones that haven't even been started yet as we're currently working on 4 others. Once it gets to the top of the queue, I'll let you know!”

      @Nick Dianatkhah: Nick, you can still change your shipping address. If you message me privately, I can also change for you.

      @Brian, Great question. Ideally, you will store the game flat to prevent the components from shifting if you use the Meeple Realty insert. When you include the board, rules and reference cards from multiple languages it is a snug fit; however, there is still some space left. After all, the 2mm and 3mm punchboard sheets will be gone after they are punched out. All that said, I’ve stood it up to display, and then opened to find everything still in its proper place.

      @Brian, the sleeves required are 71 clear “Standard European” sleeves 59 x 92mm. You can order these from lots of places like here:

      @Brian, you are correct. The Royal Starting Player resin piece shown was missing his hand. This was my mistake. The one that will ship will be perfect. : )

      @Tom Paulussen: Yes. I printed additional copies of all expansions for retail. I also doubled the Queen’s Army quantity ordered for retail purposes. I will also have an opportunity to print more based on demand in Q2 of 2018.

      @KingMaple: Panda has indicated that they are on track per their last schedule update.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jacob Prettyman on December 13

      I think its fair to get an update on production since in the past we got up to shipping then found out production wasn't close to being done.

    30. Marionneau on December 12

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    31. JSchauble on December 12

      Well production is supposed to be complete soon. I'd like to know that happened, for example.

    32. Jonata Araujo on December 12

      Well, they communicated that the delivery would not happen until February. So I understand that no news is necessary before that. Besides, it wouldn't make much difference anyway. Let's be patient and wait for the best - and the game does look worthy of the waiting.

    33. JSchauble on December 11

      Agreed. It is fairly common for communication to drop off but it should be better, I think.

    34. Tom Paulussen on December 11

      Postcampaign communication is almost non-existing with this project, that's a shame

    35. Daniel on December 10

      @ben estimated February, realistically I think at least March or after. Read the last post

    36. Ben on December 10

      Has there been any word on delivery date or is it still up in the air?

    37. Brian Torrens on December 8

      I actually just read the rulebook again the other day. This game has a lot going on! I always like games with multiple paths to victory and I think Feudum fits that bill nicely. After re-reading the rulebook I think I have a bit better grasp on how things work, but it will be a lot easier once I have the physical copy in front of me ;-)

    38. Missing avatar

      Steven Cherrill on December 6

      Still really pleased to have backed this project! Game looks so great!

    39. Chris Warr on December 6

      @Mark any news on the progress of a Tabletop Simulator DLC? I bought Tabletop Simulator in the latest Steam Sale. Having played about with it, I think I prefer it to Tabletopia, and I certainly prefer the DLC model to the subscription model. So now all I need is Feudum (and Queen's Army) DLC to play!

    40. Chris Warr on December 6

      @Daniel how do you keep the coins from coming out (in Trickerion)? There's nothing over the top of them. I have to scrunch up a flimsy deck protector sleeve over the top of each half to make sure the coins don't come out.
      Also, I find the prophecy tokens can sometimes come loose in the box if I don't carry it flat.

    41. Missing avatar

      Alberto on December 6

      I've read on last update comments to send a PM to Mark!

    42. Daniel on December 4

      For address change I believe it needs to be done in the backer lit survey page

    43. Daniel on December 4

      Yeah I think Terra was one of their first designs, they keep getting better. I haven't had any issues with the trickerion insert, I do stack it just like in the video, but I guess mileage may vary

    44. Nick Dianatkhah
      on November 30

      I am going to be moving in December. What do I need to do to change my shipping address?

    45. Chris Warr on November 29

      Actually I find with both my Meeple Realty inserts (Terra Mystica and Trickerion) that things *do* move about if you don't keep it horizontal, unfortunately. I too was concerned by this Feudum one relying on a close fit of the board to keep things in place. We'll just have to wait and see.

    46. Daniel on November 29

      @Brian rest assured meeple realty will make an insert that will allow for it to be stored vertically and nothing to shift, they do s great job at planning the whole insert with this option in mind. For sleeves I recommend fantasy flight. Not only are they great, they are the ones meeple realty uses to test for space enough for sleeved cards in their inserts so you will be set on both accounts.

    47. Brian on November 29

      @Daniel, thanks -- I was wondering about a brand recommendation, there seem to be not that many standard euro card sleeve makers (only see two on amazon). I'm not worried about sleeved cards fitting into the MR insert, I'm worried about the tokens at the top of the insert being loose and only held in by the rule book (given that the game box is more or less designed to be displayed upright as a mural/display piece.

    48. Daniel on November 29

      @Brian in the rule book it has the specifications for which sleeves. Meeple realty always makes inserts that fit sleeved cards, they use FFG when they mock it up, and all of their inserts can be stored either vertically or horizontally. I have the arkwright and trickerion inserts and I store all my games sleeved and vertically, these games work great with the inserts

    49. Brian on November 27

      last ? -- given that the idea was for this game to stand up on a shelf as a mural, is the meeple realty insert really going to rely on a pressure fit of the rule book and box to keep the top tokens in or is there a cover not pictured? I know when I stand my boxes up, there's always a bit of creep on lid to base -- and ideally w/ this game, as a decorative piece, I wouldn't have it rubber banded.

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