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Optimize your hand, leverage your resources & compete for guild status in a fantastical realm for 2-5 players!
Optimize your hand, leverage your resources & compete for guild status in a fantastical realm for 2-5 players!
Optimize your hand, leverage your resources & compete for guild status in a fantastical realm for 2-5 players!
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    1. Brian 2 days ago

      *the meeplereality insert

    2. Brian 2 days ago

      @Mark - will the insert accommodate the solo expansion as well?

    3. Missing avatar

      Jared watson 2 days ago

      is it too late to modify quantity of my pledge to 0 and get a refund? I'm excited about this game but i have to move to a new city for work and i'm leaving all of my gaming buddies :(

    4. Missing avatar

      darkbaboon 2 days ago

      Very excited to find out more about Queens army

    5. Brad Scaggs 2 days ago

      Every time I see this page I can't help but think how beautiful the art is.

    6. Mark Swanson Creator 3 days ago

      @Pud, yes. The "big box" is the same size as the normal box and so both accommodate the Meeple Realty insert. (It's technically more of a "stuffed box.") : )

    7. Missing avatar

      Pud 3 days ago

      Does the meeple insert work for big box and normal box?

    8. Mark Swanson Creator 3 days ago

      @Brian Torrens, That's right! Backer demand was fairly crazy for this sooooo, I will be launching a Kickstarter campaign this summer! The automa deck is being developed in collaboration with J.R. Honeycutt―known for his work on Tesla vs Edison: Powering Up!, and localized in Germany with help from our friends at Corax Games! The game rewards wise resource management and requires cunning play to keep the queen's army at bay as it tries to thwart your rise to power. : )

    9. Brian Torrens 3 days ago

      Solo variant? Nice!

    10. Mark Swanson Creator 3 days ago

      @No Games, No Glory: Yes... A few are coming today! :)

    11. Mark Swanson Creator 3 days ago

      Hello, @Chris Warr! My artist has been focussed on preparing all the files for Panda, and...he is 99% done! This took some time because of the French and German translations. But, they are almost finished. At that time, he will turn over files to Tabletopia. The contract with them is signed, so it's just a matter of turning over the art files now... We are close!

    12. Mark Swanson Creator 3 days ago

      Hello, @Jack R. Friedman! This is a good idea. I wish I had more hands, haha! Right now, based on backer demand, i'm very focussed on the solo variant expansion: Feudum: The Queen's Army! However, I will post a few more updates today. : )

    13. Mark Swanson Creator 3 days ago

      Hi @Neil Jones-Rodway! For now, The good folks at Meeple Realty are only able to ship the Meeple Realty insert from within the U.S. and the E.U.* If you are NOT in the U.S. or the E.U., you will incur and be responsible for customs fees. *E.U. countries NOW include: AT, BA, BE, BG, CH, CY, CZ, DE, DK, EE, ES, FI, FR, GB, GR, HU, HR, IE, IT, LT, LU, LV, MT, NL, NO, PL, PT, RO, SE, SI, SK

    14. Ken the friendly gamer
      4 days ago

      Thanks Mark. Look forward to the game

    15. Boy Ashley
      4 days ago

      Can I haz game now?

    16. No Games, No Glory 5 days ago

      So it's been a month, any chance of an update as to how things are progressing?

    17. Chris Warr on April 18

      Regarding Tabletopia, any news yet on what bits of the game are included for free and what requires a Tabletopia subscription?

    18. Missing avatar

      Jack R. Friedman on April 17

      Hi Mark! Unless I've missed it somewhere (mea culpa, if so ...), I was wondering if you created a graphic that shows the progress of everything? Along with Feudum, I recently backed another game, ILLIMAT, on KS, and they put up a pretty cool and simple flow-chart graphic showing progress to finished product ("file submission," "pre production approvals," "production," "ship to warehouses," "backer fulfillment," "general release"). It felt like a very simple way to keep backers informed about the progress without always having to get into the weeds. Anyway, just thought it might be something that would be nice for folks in the community.

      BTW, I never chimed in about the different material options for the figures -- I'm one of those "I trust you to do us right" backers ... Cheers!

    19. Missing avatar

      necodamus on April 16

      The wait continues! Hope things are going well. Still excited to get my hands on the final product.

    20. Neil Jones-Rodway
      on April 14

      There was a question in one of the earlier updates about the Meeple Realty insert than I can't see if it ever got answered or not... is the insert available to Canadians?

    21. Mark Swanson Creator on April 13

      @Joseph K Owens, you have made some very astute observations, and I agree. I would play the base game first. Then, begin to layer in the expansions. They all work seamlessly together. Windmills & Catapults is a subtle change in that 4 of the 8 tiles that are replaced represent a potential food source should players use them to tend landscapes. This reduces the availability of nourishment sources (food and sulfur/wine). Conversely, Seals & Sirens adds a food source, (Seals) but you do have to work for it by spending a guild action and shillings to purchase a vessel, not to mention movement actions to navigate towards the "whirlpool" discs. Even then, you have a 50% chance of encountering a seal, and you are not necessarily assured of harpooning it. In short, it's a high risk/high reward ALTERNATIVE to the harvest action and/or visiting the Merchant guild to purchase food outright. However, even if a seal is acquired, it only lasts till the third epoch, or the end of the game if harpooned during or after third epoch. Additionally, it only nourishes one of your pawns, so there is still ample reason to harvest or purchase goods from the merchant. : )

    22. Mark Swanson Creator on April 13

      @Brian Torrens. I agree. Currently I am on schedule to ship to worldwide fulfillment centers late August/September and then ship to backers in October. The thing that could delay this would be if i was NOT satisfied with the quality of the figures or if there were any problems with the components.

    23. Mark Swanson Creator on April 13

      @zenracer and @Josette Baysdell... Regarding PaxEast, Origins and GenCon....I have not decided. I will definitely be at Essen in October, but I am launching the solo variant on Kickstarter (Feudum: The Queen's Army) this summer. This means, i'm super busy working with J.R. Honeycutt on fine-tuning it, and playtesting. I won't have a booth ready till Essen, so if i go, it would merely be to meet folks and hobnob... which I love doing, but we will see. I'll definitely let folks know.

    24. Mark Swanson Creator on April 13

      @Philip Zwart, thanks for saying that! Panda is showing me resin, stone resin and vinyl for my consideration. This would fit into my per figure budget. I also found two very "high end" solutions that would NOT fit into my budget, but could be offered in a SUPER DELUXE figure set. One is a very high end vinyl solution. $5/$6 per figure MY COST. The other is from an Italian company that uses computer precision milling to carve intricate wooden figures. 7 Euros per figure MY COST. So, as you can see, my dream of super high end figures is not dead... it might just have to manifest itself in a different way.

    25. Mark Swanson Creator on April 13

      @Daniel Cassidy, the PM (pledge manager) is still open for campaign backers to make alterations to their order. On April 28, backer orders will be processed, unless you paid by PayPal (which was charged immediately).

    26. Mark Swanson Creator on April 13

      @Ken the friendly gamer, the Meeple Reatly insert is UNIQUELY designed to fit INSIDE the Feudum insert. This was done on purpose as the insert is part of the ART of the box. I did not want to remove it, so it will be especially sturdy to accommodate the birch insert.

    27. Mark Swanson Creator on April 13

      Hi Folks! Sorry for my hiatus. This professor gig of mine can be.....distracting. : )

    28. Joseph K Owens on April 13

      @Brian Torrens Each of the expansions, with the exception of Alter Ego perhaps, makes it easier to nourish your pawns and thus detracts from the harvesting action and Guild actions pertaining to Lord Brett and Miss Allison. I would recommend, as you have decided, to play a few games before adding the expansion content. I think these early plays provide a more robust understanding of the nuanced guild interactions. Regardless of what players choose to do the decision to add the expansion content has virtually nothing to do with the added complexity. The game has so much going on already that a few extra steps during replenishment will hardly be noticed.

    29. Brian Torrens on April 12

      Thanks for the Squirrel rules! Just a card and pretty easy to incorporate. So tempting to just play the full game with all the expansions right away, but.... I think I will stick to the base game (and squirrels) for my first two games at least.

    30. Erin Anderson on April 12

      @Brian @James Short: I couldn't remember where that was. Thanks!

    31. Brian on April 11

      the dropbox link is in update 15

    32. Missing avatar

      James Short on April 11

      @Brian Torrens If you follow the Download Rules link from the campaign there is a Squirrels .pdf along with the other rules

    33. Brian Torrens on April 11

      I have read all the other rules, but did not see a Squirrel booklet. I also would be very interested in reading how that expansion works. Really anxious to play this game. I hope it makes the October ship date. I may be attending a four day games convention in late October. It would be fantastic if I had this incredible game with me for the event!

    34. Erin Anderson on April 10

      Were there any rules download for the Squirrel expansion?

    35. LosNossos
      on April 10

      Thx AcesofDeath7 :)

    36. AcesofDeath7
      on April 8

      @LosNossos Earlier in the comments Mark stated that there are 136 Euro-sized cards total.

    37. LosNossos
      on April 8

      @mark can you tell us how many cards (base + all expansions) are in this game? and which sleeve size they need? thx in advance :)

    38. Maple
      on April 6

      Any updates regarding the actual production? The mockup is just a home-made thing right? I mean production of the actual end components? Or is the game still in design phase?

    39. Missing avatar

      Pud on April 5

      any estimates on when Feudum is going to be delivered?

    40. Josette Baysdell on April 3

      I scrolled back a ways and couldn't find any details, so I'm asking. Are you going to be at GAMA Origins in June? Do you have a booth? Or will you just be in the board game hall? We go every year, and it would be awesome to stop by to chat or see a prototype.

    41. Alexander Kermani on April 2

      @Daniel Cassidy: It's still open (

    42. Missing avatar

      Daniel Chance on March 31

      @George - It states in the reward section that the FEUDUM FRIEND rewards include the metal coins.

    43. George Lin
      on March 30

      Just noticed that in PM it says FEUDUM FRIEND - This limited-edition of Feudum is stamped in Foil and also upgrades 29 game pieces into wooden King Seals, Rosary Beads & Archery Targets, but doesn't mention the metal coins, hope it is included

    44. Philip Zwart on March 27

      @ Mark, I have six games in various stages of production that I have recently crowdfunded, I have several others in shipping, on the way to me, but this is by far my No 1 most anticipated game. Apply your mind, make well considered decisions regarding production and make Feudum great! We will help where we can.

    45. Daniel Cassidy
      on March 27

      Is the PM still open.

    46. Missing avatar

      Kevin Tavares
      on March 26

      It's hard to get an idea of the box size without anything to give it a sense of scale. Do you have any cats you could place inside the box?

    47. Jan
      on March 25

      Nice look. Can't wait to see it in real life.

    48. Michael on March 25

      Hi, try to make some great illustration all inside the box pleazzz....

    49. Missing avatar

      Raider84 on March 18

      I would prefer wood too

    50. Joshua Ross
      on March 17

      @ Mark looking forward to seeing any stone resin samples you've had produced since this month's update!
      Also, by any chance, have the late pledges managed to push us up and past the $275k spot varnish stretch goal?

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