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Tranqui Yanqui: Crazy Cardboard and Latino Flare in Europe's video poster

An outlandishly colorful character hopes to engage people in Europe, harness their creativity, and orchestrate performance art shows. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on May 12, 2011.

An outlandishly colorful character hopes to engage people in Europe, harness their creativity, and orchestrate performance art shows.

About this project

I want to create artistic performances with people in Zurich, Paris, and Ibiza that utilize my original hand-painted costumes. These shows will showcase the vibrant Miami-Buenos Aires fusion that has come to define my vision, while using new images, ideas, and attitudes directly from participants in these places.

Bringing popular American and Argentine culture together and creating a visual spectacle of it will be the starting point for these shows. By conversing and working directly with those I meet, I want to utilize new iconic elements: painted and developed into wearable art for the performances.These icons might include popular food, hairdos, or legends discovered in these cities.

I have been invited to participate in a show in Zurich, Switzerland, that explores the meeting point of fashion and art, which is where this project will begin. With the contacts I’ve made here, I will create a site-specific performance that uses both dance and music, in addition to my costumes.

The funding that I receive for this project will allow me to purchase art materials and develop the performances over the course of several weeks in these cities. Recycled materials will be used wherever possible, but I will need to purchase paint, paper and other basics in order to realize my goals. Further, this funding will allow me to eat and survive along my journey from Zurich, to Ibiza, to Paris.

I will document each step of the process in the form of sketches, photographs and video, and post them regularly on my blog for people to follow. The shape of each show will be unique, welcoming the opinions offered by those who care to follow their development.

Visit: to learn more

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    I think you're awesome, because really, every dollar counts!

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    Tranqui Shout-Out on my blog. Mad respect and Tranqui love.

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    Tell me your ideas! Get some cool Tranqui stickers and an original T.Y. necklace of your choice. Tranqui-gear for everyone!

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    A one-of-a-kind Tranqui shirt is yours, OR, an original pair of hand-painted Tranqui alpargatas (traditional Argentine shoes). As always, tell me what the tranqui world means to you; I'd love to bring those ideas into the shows!

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    Pick out a shirt or pair of shoes from Tranqui's colorful wardrobe, it's yours! Also, your ideas will directly be incorporated into the costumes created for the shows. An original painting in the form of paper clothing is your reward after the show!

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    An entire costume will be created in your honor. Your ideas will serve as inspiration for at least one of the performances that I create- making you an active part of the artwork. Pick out a Tranqui orginal shirt or shoes for you and a friend as well! Want a Tranqui nickname?... no problem, I'm full of 'em!

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    You did it! Pledge the full amount and Tranqui will lend you his costume, teach you his Tranqui ways, and help you grow the mustache you've always dreamed of. You will, in essence, be Tranqui Yanqui. Take his place in the shows, and the real T.Y. will become nothing more than an onlooker- YOU, my friend, are the NEW TRANQUI.

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