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Intricately detailed 2 story, 8 room pop-up paper house folds flat for storage or travel. Light but sturdy, it is designed for play.
Intricately detailed 2 story, 8 room pop-up paper house folds flat for storage or travel. Light but sturdy, it is designed for play.
Intricately detailed 2 story, 8 room pop-up paper house folds flat for storage or travel. Light but sturdy, it is designed for play.
655 backers pledged $22,090 to help bring this project to life.

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There are only 6 hours left to pledge for the amazing paper puzzle box! At this point, the campaign does not look like it will reach its goal, so you can pledge knowing that you won't be charged a dime -- but it's still worth it for you because I'm planning on giving out free downloads to all my backers -- plus you'll get the intangible (yet very real) benefit of knowing you've made someone (me) feel better.

Scroll down to watch a video of a middle school Rubik's cube champ and other ordinary folk solve the paper puzzle.


Remember, you can also choose a discounted pop-up paper house as your reward, if you'd like an extra one to give to a special friend or child... If the campaign's goal is not reached, I will give Puzzle Box backers the opportunity to get the same discount from my website.

Do you need another house?

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If you love your pop-up paper house and you've been thinking of getting another for someone special, now is the perfect time to stock up. I put my remaining kits on Kickstarter, as a $40 reward for my new project, the Paper Puzzle cube. That is 20% off the retail price for the kit (which includes all the templates cut, scored, and ready to fold, plus the house structure in a solid storage box). Shipping is also discounted, and as an added bonus you'll get one of these wonderful calendar cubes.

I hope to see you again soon!

To find out how all 12 months fit on each cube, watch the short video.

New Project from the creator of the Pop-up Paper House

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Two and a half years ago you backed the pop-up paper house on Kickstarter and last winter I wrote to you about my new project, a mind-blowing paper puzzle cube which can take the form of a Rubik's cube (which you can solve) or a calendar (which magically fits all 12 months on the 6 faces of a cube). I quickly postponed that campaign because I realized my timing was wrong: I needed to deliver the cubes in time for the holidays, because they make perfect end of year gifts for kids, adults, teachers, colleagues or customers. 

The time is right -- NOW!

If this campaign is successful, you will get your rewards for the Holidays. Check out the new campaign! I added lots of videos revealing all the secrets to this incomprehensible box, I improved the rewards, and limited the financial goal to strictly cover the cost of production of your rewards.

I hope you're still enjoying your pop-up paper house! This new project is much easier to make (it takes about 10 seconds to transform the flat card into a 3D puzzle box), but if you like paper engineering you will love this paper puzzle.

I have another reward for you


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Two years ago you bought a house


Remember the pop-up paper house you backed on Kickstarter two years ago? Do you remember journey we went on as I sought to improve and manufacture this challenging paper project? Well, I'm at it again, with another exciting paper project. This one will be much easier for you (and me) to make, but it's still mind blowing: I designed a paper Rubik's cube which actually works! And no, I did not simply recreate the cube with an unsuitable material, instead I completely re-imagined the mechanism. 

Find out how I did it!

You CAN solve this paper puzzle
You CAN solve this paper puzzle

I hope you're still enjoying your pop-up paper house, and I wish you all the best for the Holidays!