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$10,380 pledged of $87,500 goal

Westboro Baptist Church Responds!

I sent a note to Westboro Baptist Church letting them know that we would be bringing our play to Topeka. A screen shot of the note is below. Here is the full text of my note and their polite response.


Sent May 19, 2011

Subject: Play About Teen Homosexuality Coming to Topeka

Dear Westboro Baptist Church,

I'm a playwright and I wanted to let you know that I'm bringing my
play about religion and teen homosexuality to Topeka that I intend to
produce as close as I can get to your church. The play is called The
Bus and I will be bringing it to your area, respectfully -- it is,
however, a play that goes counter to what you preach. My play speaks
to the challenges gay teens face when they encounter intransigent
religious views on homosexuality.

Unlike you, I believe God is accepting of homosexuality and I see his
hand in the fight for gay rights everyday. Like you, I will be
exercising my right to free speech when we come to Kansas.


Jim Lantz, Playwright/Producer


Received May 19, 2011 from

GHF no reply @

James -

We have read of your plans.  We look forward to seeing the fruits of your labor.  Let us know if we can help here in Topeka. 

Unlike you, though, we actually read and believe the Bible on these weighty matters of life and death.  You call it "intransigent"; the Bible calls it steadfast and unmovable. 

Like you, we too see God's Almighty Hand -- in the ongoing and marvelous destruction of this sodomite nation. 

We appreciate your efforts and thanks for writing.

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    1. Susan Thames on May 19, 2011

      Wow, that is totally amazing. Or it's not. It's Jim being Jim and the folks at the church being themselves. Zen teacher Joko Beck says something I like: The one thing you can be sure of is life being exactly what it is. On the other hand, all is change.