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Mini-comics the size of a pack of matches with stories as big as your life.
85 backers pledged $2,164 to help bring this project to life.

I Hope You All Enjoyed the Books & Now on to the Future


Hopefully by now all of you have received your mini-comics & had a chance to check them out. I hope you enjoyed them. I really appreciate your support of the project.

Those of you who had opted for subscriptions as part of your award will be getting three new comics mailed to you in the next couple days. A new issue of REH, a new issue of Worms, & the first issue of Pow Wow. Oddly, now that I’m writing about it I realize that if I were trying to describe Pow Wow it would essentially be a cross between REH & Worms as it’s an auto-bio eldercare book with a cosmic horror edge. Anyone interested in a subscription of course can hop over to to get one.

In other comic news I am launching a charitable work type thing for kid comics (not legally set up as a charity, but about me donating my time, talent, & treasure). Something to encourage parents to help their kids make comics while I handle some of the technical aspects that a parent wouldn’t be likely to figure out on their own. Anyway, here’s more information on that -

I also have a couple new Kickstarter projects running that I thought you might be interested in. One is for me putting comics in bottles to be discovered by future civilizations (okay, maybe just someone walking on the beach) - & the other is for these wooden puzzle boxes I’ve been making -

Thanks for your interest & supporting my work, it means a lot to me.

Brian John Mitchell