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Mini-comics the size of a pack of matches with stories as big as your life.
85 backers pledged $2,164 to help bring this project to life.

More Pictures & More Help

Hey Starz,

If you go to the main page for the Silber Mini-Comics project, you'll see I changed the main image from two comics in my hand to a bunch of comics on my paper cutter that I use to make the things & I also added some pictures of the boxes for the box sets for those of you who were wondering what they would look like.  Kickstarter does allow you to upgrade or swap your perk if you want to change what you are getting.

While my goal for Kickstarter funding was just $300, that was based on how much it would take to do things like get the boxes for the box sets & the toner for my printer.  My personal goal for the project was $1000 & 50 supporters.  Right now I'm at 39 supporters & $808.  So if you know anyone who might be interested in the books or you're a member of any groups or forums that seem relevant or if you could just post about it on Twitter or Facebook, I'd appreciate it.  Thanks for all your help, it really means a lot to me.  This is the first time that my comics are going to make money instead of lose money & I cannot overstate my gratitude for your support.

Brian John Mitchell

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