Interviews with musicians, cartoonists, & others about balancing family life & artistic careers.
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Fathers: Balancing Family & Art の動画サムネイル



In 2007 I started interviewing musician & artist dads about how they were able to balance family life while still making art & paying the bills.  Eight years & 80 (update! now 97) interviews later I'm still learning from folks how to have a better balanced family & artistic life.  These interviews are with fathers in a variety of places in life. Some do there art for a living & some as a passion & some have all but set it aside to raise a family. Some are new dads & some are grandparents. They are all giving out wisdom regardless of their state in life.  So I'm collecting the interviews together as an ebook to help fathers young & old know they aren't alone in their struggles & that they have something to learn from each other.

As you may know, Father's Day this year is June 21 & this ebook will ship in time for that if you are purchasing it as a gift.

A few snippets from interviews:
“Being in a working band that plays live is very tough on a family. Rehearsals, touring, planning, promoting all takes time away from the family. My kids are at the age that I think it is harder on my wife than them. The positive effect the band has had on my family is that as long as I am playing I am happy. Happy is positive.”
~ Jason Ward, Irata

“Being a parent & being around children & adolescents as a role model has not only shaped the progression of my music, but made it richer in content & more powerful emotionally.”
~ Eugene Chadbourne

“The old fear of parenthood becoming the death of one’s dreams is greatly overrated.”
~ Alan Sparhawk, Low

“...my family has kept me so down-to-earth that I’ve been robbed of my sweet illusion of “estranged artisthood.” Artists should change diapers more often.”
~ Tore Boe, Origami Republika

“Financial security is THE big problem for any artist whose life doesn’t include a regular wage...”
~ Colin Newman, Wire

Here are all the fathers who took part so far:
Alan Sparhawk of Low
Colin Newman of Wire
Martin Bowes of Attrition
Andrew Ratfink Wilson of Alien Sex Fiend
Peter Ulrich of Dead Can Dance
Phil Dole of Chord, X-Bax, & Dots
Philip B. Klingler of PBK
Fred Frith of Henry Cow
Scott Cortez of lovesliescrushing & astrobrite
Sam Rosenthal of Black Tape for a Blue Girl & Projekt Records
Chris Olley of Six by Seven, Twelve, & Fuck Me USA
Benjy Johnson of Benjomatic
William Amundson of Change in Tymes
Josh Howard creator of Dead@17
Aaron Molina of If Thousands
D.A. Sebasstian of Kill Switch...Klick & The Inner Demons
Shane Sauers of Miss Massive Snowflake
Rune Flaten of Origami Arktika
Tore Boe of Origami Republika
Timothy Renner of Stone Breath, Dark Holler, & Hand/Eye
Patrick Ogl of Thanatos
Mats Gustafsson of The Broken Face
Jason Wallach of The Unquiet Void
Chris Wade of The Wades
Nevada Hill of The Zanzibar Snails
Wayne Barnes of Tom Dooley & the Lovelights
Dan Sostrom of Tonevendor & Clairecords
Joe Kendrick of WNCW
Nicholas Slaton of slicnaton
Shaun Sandor of Promute/Bicameral Mind
Jeremy M Lange, freelance photographer
Chris Bonner of THe BAcksliders
Matthew Kendall of Rogue Motel
Bevan Hurd of The Very Foundation
Michael Jarmer of Here Comes Everybody
Chris Williams of Maple Stave
Brian John Mitchell of Remora
Kyle Monday of Carta
Bill Tollner of Amadan
Sacha Galvagna of Carta
Robert Brown of Northern Valentine
Benjamin Løzninger of Løzninger
Chad Darkwait of X-Ray Vision & Thrill of a Gunfight
Corbie Hill of Alpha Cop & Battle Rockets
Bret Harold Hart of PorcuPie
Nick Fishman of The Nick Fishman Blues Band
Wayne Horvitz
Kamal Sabran of Space Gambus Experiment
Jon Attwood of Yellow6
Bob Corby of Back Porch Comics & SPACE
Victor Couwenbergh creator of Zik the Gallant Defender of Zoz
Gabriel Dunston creator of Purgatory Pub
John Steventon creator of HappyGlyphs Comics
Jeremy Whitley author of Princeless & My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
JM Hunter creator of Note 2 Self & BAM!
David Branstetter creator of Straw Man & Winter of ‘89
Joe Badon creator of Terra Kaiju & Memoirs of the Mysterious
Joe Chiappetta creator of Silly Daddy
Jason Strutz creator of The House of Montresor & DeathCurse
Ayal Pinkus
Aaron Snow of Landing, Surface of Eceon, & Paper
Nyles Lannon of Sacred Caves
Philippe Petit of Strings Of Consciousness
Ryan Sollee of The Builders & The Butchers
Jim Baptizer of Baptizer
Jamie Barnes
Daniel Prendiville
Doug Burr
Jim Marcus
Alex Boniwell of Inebrious Bastard & Leech Woman
Charles Hoffman of Fetal Pig, Why Make Clocks, & Distant Trains
Dave Sims of The Lonelies
Dan Beckman of Village of Spaces & Impractical Cockpit
Scott Berrier of Powercloud
James Zahn of Saturday Action Theatre & The Rock Father
Jason Ward of Irata
Khristian Weeks
Don Campau
Eugene Chadbourne
Kurt Dinse creator of One Year in Indiana
Justin Bieler of I Had An Accident Records

Newly added interviews:
Max Dowdle creator of Shattered With Curve of Horn & Greasemonkey
Christian Daly of The Judge
Dave Desmelik
Brandon W Pittman of when the word was (((sound)))
Mike Dawson creator of Troop 142 & Angie Bongiolatti
Kris Lachowskicreator of The Mean Goat & Euni the Unicorn
Shawn Atkins creator of Explorers of the Unknown & Gello Apocalypse
Daniel Cooney creator of The Tommy Gun Dolls &The Atomic Yeti
Adam Black creator of Locus: Godslayer, Silk & Honey, Locus, & KISS 4K
Brendan Boughen creator of Cartoons by Jim
Xavier Dubois of Ultraphallus & KAAPSHLJMURSLIS
Will Dodson of Arbus & Charles DeMar
Benjamin Fair of Ex-Easter Island Head
Michael Bracco creator of The Creators, Novo, & Adam Wreck
Phil Sloan creator of Dead Horse
Chris Brokaw of The Lemonheads & The New Year
Tim Hinely of Dagger
Jack Rabid of The Big Takeover


I already have all of the interviews listed in my possession. I've made a few ebooks before that were much more massive than this. The biggest challenge will be getting all the backers to fill out the surveys in time for Father's Day fulfillment.




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