$11.00 pledged of $500,000 goal
By Ryan Inglett
$11.00 pledged of $500,000 goal


Hi guys, im Ryan...

My entire life ive felt drawn to motorcycles, since the first time i saw one i knew i had to one day ride one.  I am now 21 years old and still have never even seen the dashboard of a motorcycle.  I really want to put my name out for something that could actually matter.  Therefore i am committing to jump the grand canyon on a motorcycle with absolutely no experience all...literally zero.  I feel like i was born to do this so i know i will succeed.  I need to reach 500,000$ to purchase a bike, film crew and permit for the event.  I also will be building my own ramp and denying any expert evaluations.  I will have a live feed going and send hard copys to ALL donors after i land!! 

Also i will be giving back 10,000$ to the top donor as well as 10,000$ to a homeless man on camera.  I believe i really have something good to show the world and i need YOUR help to do it.  All donations are appreciated, i hope we can make this work, TOGETHER!!!

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