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The cooler that is going to change the way you enjoy your favorite drinks outdoors!  KEEP YOUR COOL ™  with Arcticor.
The cooler that is going to change the way you enjoy your favorite drinks outdoors! KEEP YOUR COOL ™ with Arcticor.
116 backers pledged $11,618 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Jay Perry Creator on

      Thanks to all of our kickstarter backers. All coolers are confirmed shipped. Looks as though about 90% have been received. If you have not received your cooler in the next couple days please contact me and we will follow up on the tracking. Thanks again and we look forward to continuing our sales. We have secured a booth in the Fort Lauderdale boat show Halloween weekend. I hope to maybe meet a few of you there. KEEP YOUR COOL!!!!

    2. Susan R Grossman

      Received my cooler today. So far I really like it, though the test will be a day out in the sun. Thanks.

    3. Missing avatar

      Scott Allen on

      It has been 10 days since we received the email indicating shipping would be on the 12th. Has anyone received their cooler?

    4. Robert Brewer on

      Any news on this?

    5. Randy Genord on

      "along with updates and pictures as the project progresses".

      How about an update #9 with pictures and shipping status?

    6. Robert Brewer on


    7. Steve Hearn on

      Chose my color... When is it shipping?

    8. Jeramie Johnson on

      So I take that as a no...

    9. Jeramie Johnson on

      Are we still on target for June shipping? Thanks

    10. Missing avatar

      Don Carson on

      Got my survey today!

    11. Jeramie Johnson on

      So how bout those surveys?

    12. Jeramie Johnson on

      Cool!...just read the update. Nice

    13. Jeramie Johnson on

      How are things going?

    14. Jay Perry Creator on

      We really appreciate your support!! It is going to be a pleasure to get you your cooler.
      We learned so much from Kickstarter and it has been such a cool experience.
      Have a great weekend!


    15. Jeramie Johnson on

      Congrats Jay! made it!

    16. Josette Breaux on

      Great concept! Love the pink and light blue ones!!

    17. Kevin Eidsmore on

      Jay, I hope the best for your project success. One additional suggestion is to raise the middle of the bottom part of each cooler. That's how my coolers have it, so heat from the sand/ground is not in contact with most of the cooler that way (words a little better that way). Please help back mine as well. I'm building a boat here in Palm Coast, Florida. It's going to be a SWATH boat, but one that's also a sailing boat. Sails in up position. Will have 'hard sails' that will either slide in and out, or go up and down like blinds on a house window.

    18. Missing avatar

      K. Landry on


      This is a nice concept. I have two questions:

      * Does the Arcticor have a drain plug?
      * What color(s) Arcticor will be available to backers? A few are pictured, but you do not specify what color(s) what will actually be listed in the survey.

      Good luck!

    19. Missing avatar


      This thing is baddass! Good luck with the goal Jay.

    20. Missing avatar

      Brock Gratton on

      Great concept. Looking forward to getting mine.

    21. Brett Schwarzenbek on

      Excellent idea! Good luck with your project.

    22. Missing avatar

      Penny White on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    23. Jay Perry Creator on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.