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This project seeks to raise half the money we need to finish our third record! No "angel donors" needed; $5-$12 gets you MUSIC! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on June 6, 2012.

This project seeks to raise half the money we need to finish our third record! No "angel donors" needed; $5-$12 gets you MUSIC!

About this project

Le Weekend is an indie rock/pop/weird-ish band from Chapel Hill, NC.  We are nearly finished with our third record (_the magic y/ear_), but we're more than finished burning through our band fund.  So we're hoping you'll help us raise $500, about half of what we need to pay for the remaining recording, mixing, mastering, artwork, and CD replication.  We plan to dig up the rest out of pocket and what we make at shows, etc.

Our philosophy behind this project: we shouldn't ask for too much and we shouldn't give back too little.  All we want is for those of you interested in our music--or pretending to be interested in our music because you’re interested in being nice to us--to dig deep and give a modest amount of money.  In return, you'll get the music a little earlier than the official release.  There are no angel donor requests in this project!  The most you can give us is $12 and besides the CD that will get you bonus tracks, your name in the thank you list, and our version of a ringtone (complete with a band-generated nickname!).

What do you get for backing us on this project?

  • There will be 12 new Le Weekend songs documented and accessible to the world.  Were you to find yourself in a situation where it was important to prove these songs exist, and you had a sec to call a local record store or check the Internet, you'd have no need to sweat about it.  Of course, if this project doesn’t get the backing it needs, your sweat may turn out to be very much appropriate, and the guy who wants the proof will likely steal your pants.
  • You know that feeling people are all nostalgic about from the 80’s and 90’s where you had to work to seek out bands?  But now it feels like the Internet has made it so easy for bands to promote themselves that listeners find out about everything instantly and there are no more musical secrets to be discovered?  Well, we are quite confident our band will NEVER EVER “BLOW UP” ON THE INTERNET OR ANYWHERE ELSE!  When you tell people you gave to “Le Weekend’s Kickstarter” back in 2012, the odds they will have NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT add up to a near certainty!  How cool is that?  
  • For those swayed by more practical (though in some cases, not much more practical) rewards, kindly see the details with each donation level. .


1. Once the digital versions of the recording and bonus tracks are available, we'll send you a link and a coupon code to redeem them through Bandcamp or a similar site.  The snippet of music with your name and your band-generated nickname ($12 option) will most likely be emailed to you directly from the band as an mp3 rather than hosted on a site.

2. Once the CD is released, you may opt to pick up your copies at one of our release shows or we can make arrangements to get them to you.  Obviously for those of you who aren't near Chapel Hill, NC the expectation is we'll mail your copy.  If you are close to our area but can't make a show, we can also mail it but would really appreciate working out another arrangement if at all possible.  Just saying.

 3. Our goal as stated above is to raise $500.  This represents slightly less than half of what we have left to spend for recording, mixing, mastering, artwork, and replication for 100 CD’s.  So what happens if we go over? 

a. If we receive more than the goal that will mean more of the record has been funded.

b. If we were to get a really unexpected amount of extra money, we'll order more copies of the CD for sale than we're currently planning (100 goes to 200, etc.). 

c. If we were to get a really, really unexpected amount of extra money, we’ll put that away toward our fourth record or something equally cool like that.


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    You will receive our gratitude PLUS a digital download of all 12 songs from the recording.

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    Pledge $10 or more

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    You will receive all of the above PLUS the CD itself, digital download of a couple bonus tracks, and your name in the CD's thank you list.

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    Pledge $12 or more

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    You will receive all of the above PLUS an original snippet of music in which we harmonize your name combined with an epithet or nickname WE make up for you. Suitable for ringtonin', outgoing voice mail messagin', or other scenarios requiring a short bit of music with your name in it.

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