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Adventure in a legendary fantasy world! Heroic tabletop RPG that expands with your experience level - perfect for new and old gamers!
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    1. Missing avatar

      AikiGhost on

      Will the system be flexible enough to allow you to play non Kai type PCs like Grey Star analogues etc?

    2. Richard Harrison

      @ Scott: Dom stated in the above:

      "For simple tests you will be looking to beat a target number, and might get modifiers as appropriate. Some abilities might even let you move your token to an adjacent result to try and improve your score. If that’s not your thing you can, of course, still use your favourite d10!"

      So, at a basic level RNG (or use a 1d10) + modifiers vs. Target Number. Seems pretty clear to me?

      His update also alludes to interesting ways the RNG can be modified etc - ie, shifting the result on the RNG table.

    3. Missing avatar

      Shannon Prickett on

      Would it be fair to summarize this as "an entirely new mechanics system not used by any other RPG"?

    4. Scott Acker on

      That's a nice overview. But I was hoping for a bit more specifics. What is the actual dice mechanic? Is there a sample character sheet?