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Clip your lens cap anywhere with our low profile clip. Or stick the clip to your desk & use it as the worlds smallest cord catcher!

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Update: A HUGE thanks to all the supporters and to everyone who helped spread the word. There are plenty more projects coming so stay tuned. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Google + to get a sneak peak at new inventions, and to share your feedback!

Update: The first test units are back from the plastic shop. Nice! We are on track to start shipping by 11/11/11!

At last! A Simple, Affordable, Universal Solution to two problems that have plagued mankind since the dinosaurs!

What do I do with my lens cap when it’s not on my lens? And how do I stop these darn cords and cables from falling behind my desk!

Retail Package:

Hi. My name is Zeke Kamm. I’ve been a photographer and a film maker for over 20 years, and I’m a best selling author of 3 photography how to books.

The Nice Clip is a light weight, low profile clip that sticks to your lens cap so you can clip your cap to your strap, camera bag, pocket, shirt, hat - wherever you want.

No more fumbling with your cap, trying to hold it while you take a photograph. No more sticking it in your pocket where it’s sure to get filthy - only to transfer your pocket yuck onto your lens. Best of all NO MORE LEASHES! Hanging a cap off your lens via a leash distracts both photographer and worse, your subject, dramatically effecting the quality of your final image. Instead, clip your cap and it’s out of the way but always within reach.

The Nice Clip works great with any size, style, and brand of lens cap from 49mm all the way up to 82mm and everything in between. The Nice Clip makes putting on and removing your lens cap a snap even when using a deep lens hood.

The World’s Lowest Profile Cord Catcher! Stick the clip to your desk, nightstand, or table and it becomes the worlds smallest cord catcher, keeping your mobile phone, laptop, and iPad power cables, usb cords, and more ready and waiting for when you need them. One clip holds up to four cables at a time! You cables slip into the clip and move freely while you’re using your device. When you unplug the cable from your gadget you can just let go of the cord confident that it won’t slip behind your desk. The Nice Clip catches the cord keeping it neatly out of the way, but at the ready for your next charging session. Need to bring your cord with you? It unclips just as fast!

The clip is held to your cap, desk, or nightstand with the included 3m VHB adhesive to create a virtually indestructible weld. 3m VHB adhesives are used in architecture to suspend steel facades and plate glass to skyscrapers, so you can be sure the clip won’t fall off your cap. Just peal, stick, and squeeze. That’s it!

We’ve done all the development, gone through multiple prototypes, and sourced the factories and vendors so we can get you your items fast. We’re ready to start making clips. And we’re making them right here in the USA. All we need is a decent chunk of change to start up the machines. That’s why we’re here on Kickstarter. We need your help.Please select one of the levels on the right side of your screen. Each level includes your name listed on our dedicated thank you web page so the whole world will know you were one of the people who helped make this project happen! But that’s not all.

Here's the finished mock up for the super handy-dandy lens cleaning cloths made right here in the USA with the Nice Industries Logo on one side and my favorite Ansel Adams quote on the back: "You don't take a photograph. You make it." These are included with pledge levels starting at $45 and up. Or you can add an extra $10 to your existing pledge to get one. $20 for 2, etc. These are really nice. I have several in various places: one in each of my camera bags, desk drawer, computer bag, car glove box, kitchen drawer, tool box. They work great on computer screens and eyeglasses, too.

We’ve got special surprises waiting for our contributors if we reach higher levels of funding. So even if we’ve already hit our goal, select your favorite items, then please tell your friends. The more money we raise, the more secret fun treats we have in store.

It's not too late to get yours!

Even though we've exceeded our funding goal that doesn't mean we have to stop. There is no maximum to the amount of people whose lives we can help save (from not having a Nice Clip). If you haven't jumped aboard yet, put on your jumping shoes - now is the perfect time. Pick your desired level of awesomeness now over there on the right side of the screen and get them in time for the holidays!


The CNC work on the mold is done! Just a little fine tuning and we'll be ready to go. Here is a shot (taken by Eric at Rex Plastics) of the mold. She's going to plop out quadruplets. Sure looks pretty to me.


The Nice Clip and Clip Your Cap! are trademarks of Nice Industries, Bend, OR


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