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Get big budget camera moves from a jib (crane) that weighs less than a bottle of soda, fits in a backpack, and sets up in seconds.
Get big budget camera moves from a jib (crane) that weighs less than a bottle of soda, fits in a backpack, and sets up in seconds.
Get big budget camera moves from a jib (crane) that weighs less than a bottle of soda, fits in a backpack, and sets up in seconds.
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    1. Nice Industries 4-time creator on

      Hi Stuart. No problem. I'll send you an email with more info.

    2. Missing avatar

      Stuart Liddell on


      I'm an original Travel Jib backer from 2012. I have had an important part of my Jib go missing! The black half wingnut that locks the fluid pan base suddenly became unstuck and disappeared, exposing the metal nut, spring and alan-key screw underneath it. I now cannot lock the fluid base without a pair of pliers, making it quite annoying.

      I cannot see how the black plastic lock stayed on, as before would simply slip on and off the below screw and metal nut. I could only fathom that gluing it would do the trick, but it was lost before I could see to that.

      Can I purchase a replacement black nut? Could you recommend a different lock I could purchase locally? How on earth do you keep it on?

      Would appreciate some assistance lads, the Travel Jib has been good to me so far.


    3. kokobin

      Under a thousand buckaroos , say $999.95, and the independent film making community will sing your praises with orders galore!!
      Of course, the carbon fibre option would cost a bit more.

    4. Nice Industries 4-time creator on

      Now you're having a laugh.

    5. kokobin

      Under $800.

    6. Nice Industries 4-time creator on

      I'd like to have one of those, too Mr. Kokobin. :)

    7. kokobin

      Now that you have proven your pedigree , the people would like a travel jib capable of supporting a Red camera or a professional camcorder/camera weight of at least 25lbs - should you choose to accept this mission Mr Zeke.

    8. Bruce McIntosh on

      Me again. I found the notification with the FedX tracking number. Now all I have to do is find out where they delivered it to.

    9. Bruce McIntosh on

      The last thing I heard about the project is that all the ordered jibs were being shipped the week of Christmas. Where is mine? Did you send shipping notices or just ship them out. If the latter what carrier did you use and can you supply tracking info.

    10. Nice Industries 4-time creator on

      Thanks Adrian. When I'm using plate weights I like to have 1 - 5lb plate., 2 - 2.5lbs plates, and 2 - 1.25lbs. weights. You'll never use all of them at once, but it gives you all the right combinations.

      At full extension you'll use just a little bit more weight on the ballast than you have on the camera end. So a 5lb. camera load might use 5.5 - 6 lbs. for ballast. You can easily adjust the length of the counter balance arm to fine tune the balance without needing an exact amount of weight. Very handy.

    11. Missing avatar

      Voiceimitator on

      Received mine in Sydney about a week ago. A big thank you to Zeke! To ask a stupidly basic question, if you want to use gym-style weights with it, what weight should you be looking at? Should balance whatever the weight of camera + fluid head + lens is? Or should it be a little bit heavier, and, if so, by how much?

    12. kokobin

      Received a note from Parcel Force (International division of UK postal service) yesterday advising me of customs charges due.
      Import VAT = $25.08
      Clearance Fee = $12.80
      Total. = $37.88

      Called the phone number and paid by credit card. My Aviator Travel Jib arrived this morning. The small, compact and lightweight size is quite amazing and I can imagine myself out on location filming without worrying too much about equipment weight or strain.
      Thanks for delivering as promised.

    13. Nice Industries 4-time creator on

      Thanks Günther! Please share some of your shots. I'd love to see them.

    14. günther ottendorferk

      Hi mate!
      mine arrived in Sydney 10 days ago - I think its amazing ! really fantastic - I love playing around with it on the beaches and hiking around here !

      great stuff - really well done - an amzing package you created !
      I look foward to further projects - keep going

      many thx go

    15. Nice Industries 4-time creator on

      Hi Kokobin. Thanks for letting me know. I'll look into it send you a message.

    16. kokobin

      London, UK still awaiting delivery

    17. Nice Industries 4-time creator on

      Hi Stuart, Thanks for the feedback. You aren't the first person to suggest making the back that little bit longer. It's on the idea board. As far as light weight fluid heads, here are three options. None are quite perfect, but take a look at these and decide what best fits your situation. The Manfrotto 701 just okay, but not expencive, the Velbon Vel-flo 9 - really cheep - don't think it will last too long unless you are very careful, and my favorite as of now Gitzo G2180 which isn’t perfect either and is the most expencive of the three, but feels like it’s built to last - at least so far.

    18. Missing avatar

      Stuart Liddell on

      Also, what light fluid head would you recommend between plate and camera ?

    19. Missing avatar

      Stuart Liddell on

      Hi Zeke. Got my jib down in Aus also. It's so tiny! I'm looking forward to the how-to videos. I'm hoping for one for people using bowl-head tripods as I want to know I'm setting the jib up the correct way. One thing you should know if (or when) you're revising the design: I'm a sandbag user and when I store the jib in the bag I want to leave the 2inch bolt and tear-drop plate screwed into the jib all the way in so I can quickly set up and clip the bag straight on. But when I put the jib in the bag it doesn't zip because it's half an inch too short! It would be great to have that space so the bolt and tear-drop plate can be permanently on the jib and fit in the bag rather then unscrewing the bolt completely every time. Hope this spikes your interest and great product!

    20. Fcoers on

      Is it correct that I didn't receive my unit yet? I also didn't receive a tracking mail that suggests it is underway

    21. Nice Industries 4-time creator on

      Hi Mike, Your order shipped on December 28 from the US. Hang in there. with the holidays it is taking longer than normal to ship international packages.

    22. Missing avatar

      MikeWong on

      I have not received mine. It's already selling in my country but I have not receive mine. Singapore here.

    23. Nice Industries 4-time creator on

      Thanks Don! Please share some footage once you have it. :)

    24. Don Strong on

      Indeed it was! One C1 Carbon Fiber Aviator just waiting for me!

      I have to say, Zeke, it's a beautiful piece of kit that's packaged handsomely. Can't wait to get the camera on it!

    25. Andrew Hurst on

      Got my Aviator yesterday, down here in Aus... thankyou..

    26. Nice Industries 4-time creator on

      It is! :)

    27. Don Strong on

      By gosh, by golly! I just received a notification that a package arrived at my mailbox from Portland, OR.

      Could it be?

    28. Nice Industries 4-time creator on

      Hi Ramon, Your order shipped on December 28th.

    29. Ramon on

      I didn't receive a tracking number yet,... are there any shipments already on their way to the Netherlands? Or are those not shipped yet? Just curious :)

    30. George Kouvaras on

      Hi there!
      I have an urgent request:
      Can I change shipping address?
      Instead of GREECE I want to receive it in New York.
      Can this be done?
      Thanks in advance,

    31. Nice Industries 4-time creator on

      Hi Everyone. Thanks for the comments. I really appreciate everyone's support and look forward to answering every questions personally. It's still pretty crazy busy around here getting the last of the kickstarter units shipped to backers, but I'll do my best.

      Mike: Thank you for such a glowing review! Yes, please tell everyone. :)
      Rob: Thanks for the very cool unboxing video. Made my day.
      Chris: Please email me your phone number if you get a chance. I'm not exactly sure what happened with your 1/4 20 knob. I haven't had any problems with any of the knobs I've tested. But I'd like to get to the bottom of what happened with yours to see if it was just a one time thing. I sometimes get creaking on mine if the camera is side heavy. The squeak can come from the leg locks. It shouldn't be a sign of any trouble. We're just asking a very small amount of material to hold tight against a fair amount of torque, so sometimes it creaks a bit.
      Jon: Yes. The 3/8 screw just screws right out so you can use either the 1/4 20 or the 3/8 16.
      Steven: It is Mag Alloy. We refer to it as both Aluminum and Mag Alloy for a series of very uninteresting reasons. :) I'm sorry you thought the bag that was shown was metal. It was always going to be fabric. That was just a sketch of the bag. We changed the design to make it as small and light as possible. Didn't make sense to have such an incredibly light jib and have a heavy bag. I'm sorry about the problem with the vertical lock. It should smooth itself out with use. The bubble level may have a bit of glue over the top of that. I'm sorry. That shouldn't have been shipped without being cleaned. Fortunately, it should come off with a damp wash cloth. If not, please send me an email.

      Please feel free to get in touch directly. And keep an eye out for some how to videos we're going to make as soon as we can get all the jibs shipped out.

      Thanks again for your support!


    32. Missing avatar

      Chris Frantz on

      So I've used the jib now for two days, and for the most part it's been a positive experience. People are impressed with the bag and how quickly it collapses and unfolds. I've gotten some halfway decent footage right off the bat, and the learning curve is pretty smooth. A few things I have noted. The 1/4 20 screw that comes with the jib, has a black knob on it to allow easier torque. That screw lasted all of 5 minutes on first use. The shielding just fell right off and I was left with a pretty much bare screw which took a pair of needle nose pliers to remove from the head. It sounds worse than it is however. I had an extra stashed in a bag, and 1/4 20 screws are easy to come by. I also noticed some strange creaking noises which were a bit discomforting when I was under the full load capacity. The noises seemed to originate from near the locking mechanism near the fluid base (it was unlocked) and the joints. This was at 5.3 pounds and about 85% extended. Besides that, the actual use of the jib has been great, and I actually hooked it up to a Manfrotto Monopod (the one with 3 little legs) and it allowed me some really interesting moves with a very light footprint. Overall very impressed with the little guy, just a bit wary of the product in long term use (the two days have been inside a cushy studio...). Thanks again!

    33. Missing avatar

      Daniel S Rivera on

      Hello Rob,

      I think we would love to follow what you come up with for timelapse work, can you please post where we can keep an eye on what you use to accomplish that?

    34. Rob on

      Jib arrived. Fantastic quality. Plan to add a motor for timelapse work. Have many ideas for mods to add mechanical lightweight pan & tilt, but if you're working on something like that, let us know! Shot an unboxing video:

    35. Mike Cosmo on

      Well my Jib just arrived. The quality is absolutely AMAZING. I really can't believe how nice it is. How small it is and how incredible it works. The attention to quality, design and detail is amongst the best I have ever seen. It rivals Apple products. A thing of intuitive use and beauty. I am selling a jib I just bought that has done a good job but would never come out of the box again. Oh by the way the case it also just the best. Thank you so much for this product. You can rest assured I will be telling everyone I can about it every change I get. I look forward to more great products from you guys at Nice. Thanks Zeke.

    36. Missing avatar

      Peter Johnston on

      Got mine yesterday and love it so far. Good build quality, nice upgraded features and I love the little carry bag. Thanks so much, Zeke!

    37. Craig Meadows on

      Received ours today. Build quality is nice and hope to use it very soon. Really is very compact!

    38. Missing avatar

      Don on


    39. Missing avatar

      Jon Schweigart on

      Does the 3/8th screw come off the head (where the camera goes)? I see a 1/4 20 was supplied too but the 3/8th seems permanently in place on there. Gotta buy an extra fluid head if that's the case.

    40. Missing avatar

      Larry Livingston on

      Got my jib today. Looks good and works well. Some minor quality issues, but overall an nice piece of equipment that will get a lot of use for years to come. Thank you Zeke for taking on this big project! I wish you much success. Larry

    41. Missing avatar

      Steven A Quan on

      Received my aluminum jib today, thank you Zeke (it says aluminum on the tag, I'm not saying it's not Magnesium alloy, I'm just telling you what the tag says). I received my jib before I received my tracking number today at noon.

      Big props Zeke, for making my holiday wish come true. I know this is your first try, I think you did a good job overall and you're still learning how to make this work and make it come together. I live in Seattle and I want to support the Pac NW. It's exciting to see the neighbors from the south making a great product.

      I was surprised to see the case came in a nylon bag, not the hard metal case that is shown in the pictures. Not a biggie, just wasn't expecting that. The screw that allows the jib to pivot up and down must be totally loosened on my unit because there are some sharp edges sticking out where the metal makes a "U" shape. If the screw is not fully loosened, it makes a scraping sound and it catches, like there's sandpaper in the joint or something. I'm going to put pictures on Amazon's site (look for my review). I plan to smooth this down with my dremel and make it all good.

      The bubble level on the main post is almost unreadable. There is some fuzzy white patch over it. On my Amazon review I will include a pic of what the bubble level should look like and what mine actually looks like. Not a biggie because I don't see myself using it anyways.

      Maybe in future, take a little bit of time to do a quality check to make sure the units can run smoothly without catching and the bubble levels are all readable. I didn't have any problems with putting it up on my tripod and the jib overall looks great.

    42. Mark Thompson on

      Recevied my tracking number as well and FedEx shows it in transit, so either the Aviator's are finally flying, or Santa shipped me my coal early this year. ;)

    43. Missing avatar

      Ken Hillblom on

      Received an email today and my jib is on the Fedex truck for delivery today !!

    44. Missing avatar

      Daniel S Rivera on

      Any update on when we can expect the carbon fiber versions to be sent out?

    45. kokobin

      It is going to be interesting to find out how much I get hit with for customs clearance in the UK.
      My last project (Soloshot) cost about $90 extra, and I started saving for this extra amount once shipping was imminent.

    46. Missing avatar

      J on

      Really looking forward to the JIB!

    47. Missing avatar

      Steven A Quan on

      Can early backers please chime in when you get your jibs? Just curious as to what is shipping when? Sorry Zeke, not trying to be a pest, I'm just anxious.

    48. Ning Wong on

      Wow, can't wait to get the jib! woot!!!!!!!!!

    49. Missing avatar

      Stefan Hofbauer on

      Hey Zeke,

      I filled out the shipping survey several days ago and haven't received details when to pay the $45 for international shipping yet. Can you send me your Paypal contact?


    50. Nice Industries 4-time creator on

      Still on schedule! :)

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