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Ass Backwards is the story of best friends Kate and Chloe, two loveable losers who discover that ignorance really is bliss.


Almost five years ago we set out to write a feature based on a misguided and misdirected road trip we took down south. 

Ass Backwards was born.   The story follows loveable losers Kate and Chloe who fancy themselves as high powered stylish New York City gals- even though they share a water bed, sell their eggs for cash and think a table at Starbucks is a corner office.  They take a road trip back to their hometown to claim the beauty pageant crown that eluded them as children.

Ass Backwards is written by and stars June Diane Raphael (Year One, Party Down, Forgetting Sarah Marshall) and Casey Wilson (SNL, Happy Endings) and is directed by Chris Nelson.

Our other amazing cast includes Alicia Silverstone, Vincent Dinofrio,Jon Cryer, Brian Geraghty, Marcia Jean Kurtz, Jake Johnson, Paul Scheer and Bob Odenkirk

So what happened?


We shot 19 days of our movie to put this...we couldn't shoot anymore.  Money that was supposed to come in simply didn't and we had to shut down.  Every indie filmmaker's nightmare became our ugly reality.  We have been working tirelessly since August on raising the rest of the money to finish our movie, and we are almost there. But we NEED YOUR HELP! 


We are so close, but we can’t do this alone. We need more money than the $50,000 goal we set, but that amount will ensure our camera's start rolling next month.  With your generosity we can finish the film!  Every single dollar helps.  Truly.  These mugs ain't getting any younger and every penny you donate will go directly toward our final shoot days and will be on the screen! 

From the deepest wells of our hearts...

Thank you and Love you,

June and Casey*

*This is an ASSterisk. 


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    Lots of good will coming your way from Casey and June. And we mean lots. We will personally say your name aloud and wish you well in all things!

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    Signed copy of DVD from Casey and June. And a non-denominational prayer will be said on your behalf.

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    Signed autograph with personal message from Paul Scheer and signed copy of Ass Backwards DVD.

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    For this amount you have rightly earned a signed ASS BACKWARDS shooting script by the one and only Alicia Silverstone!

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    Casey and June will call you every day for a week and read your horoscope to you!

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    Come visit the set during our last days of production! Come watch our "process". It's intense.

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    Want to live forever? Immortalize yourself with a character named after you in ASS BACKWARDS!

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