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A collection of scenarios for the Call of Cthulhu role-playing game, set during the nightmare of the Great War, 1914-1918.
525 backers pledged $26,823 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Mark Grehan on

      The Crowe thing is weird he pulls out for some vague reason and demands that his work isn't used and doesn't return the calls and e-mails of someone who he's worked with and known well for years? Does he know something we don't?

    2. lehmann on

      I'm disappointed that John Crowe is leaving the project so late into the day but will stick with it as I have no doubt in your honesty and valour. I've settled for a long wait

    3. Missing avatar

      Joseph Outram on

      I'm sad to hear that John is leaving, but appreciate that you're giving us the heads up and that Chaosium is giving you the time to fix the problem. I'd advise against converting and focus on getting the book out, especially given how easy it is for people to convert to 7th Ed anyways.

      My vote would have to go to The Wounded, Garden of the Medusa, and Shadows of Leuven.

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael Beekman on

      Don’t convert. Otherwise you’ll be explaining to us this time next year how the conversion took 6 months longer than you thought.

      I still use the 6th ed rules so opting to convert to a rule set I don’t own going to push me towards refunding.

      Two things I would like from you: monthly updates, even if you have nothing new I want you to admit that to the backers.

      And a list of all the scenarios that are still in the book.

    5. Missing avatar

      Tommi Mustonen on

      I want a total refund.

    6. Graeme Price on

      Sorry to head of John’s departure, but glad up learn Hans is attached - his work is excellent. My vote is for Leuven, Wounded and Medusa. Let’s hope for smooth sailing from here on.

    7. Chris Jarocha-Ernst on

      Sorry to hear of the added complications, but I'm glad Chaosium is understanding. I vote for Leuven, Plague, and Medusa.

    8. Colin Thompson on

      I’ll vote for Plague and under the gun. 7th edition would be good but isn’t worth pushing yourself for as converting can be done at the table as well.

    9. Gary Libby on

      Sorry to hear Mr. Crowe is no longer involved. I like the sound of all the scenarios, but am leaning towards The Wounded, Plague, and Under the Gun. I prefer you keep the project 6th edition. Thanks!

    10. Missing avatar

      Joe Adams on

      My picks are: Shadows, Plague, and dealer's choice for the third
      I have no preference over rules but urge you to go with what you have since it's easy enough to convert.

    11. Matthew Sanderson on

      Preferences from this end
      Scenarios: Plague, The Wounded, dealer's choice for the third
      Rules: Definitely would prefer 7th Edition

    12. Phil Ward

      Ah nightmare! That's very sad to hear about John, I hope the medical crisis can be solved.

      All of the other five scenarios sound excellent, but I would definitely like to see Garden of the Medusa.

      Happy to provide proof-reading and nit picking skills, just let me know how I can help and send over some manuscripts :)

    13. Matthew Paluch

      Plague, Garden of the Medusa, and Shadows of Leuven all sound fantastic! Thanks for all your work on this.

    14. Chitin Proctor on

      My preference, in order of most to least, would be:
      The Wounded, Shadows of Leuven, Under the Gun, The Plague, Garden of the Medusa

    15. Missing avatar

      Malcolm on

      Sorry to hear about all the troubles with this project. From the scenarios I would prefer:
      The Wounded
      Garden of the Medusa
      Under the Gun
      As for conversion, I don't think it's necessary given how easy it is to do on the fly.

    16. Jussi Kenkkilä on

      From the new scenarios, I prefer:
      Shadows of Leuven
      Under the Gun
      Garden of the Medusa

    17. Benjamin Bradley on

      With that said I am looking forward for this project, and with best of hopes.

    18. Benjamin Bradley on

      My picks would be;

      Under the Gun
      Garden of Medusa

      As for edition, I would rather a prioritisation of finishing the project. Converting to 7 on the fly aren't hard, but re-writing everything just doesn't seem like a priority to me.

    19. Jeff Vandine

      My top three picks would be:

      The Wounded
      Garden of Medusa,

      but I'm happy with any that you pick. Mildly, I would prefer them to be 7th edition, but I really don't care since I use both 6th and 7th and converting back and forth is childishly simple. Glad to hear that Chaosium extended your license. Now get this product done; it's already taken more time than the actual war did to fight (we're only 6 days from Armistice Day).

    20. Missing avatar

      Michael Miley on

      That's a shame that happened. But Shadows of Leuven was a really good RPPR Scenario as was The Wounded. But it is a very hard choice to pick from the because they all sound great. Though the one you did with RPPR in Russia with the armored train would also be good

    21. Michael Beck

      An epic journey of fire for your memoirs Mr. Glancy! 7th ed is cool (been running it since the PDF dropped way back when) but as has been pointed out, focusing time on the completion would be time better sent. I convert 6->7 on the fly, so no worries. As for the scenarios, I like the sounds of Shadows of Leuven, Plague and Garden of the Medusa, but would take whichever you feel is best polished.

      Sorry John has dropped out, he was a selling point for me, but I have no don't you'll carry the project across the goal line for the win.

    22. Runeslinger

      Conversion takes time better spent on completion. Players are split on edition, large numbers will need to convert either way, conversion is time consuming but not hard, considering that what you lack is time, it makes sense to continue without conversion.

      My scenario vote:
      Shadows of Leuven
      Under the Gun

      Congratulations on the extension. It is sad news to hear of further trouble in the background. Here is hoping the final stretch is free of stress for all concerned.

    23. Missing avatar

      Frederic MOLL on

      No need to invest work and time on doing conversion to 7th edition.

      Interested in seeing these scenarios

      The wounded
      Gardens of medusa

    24. Nick Middleton on

      Personally I don’t care for the 7e rules and find “back conversion” irritating, like fine grit in the gears of an elegant machine.

      All of the scenarios sound fascinating, but if I had to pick three: Leuven, Wounded, Plague.

      Thanks for your continued honesty and transparency Scott.

    25. Chad Swenson on

      Hey Scott,
      My preferences would be any scenarios that are nearest to completion; no preference on the 6e/7e rules(if someone can help speed things up and convert to 7e, I guess?); can and will help with anything you need to finish this project.

    26. Benjoss on

      I’d be most happy if the 7th Edition conversion went ahead, I’m a big fan of the latest Ed.

      If your thinking of selling the PDF beyond the fulfilment of the Kickstarter you’ll very likely need to do it anyway.

      Good luck with the rest of the development!

    27. Ben Turner

      Thanks for the update and explanation - I think given the circumstances, the extension from Chaosium is more than fair, and as a backer I'm certainly happy with the new date. Tiny proto-gamer in my life means nothing's hitting the table for several months still, and my backlog is nuts anyway.

      I'd like to see this moved to 7th edition too; it's the "defacto" edition for me now, and would otherwise be doing the conversion myself before playing. However, reading other comments, perhaps it would be best to stick to 6th edition for the release, and then if you are feeling generous at the end of it all, perhaps a 7th edition conversion guide PDF could be offered for free - I dare say other experienced CoC backers would be keen to assist with this when the time comes (or if no-one steps up, maybe just drop it).

      As for scenario choice, they all seem very interesting - I'd rather let you, with play-testing and knowledge, pick the three you think suit the compendium best, rather than let my pure guesswork about what might be better influence the choice.

    28. Missing avatar

      Frent on

      I'd prefer that no more time/money was spent writing and commissioning art for the outlined scenarios, or at least preferenced according to ease of completion.

      It seems like this book is already a millstone around your neck, a reduction in scope rather than expanded promises might be just what you need.

      Five polished scenarios is still pretty good for a scenario book.

    29. David Nyman on

      Hi, conversion to 7th edition would be great, and I'll put my hand up to help out with that, as well as do some proof reading for you.
      As far as the scenarios go, my preferences would be Shadows of Leuven, Plague, and Under the Gun.

    30. Squamous Studios on

      That's great news about the extension! And I for one would love to see a conversion to CoC 7th ed rules. As for the scenarios, they all sound great, though The Wounded sounds the most interesting to me.

    31. Campaign Coins

      Thanks for all your efforts Scott, and sorry that the project has spawned Horrors of its own. I still look forwards to it, and have no shortage of things to play in the meantime.

      I am enjoying 7th edition these days, and think it's better to go forwards, even when talking about a war which finished 100 years ago next week. But the content is the main thing so, as with the scenarios, support you on what you think best suits the book. Carry on.

    32. Lisa Padol

      Shadows of Leuven and The Wounded for sure. After that it gets hard. Of the last 3, I'd rank them in this order: Under the Gun, Garden of Medusa, The Plague.

      Still available to help, though will be bogged down with a project-in-progress for the next couple of months. (I can still multitask, but it will be a bit slower.) FWIW, I've done a fair bit of work converting Invcitus material to 7th edition.

    33. Missing avatar

      JH on

      The Wounded, Plague and Garden of Medusa would be my pick but very happy to go with whatever is easiest for you to complete.
      I have a preference for 7th and also think it would help with post KS sales but.... it's really easy for folks to convert in play so I wouldn't if it's a major drafting effort or you can't find help to do it.
      Thanks for the openness and good luck!

    34. Missing avatar

      Steve Ellis

      I'd like Plague, Garden of Medusa and Under the Gun. Having played 7th Ed, I find it difficult to go back to earlier editions so I'd prefer that. Plus it would help the product sell to others post-KSer delivery if it uses the current rules.

    35. Riccardo Meireles Zucchetti on

      Glad to see the license and your effort to get it. Very sorry for Crowe.
      Vote for:
      Garden of the medusa
      Shadows of Leuven

    36. Missing avatar

      patricio gonzaga on

      I'm not a fan of the 7th Edition of CoC, so would prefer that you stick with what you have. Folks who want to use the new ruleset can make the conversions - it's not difficult.

      My pick of the scenarios are:

      Shadows of Leuven
      Under the Gun

    37. Missing avatar

      tolga atilla ceranoglu on

      also, happy to lend a hand with proof reading.

    38. Missing avatar

      tolga atilla ceranoglu on

      How about publishing whatever you have now, and then publishing the other 3 as you complete them.

      Of the options, I like the premise of Wounded, Plague and Medusa best.
      thanks, and hope all works out for John as well as they could.

    39. Missing avatar

      Thomas O'Hara on

      Always happy to hear that the project is moving forward, even when hiccups like this occur. My preferences for new scenarios are Plague, Under the Gun, and The Wounded. I think that, in the interest of saving time, not converting to 7th edition is preferable, but I don't have a substantive objection to that system mechanically.

    40. Rodolphe on

      Let's hope John will get better soon and that his scenarios appear later.
      Keep up the good work Scott. For the 3 scenarios, my preferences are:
      - Shadows of Leuven
      - Plague
      - Under the Gun
      Count me in for proofreading.

    41. Franck Florentin

      Hi Scott, I'm sorry to hear that John left the project, as he's a very talented writer. However I'm still on board and would like to see this project happen!

      My choices for replacement adventures: Shadows of Leuven, Under the gun, the Wonded.

      If you need any help with proofreading, fact-checking and translation from/to French for some adventures, I'm your man as well, and I volunteer for proofreading in general (I do have professional experience with that).

      Last: I would welcome upgrading the adventures to the 7th edition, and I can help with that if you need some.

    42. Missing avatar

      Sean Murphy

      1) My preference for the scenarios would be the ones that are closest to being ready - they all sound good.
      2) I don't care if you convert to 7th.
      3) Happy to lend a hand with proofreading.

    43. Megan Tolentino

      I think all five of the proposed scenarios sound great, but I'm most interested in Plague, Under the Gun, and Garden of the Medusa! I have no preference either way for the rule set.

      Thanks for the update and I continue to look forward to seeing the finished product!

    44. Torbjörn Johnson

      I prefer the edition rules as well, if time allows it. As been said, the scenarios most complete arethe ones i like you to work on. Rather one less scenario than no book at all.

    45. K Peterson on

      I'd rather get the 5 scenarios that Crowe is not involved in, if that's going to mean that the final product is available sooner. Then the 3-5 replacement scenarios as PDF follow-ups at a later time.

      I'm a fan of Vortisch's work, and it would be great to see his material included - sooner, if it doesn't take much time to integrate; or later as a PDF release, if it's going to delay the Kickstarter by months.

      I'm not interested in a 7E version of Horrors of War, preferring either 6E or Delta Green: the Rpg rules. If this Kickstarter goes that direction, then it might convince me to ask for a refund and bail.

    46. Christopher W Rueber

      I would prefer 7th edition rules, mildly.

      As for which scenarios... whichever you feel are the best fleshed out. That's my preference.

    47. Missing avatar

      Steve Rubin

      If you don't convert to 7E rules, some people will have to do that on their own. If you do convert to 7E rules, some people will have to convert back on their own. Plus, that will take time. I say don't spend time on that.

    48. Missing avatar

      Temoore on

      I'm sorry to hear about Mr. Crowe's crisis and hope he gets through it. I would prefer you to choose 3 scenarios that are closest to being finished. 7th edition is nice but not a big deal.

    49. Munchezuma

      I am most interested in The Wounded, Gardens of Medusa, and Shadows of Leuven, but would love to see all of them at some point.

      I am disappointed in hearing about Crowe's departure, but also heartened by the license extension from Chaosium.

      I have a mild preference for 7th edition rules, but it is not at all critical.

      Finally, if you are still in need of proof-reading, I am happy to contribute to that effort.

    50. Ben Ferguson on

      Poor John. Looks like this project has a curse on it.... You haven't been opening any mummies tombs have you? Good luck finding some luck!👍