Project Rap Rabbit (working title)

by Project Rap Rabbit

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    1. Michael Towns on June 19, 2017

      Good luck guys, looking forward to playing it one day :).

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      vgambit on June 19, 2017

      "We sadly are not in the position to be able to fund further production for a future crowd-funding relaunch involving a title deeper in development, and wouldn't want to scale back our vision. As a result, work on Project Rap Rabbit cannot continue at this time."

      "Though our Kickstarter campaign hasn't gone the way we'd intended, our early stages of development have left us more determined than ever to bring Project Rap Rabbit to life. While you didn't see Project Rap Rabbit at any conferences or booths during E3 week, we had a very, very busy E3 filled with meetings about our vision for the future of rhythm-action."

      These two paragraphs seem to contradict each other. One implies that the game is canceled. The other implies that there's something in the works to potentially continue development with the aid of some publisher.

      Either way, this project was doomed to fail from the start. Whoever was in charge of the campaign failed miserably. You don't launch a video game kickstarter without gameplay footage or a demo unless you are a household name, and post-Mighty No. 9, even that isn't necessarily enough to ensure success. Especially not for a million-dollar campaign.

      And that's only one of the significant errors in judgement that were made during the campaign. The other was having community events flying in under the radar, announced hours in advance in the comments section instead of days/weeks in advance in updates. These are very basic things that most people have come to expect from campaigns of this caliber, and when I bemoaned this campaign weeks ago, that's why.

      You should've known better.

      Matsuura-san, Yano-san, good luck in your future endeavors. I hope we can get a post-mortem on what you think went right and wrong with the campaign, to benefit whoever follows in your footsteps in terms of a campaign for a game of this level.

      And to whoever was in charge of this particular campaign: I urge you to read A Crowdfunder’s Strategy Guide: Build a Better Business by Building Community by Jamey Stegmaier before you run another campaign. But only if you actually want to succeed.

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      Caleb Gibson on June 19, 2017

      I'm rooting for you guys

    4. Steve Black Jr. on June 19, 2017

      Cannot wait to play this one day! Hoping for the best.

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      Hozuko on June 19, 2017

      Sad to see it end like this; it does seem harder and harder to get games crowdfunded now that the kickstarter gold rush is over.

      Good luck out there.

    6. Chris McQueen on June 19, 2017

      Ah well, better luck next time.

    7. Seit Doresi on June 19, 2017

      Not gonna lie. I had no idea it was a Kickstarter project till today.

    8. Jákup Fuglø
      on June 19, 2017

      Don't give up! Hope to see more from you guys :)

    9. Missing avatar

      Kai Chun So on June 19, 2017

      Hope to see this game in the future. Never give up hope

    10. FlamingFirewire on June 19, 2017

      Even if this project doesn't see life right away, I hope it does come, and I hope we'll see more games from both of these groups in the future! I need more great rhythm games in my life.

      Keep it up guys, I can't wait to see what your minds come up with next from here.

      Let us know if any other projects commercial or otherwise come to fruition!

    11. Anna Fröhling on June 19, 2017

      This seems contradictory in statement. Are you going to do another crowdfund campaign in the future? Just let me know and I'll back again.

    12. Xi The 11th Weapon
      on June 19, 2017

      Thanks for trying guys, like you and your creation said, you gotta believe, and know I believe in you guys.

    13. Xi The 11th Weapon
      on June 19, 2017

      For those saying they're contradicting, they could show a publisher the out pouring of support for the project and get funding, kind of like how Bloodstained had a kickstarter more to show that there was interest and secure a bit of funding.

    14. Tracey Craig
      on June 19, 2017

      Good luck in what ever game you decide to create next. If it's another music game. Please consider accessibility features.

      All the best.

    15. Jorby Alano on June 19, 2017

      Don't give up! Still have hopes to play this one day =) Cheering you guys on.

    16. Zachary Reese on June 19, 2017

      They're not contradicting themselves since one said the crowdfunding attempt will end here, but that won't stop funding from other places like investors.

      Either way, best of luck to whatever may happen! The gameplay footage was fascinating, but as others have said, it was planned to be revealed too late to make a real difference. This campaign must have been planned for months, but it seems it wasn't strategized properly. We gotta believe this project will come into reality, though!

    17. Esteban Gaete Flores on June 19, 2017

      I will keep an eye on your future projects guys! This Kickstarter really made me thing on rhythm games again.

      I hope everything goes smooth with your E3 meetings :)

    18. Don McCants on June 19, 2017

      We gotta believe! ...that you will be back. Can't hardly wait to see what is next--keeping my fingers crossed for a future that includes Steam.

    19. Sammy on June 19, 2017

      gotta do what? you gotta believe! i hope you guys keep trying, hopefully a publisher picks you up.

    20. Darius F on June 20, 2017

      personally you guys should have attempted to promote and advertise the game even more. sad this couldn't get funded I was really looking forward to it :(

    21. Igetin on June 20, 2017

      Thank you for all the hard work. I'm really looking forward to seeing Toto-Maru in rhythm action some day.

    22. SweetTaLe on June 20, 2017

      It is very unfortunate to see this not get funded. I'm not a big fan of rhythm games myself, but I backed this project purely because I wanted to see it happen. I wanted an unique looking game like this become a reality, even if I wasn't going to play it. I do hope this isn't the last time we hear about it. Best of luck to the team!

    23. SupaPhly on June 20, 2017

      oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    24. wannabe_Marysue on June 21, 2017

      :( good luck in the future

    25. Thor Holtan on June 21, 2017

      A shame the KS was so botched. Advertising a music game with zero music and zero game to pitch pretty much doomed the project from day one. Hope there's still plenty of fun games on the horizon from all of you.