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The definitive documentary about wrestling legend Dynamite Kid and his impact in the world of professional wrestling
The definitive documentary about wrestling legend Dynamite Kid and his impact in the world of professional wrestling
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    1. Max King on July 18, 2014

      this doc stunk

    2. Missing avatar

      Hari Menon on March 4, 2013

      Or do I need to resend my shipping address (in the US) to you? Either way I expect some communication from you folks as I was eagerly looking forward to book and DVD.

    3. Missing avatar

      Hari Menon on March 4, 2013

      This is the first time I've funded anything for this company and first impressions are the lasting one and this one has turned out to be very disappointing. I await to here from you as being a registered backer, you do have my email address.

    4. Missing avatar

      Hari Menon on March 4, 2013

      Hi guys, I writing to let you know I haven't received the book and the DVD and I did fill out the survey to ensure my address was sent to you folks. I'm very disappointed in this. What do I need to do now to ensure I get the promised book and package for my contribution?

    5. Sanders Keel on February 26, 2013

      Got my dvd and auto pic today! Can't wait to check it out. Been ordering from highspots on and off since the 90's and always such a great job delivering things on time. This project fits in that ethic. Thanks Michael!

      sanders keel

    6. Lukas Adler on February 26, 2013

      Both DVD & book arrived today - awesome guys!

    7. Michael Bochicchio 3-time creator on February 25, 2013

      Just wanted to clarify a few things. We had 322 backers that were eligible to receive the DVD. All but 35 people wrote into the survey getting your address. If you didn't write into the survey that was sent to you by Kickstater, we never got your address and therefore your package hasn't shipped. Everybody elses (all 287 that wrote in) have had their packages shipped since last Thursday (US) or last Friday (UK, shipped from the UK to avoid custom fees and to get there quicker).

      With all US packages, we included a note on how to get your access. You simply write to and if you're eligible you'll be given the .tv subscription when you're ready to activate it. As noted, on that letter that was included with all Kickstarter order, the full unedited interview with Dynamite will air on starting March 18th and divided in 4 parts. This is not the documentary that is on the DVD, its the RAW footage taped at Dynamite residence in Manchester.

    8. Steve Johnson on February 25, 2013

      I just spoke to the guys at high spots and my dvd and pic is on it's way! :) jason who i spoke with was very nice and helpful. Can't wait to donate for their next project!

    9. Steve Johnson on February 25, 2013

      still have not received my dvd or signed photo very dissapointed

    10. Missing avatar

      Dean Porteous on February 24, 2013

      received my DVD and signed photo, watched the doc and I'm one very happy backer and will be happy to back further projects by highspots! How do we get our free month of highspots? thanks again highspots and damn good job on the doc it looked like that interview with dyno was like getting blood out of a stone! lol! so good job with the others to make it a great doc to watch!

    11. Missing avatar

      Paul taylor on February 23, 2013

      Just received my DVD and signed photo - looks awsome - really pleased with the professional look of the DVD in particular. Can't wait to sit back and watch later tonight :)

    12. Mkii Airey on February 23, 2013

      Is there as password or something I'll need for the extra highspots tv footage?

    13. Michael Bochicchio 3-time creator on February 20, 2013

      Sorry that there haven't been more updates on the Kickstarter page. We just assumed putting the updates up on Youtube was good enough. The good news is that we are going to ship out all the Kickstarter orders on thursday (tommorrow).We promised February delivery and we delivered as promised.

    14. Steve Johnson on February 15, 2013

      I am also disappointed with the lack of updates. And i hope the do get my order correct like they said when i called them. If not this will be the last time i fund or buy anything from this company. lets hope i'm wrong. they sure knew how to pump out the updates when they needed us!

    15. Lee Dellbridge on February 12, 2013

      well i just got my survey so thats filled in - still waiting for one for that barbed wire city doc i pledged to before its and i will get this first.
      i would like to know why the preorder on highspots shows a basic 2 disc dvd in regular case though - we were promised packaging like the ric flair set which i preorderd aeons ago (the 4 disc one in digipack) so im dissapointed if ive been sold a false bill of goods. if id have known it was just a regular dvd id have just waited until later.

      again an official update would be nice!

    16. TBD Toys on January 30, 2013

      It's supposed to ship after the premier in England sometime in Feb. Would be nice to get an update though...last one was in November

    17. Steve Johnson on January 28, 2013

      it's now the end of january and where are the updates about this project?

    18. Missing avatar

      Simon Gresty on December 12, 2012

      ahh just don't choose the bonus gift then its fine

    19. Missing avatar

      Simon Gresty on December 12, 2012

      on the DK PPEARANCE in Manchester does any one know - can't i order this event from the uk,doesn't make sense if i have to pay an extra 50 dollars on top of the $120 for postage when i live only a few miles away from the hilton

    20. TBD Toys on December 6, 2012

      Sent them an email Nov 22nd and still haven't heard back. Anyone know if the action figures will ship before Xmas? Or am I giving a Xmas present for valentines day?

    21. Missing avatar

      James McDermott on December 5, 2012

      Is this still the place to come to if you guys are going to have any updates for us fans of this project?

    22. Missing avatar

      Robert Jensen on November 28, 2012

      First time I read through the comments! I'd just like to say that I for one do not want HTM and the Iron Sheik involved with this. Sheik is a joke now, and HTM has told SEVERAL different versions of both Dynamites version of events in his book, as well as different versions of HIS own version. I don't think either has any integrity because of this. I also see on several shoot previews on Youtube where the wrestlers are drunk and/or high (Sheik specifically). I ABSOLUTLEY WOULD LIKE TO SEE A HIGHER LEVEL OF PROFESSIONALISM THAN I'VE SEEN ELSEWHERE!

    23. Missing avatar

      eric whitesides on November 20, 2012

      Cant wait for the project, too bad Bad News Allen and Curt Hennig are now deceased, it would have been good to hear them.

    24. Scott Dorian Dancer on November 18, 2012

      cant wait to see this interview. he is one of my all time favorite performers.

    25. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Lefrancois on November 9, 2012

      Congrats H.S!!!! I can now say that I am more excited for the doc than xmas ;) good job again and good luck guys.

    26. Steve Johnson on November 9, 2012

      Thanks brian but i called high spots today and they were more than happy to fix everything for me. good looking out though...thank you again.

    27. Brian Leahy
      on November 9, 2012

      Steve, on the right hand side of this screen what does it say you selected? It should be highlighted in green.

    28. Steve Johnson on November 8, 2012

      I just received an email saying that my pledge of $59 was for a thanks on the dvd and nothing mailed to me. This is not what i wanted. I pledged $ 59 to receive the doc + the autograph pic of dynamite kid vs. tiger mask. This needs to be straightened out please. If i did it wrong i am sorry but i hope i get what i ordered.

    29. Patrick Chaloux on November 8, 2012

      Congrats on officially gettting that project funded !

    30. Joseph Saylor on November 8, 2012

      Highspots puts out a really quality product, this will be no different. Looks fascinating and a must see for fans of the glory days.

    31. Nick Mason on November 8, 2012

      Glad the goal was met, I am really looking forward to it. $59 doesn't come easy to me so PLEASE don't let me down with this! and please give Dynamite the Wrestling legacy he deserves! I can't wait for this!!

    32. Missing avatar

      Glen Bratton on November 8, 2012

      Happy to see the goal was met.

    33. Missing avatar

      Dean Porteous on November 8, 2012

      very happy that the doc will be made roll on feburary! one question i do have is that im in the process of moving house is there a way that i can update my address with you when i move so that i def get my doc and signed pic sent to me and not to my current address when i move to my new one? thanks everybody for making the doc happen

    34. Missing avatar

      Daniel Joyce on November 8, 2012

      Phew!! Very relieved the $15,000 target has been met lol.
      Super excited about this

    35. Steve Johnson on November 7, 2012

      Hell Yeah!!! so happy you guys made it! Can't wait for this! I am one happy backer!

    36. Emily Mayhew on November 7, 2012

      I hope that everyone who loves wrestling will contribute! He is probably one of the greatest wrestlers ever, but as well, one of the most tragic. I would love to hear his point of view, as well as other legends. I would see on a lot of wrestling boards "Why isn't there a Dynamite Shoot" WELL NOW THERE CAN BE! LETS GET THIS OFF THE GROUND!

    37. Steve Johnson on November 6, 2012

      Although tom was not a great person in life he was one of the greatest wrestlers you could ever see in the ring. His story is so much more. That is why this documentary must be seen.

    38. Michael Bochicchio 3-time creator on November 6, 2012

      Lee, because there is much confusion, everybody that is $29 and above will be included in the "thanks to" section.

      Raymond, if we get funding and get to Calgary, I'd love to tape your memories/ perspective of seeing Dynamite live in the Pavillon and describing for the rest of us a little more about the atmosphere.

    39. Raymond DeCoteau on November 6, 2012

      I would just like to say that I am extreamly happy that you guys are trying to make this a reality!
      Tom really deserves an indepth strategic Documentary, of which will best incorperate such an extrodinary athelete. He really sits atop the pinnicle of such legendary wrestlers,(you all know who you are) that ever hit the mat!!!
      We in Calgary, could not wait for the spectacular shows that were held in the Victoria Pavillion(and Corral)every Friday Night! And when Dynamite came it got even better!!! We waited with such anticapation in the long line ups, just eager to get to our seats and wait for the greatness to begin!!!
      ---------------------------------------------------------------THANK-YOU "DYNAMITE"---------------------------------------------

    40. Lee Dellbridge on November 6, 2012

      just put in my pledge of $29 now that i see shipping to uk is included and its going to be similar to the flair set which i bought at great cost from you on hishspots years ago.
      hope it gets made - being a brit dynamite was a big fave of mine growing up.

      quick query - will i be on the list of ''thanks to...'' as i pledged the 29 dollars?

    41. Michael Bochicchio 3-time creator on November 5, 2012

      Steve, it has you pledging $59 when I click by your name. I appreciate you and anybody else that wishes to make this a reality.

      I think this story will touch alot of people beyond the mere wrestling aspect of it. We just confirmed a narrator for this project as of a few minutes ago and it will be a shock to alot of people. We'll explain tomorrow who that person is and why we chose him. Of course, all this is conditional on getting this final funding.

    42. Steve Johnson on November 3, 2012

      this might be a stupid question my original pledge is 59$ for the movie and pic of DK/Tiger pic, ect. and then i decided to pledge another 10$ one cause i really want this to be made and two cause i think it would be cool to have my name in the credits. now the site only says i only picked the 10$ pledge. I think i'm just reading a little too much into it but i have to be sure. i really want my original package i just wanted to add some few more $ i wish it could be more but it's all i could afford at the moment. This story hit's home a little I also am 40 years and got hurt in my line of work (not wrestling) but i was also an independent contractor and no insurance and now i have been disabled permanently. i have babbled on getting off the point can you clear this up for me thanks and good luck.

    43. Missing avatar

      Joshua Brock on November 2, 2012

      I can't stress enough how much I hope this film gets made. As an up and coming wrestler/bodybuilder, The Dynamite Kid has always been at the top of my list for inspiration and also as a cautionary tale. Here's hoping for you guys.

    44. Michael Bochicchio 3-time creator on October 31, 2012

      Marco, you don't need to add anything to your pledge, shipping/handling is included worldwide with the pledge amount in every tier that was created. We're going to ship out all UK pledges from England directly using their poste so we will not incur excessive shipping charges and you won't incur VATs/import taxes. We are open to any and all submissions from current wrestlers that wish to share their stories/comments on Dynamite. We even have specific pledge tiers where your comments are guaranteed to be used in the final documentary .

    45. Marco Piva on October 31, 2012

      Hi there.
      What to I need to add to my pladge for shipping of book and DVD to the UK?
      Also, if you are interested in the impact Dynamite Kid had on today's British wrestling, I am in touch with a good number of Scottish wrestlers - if you fancy talking to them, just let me know and I can put you in touch!

    46. Missing avatar

      Garry on October 28, 2012

      What about Dave Taylor he comes from one the great British wrestling families he could possibly have some good stories to share on Dynamite?

    47. Missing avatar

      Dan Ball on October 27, 2012

      I was thrilled to hear about this project, blown away when I read Mick Foley may narrator the project and feel Bret's involvement is so key - I only wish I could pledge more! As I was reading some comments, I thought of a few names that might enrich this project: the late Playboy Buddy Rose (not sure if that footage exists as they were in Portland together and even crossed paths in the WWF), Stan Hansen (if Terry Funk isn't available, as lending a little light to his time in Japan) and perhaps speaking to Dynamite's influence you could reach out to Dean Malenko (plus could talk about time in Japan, not sure of his WWE status currently) who could perhaps respectfully touch on memories of thoughts on Dynamite from Benoit or Eddie Guerrero as well. Another name who could be of interest speaking on Dynamite would be Dave Finlay (again, not sure of his WWE status or if they ever crossed paths) and Lyger, if he has thoughts to the influence of the DK vs TM matches to a generation of wrestlers in Japan (something for Harry Smith might be able to arrange). If I could chose two names from your potential list, they would be Johnny Smith and Haku without question, and if that costs you time in Florida with someone like the Nasty Boys, don't think they would be missed at all in the grand scheme of things, I think that time spent in Calgary would be more valued. All the best...

    48. Michael Bochicchio 3-time creator on October 27, 2012

      Corey, we already have interviews from Rougeau (older comments), Jimmy Hart (new interview), Harley Race (new interviewe), Harry Smith (new interview), Slick (new interview), Harley Race (new interview), Bret Hart (scheduled), Nikolai Volkolff (new interview), Bob Orton (new interview), Hillbilly Jim (new interview) and Boris Zhukov (new interview) completed. If we get funding our goal is to go to Tampa and reach out to Neidhart, Danny Spivey, The Nasty Boys, Diana Hart, and potentially a few more guys that were in a WWF 1986 locker room with him. We also would like to go to Calgary to interview everybody that still remains up there, including Leo Burke, Johnny Smith, Bruce Hart, and more. WE have already begun to reach out to Tiger Mask through some third parties to get his comments. Valentine, Honky Tonk Man, Beefcake, and Haku are all on the short list as well. Terry Funk and Jake Roberts are going to be a little tougher due to their isolated nature, Terry doesn't leave Texas much these days!

    49. Missing avatar

      Corey Parsons (deleted) on October 27, 2012

      What about getting Lanny Poffo to speak? Although his comments might not be positive but it would be an element of the other side. Who else could speak about him? Maybe The Iron Sheik, Raymond Rougeau, Orndorf, Leo Burke, Jimmy Hart, Jim The Anvil, Piper, Valentine, Danny Spivy, Hart brothers, Inoki, Terry Funk., perhaps even Jake Roberts. Obviously it isn't feasible to get each of these guys to speak, but some of these guys might have something to add. Some of these guys he hung out with, Burke would have seen him in his early days in Stampede I'd assume. And he worked for Inoki didn't he?

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